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  1. Has anyone else gotten the message that their email account was being logged on from another location? Well I did, and a couple of other people I know as well. And the thing is, the emails are being used for Blade & Soul, while the others are fine. Why do I get the feeling B&S is gonna have more DDOS issues...
  2. You are getting more beans on higher levels though.
  3. THIS is wrong on so many levels. I realise people may abuse it if theres no penalty, but seriously. This is the third time I'm dcing in a middle of a match for NO REASON what so ever, and losing 60 points each time I log back in... It sucks even more if it happens in tags, do you know how much effort we need to put in to raise 60 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ points in tags?... I kindly ask to REMOVE this penalty. Or atleast upgrade it in some way.... Edit: third time today*
  4. Greetings fellow pvp'ers. I thought to myself, that looking for a team in f9 chat might result in all kinds of stuff during a match, which isn't always good, that is why I created a discord server that is welcome to enter for anyone who would like to talk about 1v1, tags or pvp in general. It will be a fun, non-toxic group. Everyone is welcome to enter :) https://discord.gg/QjZcYcP
  5. I don't really understand why, but why does it take 4x the time for me to start the game and view loading screens for 5 minutes on 64 bit, while on 32 bit it's a lot faster? My system is 64 bit, the combat is quite more fluent for me on 64 bit, but the loading time is just too annoying and I mostly end up disconnecting... Any idea why and is it fixable?
  6. Thank you so much for the clarification!
  7. So as I read the patch notes, I ran into a question that I'd like an answer to. For example, now I have a True Scorpio Razor, after the update I'll have to salvage it and get the new weapon, but will any of the required mats/weapon/gold price change in anyway to upgrade to legendary? (P.S I tried asking support but I got a response that they don't have this information yet or something o.o?) Thanks!
  8. I'm using English version, and everywhere else I see Accursed chests and stuff but it doesn't apply to the upgrade. The name is weird as well. I guess it is a bug >_<
  9. Greetings, So I've been collecting mats for my weapon for the new path without seeing what weapon I need, though, when I did, I saw "Anguish Bracers" I didn't see anything like that for heavenly energy, nor in soguns lament dynamic box. I asked which weapon my clanies needed for True Scorpio and they said 'Accursed'. I'm really confused, is this supposed to happen or is it some kind of bug? Please help ~_~
  10. Hello, I was trying to buy a 30 day premium for the last couple of days, but it keeps redirecting me to the login page just the moment I press ''Buy It''. Could you please look into that and fix it? Thank you!
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