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  1. error 4045

    Same here, its getting quite annoying when it vucks up your rating. How can it have so many issues with soo many programs? I wonder when they make it crash for using Windows,
  2. Olemme pieni, ~4:n hengen kilta joka voisi ottaa enää 46 pelaajaa lisää. Kriteereinä meillä on sopivat käytöstavat ja lupa vuokrata K-18 elokuvia. Voippina toimii TeamSpeak3, Pääasiallisesti keskitytään PvP puoleen, mutta koska erinäiset asiat vaativat PvE:tä, tehdään myös sitä porukassa. Ja molempiin toivottaisiin osallistujia. Yhteyttä voi ottaa ingame; Tammy Warnér, Golgatan Olga, Kapukage
  3. Stuck on downloading repair files

    This shiet seriously just keeps going? Is there anyone even planning to fix it? I mean it sure may sound to you that its only a minor bug when one cant play the game AT ALL, but you know what? This really is a big thing for ppl who plays it. Minor bug would be something *not game-breaking*. Anyone responsible reading this: yes, I'm being sarcastic, propably this wouldnt be obivious neither. edit: Even this feels like its there for purpose to avoid spam. Perhaps the worst scenario is that someone would notice there is a problem that needs to take action;