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  1. Short answer is don't get fooled by stacking ap only, you get the most damage from % boosts. Accesories from bt (skybreak spyre) give elemental damage which boosts your damage by %. they dont give as much ap as your pinnacle accs but it's all about the % dmg :d (msp)bt and vt soulshields give % dmg to some skills or reduce their cooldowns which increases dmg by alot too. Soul badges and soul too. so try to aim for those. I have seen hm9 people or even hm8 with the right gear doing 150k dps or more. (40k dps is more than fine for hm 8 though)
  2. Hey guys, tried to fix this problem for 4 hours straight (browsing forums etc too) x-x but worked in the end 1. If you want to reinstall but it says you can't check out this thread and follow the instructions. 2. Once you have done that and you get Error-1605 Install iobit like ayanekaoru said and try to uninstall blade and soul. 3. If it still gives the error open the program again but this time Right Click it and Click Open in RegEdit. 4. Once in RegEdit right click again and click ''Delete 5. Right click again and delete registry
  3. Yeah, mb forgot to mention~
  4. Got it :D it's so expensive because you get 50 standard corallite too
  5. Hey guys o/ Does anyone know if there is any way to switch ign's on 2 characters on the same account? Without deleting any character. I can buy a name change voucher but that won't do the trick T~T Thanks!
  6. I was playing on a mule and some guy offered me some help. He was so kind so I gave him a 25 ap gem for his main xD He was so happy and we're buddies now ^^
  7. Same problem here T~T
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