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  1. This would be a great addition to the quality of life of the game. It would make sense..but we play BnS so ... good luck.
  2. You banned Force Master from PVP

    Correct. FM shouldn't have to rely on just one combo that abuses a stupid mechanic just to win a match. FM is complete garbage now vs melee classes, with just HM Z and one other skill a BM can 100-0 me with zero effort. Tornado can be cast instantly when Bracing Cold effect is on the target... 50% of the time I use Avalanche, it places the debuff on the target.... tornado still charges before casting... this alone ruins all the plans I had, it's a very visual skill so melee classes can react to it pretty quickly. FM moves slow like a mage class, but it lacks debuffs and it has skills that have CDs that are far too long. The canceling defense skills effects that were removed was a major major mistake they did... I don't care how good you are... that nerf was totally uncalled for and in-turn they gave buffs to BD BM KFM...why? IDK. But i'm done even trying to win matches with FM from 1470 and UP in rank.
  3. Shadow Grasp not casting.

    After the last maint. I've been having an issue which basically destroys my dps and rotation. Even when Shadow Grasp (4) is off cool down it's simply not casting .... i'd spam it 4 or 8 times before it casts.... is anyone else having this issue?? I'm not lagging or anything because if I did... other skills would lag as well. I just got my badge and THIS happens...
  4. Frost FM End-Game Badges

    Hi everyone! I'm just asking the wider community what is best / most preferred of the the two listed badges below for Frost FM at End-Game: Previously I thought the preferred badge was the Undying Soul Badge due to the solid damage increases on Glacial Beam but now we have the Nightfall Soulshields that reduce the cooldown of cold snap by 25% and it seems Frost FM's dps is by having sustained damage from the total uptime of Cold Snap instead of the burst damage rendered from the Undying badge on Glacial beam and thus seemingly making the Limitless Soul Badge a better option. I'm curious to see everyone's thoughts as I've seen an FM who's very well geared using the Limitless Badge instead. My other thing is that... does this set up require all end game gear for Frost FM to be "closer or equal in dps" to Flame FM.... sigh idk. Let me know what you think, advice, etc. Thanks!
  5. Agreed. Gunner's iframe cooldowns are far too short.
  6. Force Master in 2k17

    My only problem with Frost Tornado is that it's animation is slow, "Casts Instantly" is misleading (as for many other FM skills) , the KFM can see it coming from a mile away and they have the ability to cancel using their (1) block skill(s) and instantly close the gap with a knockdown followed by either soaring falcon , a stun or Q/E (if u hit into that Q/E then 100% agility is activated). My point being is that , yes KFM is hard to play now but Vs FM (especially with the stupid high ping we all have on NA/EU servers) it's very hard to react to their counter attacks once they see that we use a skill because most KFMs know that some FM skills activate a global cool down, thus if we literally mess up once it's the end of that FMs HP (having 2 escapes sometimes is meaningless if you use the wrong skill at the wrong time with classes like BM KFM BD Destroyer). I just wished we didn't have so many skills that activated global cool downs and that our Impact (1) that counters melee attacks penetrated parry, I can't tell you the amount of times I got parry stunned from simply using Impact to protect myself , sigh.
  7. Tag Match Ping Issues

    It's gotten worse, that's the main issue here.
  8. Problem with the Launcher

    I've been playing everyday, but i can't log in now ... hmmm
  9. #1 It was pretty good to me but yes,the main character was extremely boring.
  10. Shadow Grasp S3T3

    Agreed, I do think these skills need some sort of reworking, especially Impact T1S5 , even tho the BD/Dest. spins hit me within .5 seconds after I cast impact, the damage impact does gets parried and I get stunned , but the skill doesn't counter the attack, this happens far too often and hence sometimes costing me a window of opportunity to damage or lose the match entirely.
  11. About FM n tanking

    If you are lazy. yes. very easy to sit there, take aggro and do nothing..
  12. About FM n tanking

    Its already hard to play .__. , tone down FM dps? then whats the point of the class? lol FM is already limited in dps where the ice build is concerned , fire build essentially has like 2 variations ... and that's that. What more do you want?? lol
  13. Tower of Infinity needs work

    Lmao , they probably did build it with trolling in mind.
  14. variety on bangle designs

    I agree 100%! The possibilities are endless!! -s i g h-
  15. lagging then dc while in cross server

    Yup, I have been experiencing A LOT of lag as of late, and disconnections randomly when in X-Server or Open World, I know that its not my internet because every other game and everything else runs as they always did...no lag. So Im very concerned as to whats happening with BnS servers. This is making it REALLY hard to play ... and I do love this game -_- :(