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  1. and btw is is a key= from dailie chest in dung so dont come with "normal" or " some ppl farm hundreds" cuz this is absurd, i've farm 1 week and already pissed off, if others farm hundreds i bet they qute already xD
  2. more time in game, i feel more like in casino... all depens on luck here, mabye later will add something when you charge NC coins will take you money and if you are lucky will get NC xD
  3. Hi, i just whant to ask if is normaly to farm 1 week every single purple dung from Lair to the Hollow and is not droping even 1 sparkling wirlwind key.... 1 WEEK and when i send tiket they say is normal to happens....farm Battleground and no key to open chests, on over 14 purple dungeons per day, that meanse 98 dailie chests from 1 week and not a key dropt ...
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