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  1. Can't update the launcher

    same problem here, since Wednesday I have this "failed to read content data from update server" thing. Is this ISP connectivity issue will be fixed?
  2. NcLauncher Won't start.

    same problem here... after double click nothing happen, I don't see it running in the background either.
  3. Hi All, I have already submitted a ticket about "failed to read content data from the update server" but after this I have decided to reinstall the game. Launcher and the game completely uninstalled even from the registry. Downloaded the installer from official website and when I ran it with administrator nothing happen, the window does not pop up. I don't see running it in the background. Checked the task manager many times. Any thoughts?
  4. Hello, I am farming for Thunder Aura (or Wind Aura) and after 100 runs didn't see them.. Are they even drop? Anyone seen them? - I know it is possible to buy them for that stupid PVP token… in my case that's not an option. I would like to know is it worth to continue farming it or not. Thank you! https://i2.wp.com/bns.mmo-fashion.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/10/2016/02/bns-thunder-aura-adornment-3.jpg
  5. I would like to see those outfits which were available in older events, so the new players can have them as well. I don't think it's fair to make RNG box costumes free - A lot of ppl paid for them and make them free now it's just not fair! Personally I would like to see : Fresh take costume set, Wilting Flower and Lunar Eclipse (was it even available once?)
  6. an image showed? Where did you see that?