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  1. Hi, my name is Speed79. Here I am going to tell you my age to and how long I have been gaming to validate why you should listen to me regardless of whether or not what i'm about to say is true or not. " unforuonatly you cant enjoy it on the NA or the EU serversdue to lack of support from the staff " I've sent in three support tickets since i've played this game. 3/3 times they've responded within the next hour. Two tickets were to give my items back that I was being a moron and accidentally deleted them through inventory management. The third was asking a question regarding server trans
  2. Forcemaster with HM skills here. The inferno skills has to be done in two ways. The royal zen bean which is 5000 zen beans or 4500 zen beans if you're premium to unlock the stage 2 hm skill. This gives it to you right away. The BSH harbor HM skill gives you a quest to unlock it. Before you can complete it you need to use inferno on three different bosses, 10 times each. Cause in the quest line it's going to have you fetch two items. The hastly scribbled paper and the fan. Before you can purchase one of those, you need to complete the achievement to use inferno on those three bosses 10 d
  3. Allow me to sum up this ridiculous topic. `OP suggest that AP requirments are dumb and should be waved to the side as not important. So he post's a video of someone completing it with below average AP. `The the post here and the people posting here are saying although AP requirements may seem dumb but the problem isn't with the requirement its self. Its the idea behind it. `Sure someone with lower than average AP can do the dungeon so long as two rules apply. ONE: The person knows the dungeon and understands the rotation and can contribute to the party. TWO: The person knows how to pl
  4. Seen a lot of shit coming from hostile players but honestly? I'm having fun this update. Story line was fun, some juicy content and some twists in the story line I wasn't expecting. We learned who Gubong was and we learned more about Jinsoyun's childhood. My favorite was chapters 6-7 where we stopped a cockfight, an imposter trips in front of you, potdogs being dumb and little ol' granny going ghetto on you. Questing. If you did just the mainline quests you got to 49 and then some. That's better than grinding out 46-50 on mobs or dailies till you hit cap. What they did was nicer than it
  5. I've been having a lot of issues, these being the most that bugged me. Aside from them its the rubber banding on gliding. Specially in BSH where you really don't want to fall onto the ground.
  6. Curious to see if anyone else had has the problem today with not being able to attack for two minutes and just moving around with the thumb up your ass then later being able to attack. Later on still being able to attack but just the opposite, you can't use any of your directional keys except backstep. Is this something gameguard is doing, is this an attack from the bots? What is this blastphemy... P.S. I'm running file repair now.
  7. Does blocking someone from within a dungeon allow you to avoid que-ing with them in dungeons? I would like to know about this so I can avoid trolls.
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