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  1. I've been wanting class change ages ago. So why it's a bad idea? Someone said that u have to learn the class, but we will learn. Most people already know each class skills and capabilities (not all of course) as you have to work in dungeons as a team u gain knowledge of other classes. It's annoying to play the same class when there is 9 in total. Making an alternate character into a main one is a bad idea as you will lose all progress and all the time spent for upgrades and that will make your life hell as you wont be able to go in end-game dungeons. I don't see why they shouldn't introduce su
  2. I was waiting also for my harvest dailies and got kicked. Now I'm getting errors (EU).
  3. Fix an issue where ppl lose their griffins after putting in market. I want a griffin pet and I opened like ~30 pet pouches (got all pets except griffin). It's nonsense if all pets are tradable and griffin is not.
  4. What good is it for summoner if its only lyn? just to spend some ncoins lol
  5. So how much of main story do we get in chapters? anybody knows?
  6. After last update I've been lagging as hell(almost cant play the game) and now disconnecting. This is getting beyond annoying.
  7. IntX, dont know how to reply lol. I have similar build like this, a bit of changes though.
  8. Whats so hard about janghado i dont get it. Stack up to 5 times dumplings, use stuns and thats all.
  9. Not hard for summoner, i don't get even at half of my hp. U have seed shroud, u have taunt, root, hammer stun, anklebiter and hop on (with cat) a lot of time to change these in combinations.
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