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  1. Is Arena Dying?

    Just have to make arena rewarding: -5 times more XP / win -lot more beans / win even on low elo -far better weekly and season rewards Surely this would make people come back and play. Generally it would make playing arena worth it! Down with SSP grinding srly... Why is my only option if i want to improve my gear to farm SSP 24/7 ? Why is my only option to do daily quests 24/7 if want HM levels? How am I going to find time to actually play arena and have some fun?
  2. Is Arena Dying?

    Compared to now back in the lvl 45 days arena ratings were high and loads of people were playing it day in day out. Look at it now, only "try harders" left. I think there are multiple reasons why people dont play arena anymore: -First of all if u want money SSP is better so why bother to go arena? Used to be a decent income, now its crap. -The XP is equally bad. Rly rly bad! -The weekly/season rewards from arena are basically completly worthless. -The hackers even tho they are mostly gone by now scared loads of people away from playing arenas. -People Quiting the game and the population is getting smaller every day. I think we all feel it. -Even PvP tournaments are starting to stop Now you all know how much time, dedication and energy it takes to actually get good at arena pvp. How much effort it takes to actually get to hit the rank u want for the week or for the season. Does it worth getting involved for the average player? No it does not. If this keeps up it wont take long for arenas to completly die out. Something must be done! Some1 must make arena worth to play again like it used to be at lvl 45. We need way better weekly/season rewards and far more XP!
  3. Bugged end season rewards

    awesome thX for sharing that anyway.. at least now we can forget about getting the reward any time soon. 1-2 weeks at best!
  4. Bugged end season rewards

    same please dooo something pleasaaaseeee
  5. Maintenance?

    You are right, my bad. fixed it nvm! thank u
  6. Maintenance?

    Maintenance again? For how long?
  7. This just went over the limit for me. I see dozens of destro bots farming soulstones or dozens of hacking immortal summoner bots in world pvp zones. They are like ants. A countless army. Now I try arena and I face hacking summoner bots there also. I really like this game but this is killing it. This has been going on for months now and no1 is doing anything about it. Developers must come up with a solution immediatly or fire some people and hire ones who get the job done. Other games dont have this problem!
  8. Camera Distance

    no1 knows how to fix this?
  9. Camera Distance

    I set the max camera distance to zero. I scroll out to it on my mouse. All good and well, except that every time after a loading screen I have to zoom out again from my character. For some reason it fully zooms in after every loading screen. This is very annoying in arena. Every time I tag I have to zoom out again. This is not working, I cant see anything fully zoomed in. How do I fix it?