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  1. 25 minutes ago, Duniak said:

    Homie you are so right. Cat should have 9 lives.

    Now that's what i call an idea,But let's make it better.Let's make the summon cast 0 seconds,and the possibility to start with 9 cats.Let's be honest man if they kill your cat you can't resummon is too hard to run in stealth to the other edge of the world while being faster than the opponent and totally invisible and resisting damage.I mean wtf summoner is not assassin is not like summoner stealth is good as assassin's one!Buff the phuking summoner pls people can't endure playing it anymore like this the class is dying no one plays summoner.

  2. Just now, Kanosaki said:

    Guess you noobs have not seen 3 kfm trashing 3 summoner hard :/, oh well, go on with your salty journey

    Guess you didn't understand 90% summoner players are retarded and can't even understand what tab is.AND kfm is sum counter....so....well why am i replying to noobs omg

  3. 1 hour ago, Kanosaki said:

    @Vanquishz if you're gonna be sarcastic and unhelpful in every post, might as well quit if you're so unsatisfied with the game :/

    I personally find that having 1 for pure assist (interfere) and delaying the battle and then the other 2 be a dps/dps will be pretty optimal. Note that i din't mention any class because any class can be dps/assist type based on their build.

    my own favorite however is kfm/kfm/fm, kfm does CC, on hit confirm, with the help of FM, instant out in 5 second or less if big mistake were make. (I played with 3x kfm team, it was hilarious, 12sec IFRAME PEOPLE (QE = 3 second + trinket = 1 sec iframe, tag immediately after tab escape used, only have 3 second cooldown till the next 4 sec iframe is ready, trolling team to the max)

    What do you mean by sarcastic,do you need an explanation for real?Sum can even heal team members,meanwhile if they tag there is so much clusterfck on screen you'll probably end up targeting your ally,and basically if you get grabbed you can say goodbye to your match.They can even kite the whole time and just stealth and you'll be running like an idiot towards them cause otherwise they heal and you don't,but being perfectly aware another scum can tag in and just ruin all your already useless plans.Does this sound like sarcasm?You sounded sarcastic tbh.BTW this is my team composition:Me,poor stupid 1920bm,just gold in tag,and other 2 destro afk bots.But i wouldn't advise that, my team don't help me:I don't understand why but they don't move is like they are not there ;-; ;-;.But sometimes the enemy has my same team composition so it's np!

  4. 2 hours ago, Kanosaki said:

    Heck, as kfm, I enjoy to force my opponent to burn tab,and insta win without minimal effort except pressing 3 buttons with kindergarten physical ability and timing(forgot to mention my whole dps tree has no cd!).And if they don't tab i'm just going to shit all over them with my half hp healing grabs,my nonsense moving/resist block,and tons of block breaking approaching skills,and they'll die either way.These high plat know that as soon as they see me they can't tab at all or they insta lost.

    Fixed for you.KFM is the new summoner.

  5. 16 minutes ago, SuGenma said:

    I'm not talking about the invissmoke, they can get in steath by spawning behind you even if your in air. For Bd they can jump and use dash aswell. So still pretty unbalanced

    I am bm,plat currently,i strongly hope that sins just invisi jump glide on me,so i can turn 180 and left click them out of stealth,most predictable and counterable shit ever.Same goes for wood block if u turn 180 you just fck their plans up.On the other hand if they start with invisible bomb for 10 secs i'm pretty much in trouble,block is useless and can be broken by simple right click.That's personal tho.

    For thread opener:The day i enter arena and i don't give a shit about which class i'm facing,that day the pvp will be balanced.Right now is just a mean joke to imply we got any balance,all we got is a silly "rock paper scissors" logic that only brings frustration.And that day just can't come cause mmo's have classes,difference is bound to be there.

  6. 32 minutes ago, Nebuchadnezzar said:


    Thanks for the words of encouragement! But PvE... it's even worse! Those mobs don't even look at me. I don't want to hit them in the back, because I AM their opponent. Yet they ignore me and I can't even take damage. I'm always waiting for them to actually attack me, but they never do. I even use Q so my little Frisky hides and doesn't take damage. Yet they always ignore me and try to attack him. I don't want to be cheap, I'm a real warrior, okay? How do I kill them then? I don't want to put Frisky in harm's way. :(


  7. Do you guys remember when in dragonball z tensinhan goes to fight cell and suicide himself while trying to damage him with the new try-beam?That is precisely what happens when you go to fight summoner.You put 10 times his effort to win and deal damage while being extremely situation aware,while he just keeps healing like a lil shit and sending his copies(cat) at you,and you inevitably suicide trying.Unless the dumboner is brain damaged ofc.Only thing is at the end of it tensinhan is a hero and cell is a lil regerating piece of shit.In this case scenario tensinhan is a BM.Donate for BM national fund for broken spirit pls q.q ;_; _;_;  ,;-; :< :'< :(((((

  8. 14 minutes ago, Nebuchadnezzar said:

    I checked this forum to find tips for my summoner and my lil' Frisky in pvp, yet I see people trolling saying "Summoner is OP". Really? You can't be at least honest? You think NCSoft will nerf it even further when you lie that it's overpowered? Name one skill which is OP. Oh? THANK YOU. Now go play your spin2win Destro.




    How does this shit even slide? I'm 21, okay? I have like SEVEN skillpoints. I have HALF of my skills. I have a LOT, okay? I know I don't have True Friend which is a huge buff and I know I need to spend literally all my skillpoints on Sunflower, Backstep and Doom'n'bloom, which leaves me with absolutely NO utility or damage. But still. I LOST TWICE. Against freaking 45 HM 5 KFM and 45 HM3 Destro BOT. It's ridiculous. I'm smart, my face is big so I press many buttons at the same time while facerolling on my keyboard. I met TWO bots. TWO. AND THEY WERE DESTROS, MY WORST MATCH UP! Only KFM can compare with its ridiculousness. :/ They should completely remove Searing Palm pvp spec and change Tremor stun to daze. This shit is too OP. I lost TWICE? TWO FREAKING TIMES?!?! ONCE TO A FREAKING NO CD TYPHOON W/ TELEPORT?


    I agree what the hell.Donate for frisky to be a true friend1!!11!2 losses are unacceptable omg.Also good luck on levelling up i know is hard as hell for summoner which has so many skills and need so many skills!But don't worry man if you're skilled you'll get to 45 eventually!Also guys stop insulting summoners what the hell is a class that requires the usage of your head.How would you press all those buttons otherwise,hands aren't enough.You have no idea how tiring is to play summoner you actually need to have neck muscles you plebs!!!11!!

  9. 1 hour ago, HUnewearl said:


    On that, we can agree.


    Please find an English-speaking person to proofread your posts. This is utterly unintelligible to the point of being hilarious.

    Skill perpetrators literally cracked me up,along with bi-ski and apparently cops bd capturing people under 12 years old in pvp in new zealand

  10. 18 hours ago, Masqava said:

    I'm not saying sins are overpowered, no, I know they have problems.


    Here's the big problem with sin:


    They either shit on a class to the point it's not funny anymore or get shit on by a class to the point.


    Classes sin absolutely dumpsters:

    Destroyer: As someone that frequently plays destroyer myself, this is BY FAR the most unfun matchup I ever get to play. I spend the whole game chasing, having shit thrown at me while not having any reliable tools to get the sin. ''Spin them out of stealth'' before you even get to spin they're already out of range and they get a speed boost.

    KFM: The same for destroyer, they just get poked down till the end of the match. Sins can easily get behind them so their counter isn't that effective. Their dashes are mostly targeted and they can't really get in range for the evasion procs.



    Classes sin gets dumpstered by:

    Summoner: Sin can't deal proper damage to summoner, they lack the burst and the cat stops their combo's

    Warlock: Long range ways to poke them out of stealth, thrall can protect them and lock the sin up.

    FM: Can 1 the warlock, slow them permanently, their barrier keeps them safe from poke, they got a lot of mobility and defensive tools to match the assassin.


    I'm honestly not sure where to place Blade Dancer & Blade Master, but I feel like assassin has too many ''strong counter'' matchups, against them or for them.


    I kind of agree with you,but honestly this  isn't the way to do balance in a game,it's just plain frustrating.You should see my face turn furious when i see  i have to fight summoners 3 times straight,praying it's a sleeping one.Rock paper scissors dominate everything,and who has less counters just climbs easier(summoner cough cough),About blade dancer and master bd has virtually no counter,bm is countered by everything except fm and maybe destro.That's pretty much it.Then personally as bm i didn't find too many problems against wl,seems kinda even.Then thinking again i must say hard counters on bm are sum,sin,bd,the rest is KINDA even.A strong KINDA here,cause one way or another you just need to be far better than your opponent and literally read him to do an acceptable job.Side note:i used to play assassin as first character,only to get annoyed by the playstyle.Now i never did what i'm about to write,BUT,really,you can just run around being totally untouchable and win with stupid poison,with flowers teleporting you to the other side of the world,and lame ice grenade.Sadly at plat levels most sins are like that,and it's really really REALLY disgusting.

  11. 8 hours ago, ClarissaYuki said:

    You keep talking about builds but you dont actually share your so called builds? ?_? 

    I am plat bm at the moment,i confirm bm is not noob friendly like any ranged class or any other class for that matter,i confirm you need to be better than the opponent by a large amount to even do shit,i agree that it's weak and blablabla,but seriously if u would put some effort and at lest learn your 100-0 combo or your forms of cc(which are pretty good to be honest)you could do fairly well.But well some ppl only like to play the op and smack people without half brain usage cough *summoners*cough.I don't have much time right now  i must go train but take these points:Use your q and e properly.Your z pull is good and gives room for a free skill and cc when it lands.When you knockdown someone if it's not using f roll use a guard breaking skill and keep your combo.Don't waste all your skills if the opponent didn't burn tab or f roll.You can still play in other ways and do short damaging combo(for example playing with air combos or throwing lightning draw immediately after 2 just to break the combo.It deals something like 4kdmg and 6-7 if crit,then you can q or ss and use five point strike and whatever you want,altought this is very situational)Now is kinda impossible to explain fully how you should use bm,it's up to you if i want to learn it and take some losses,or keep crying and reroll to some disgusting op shit.You wanted a build right,I've got no time i'll put the most important things.If u want to spec block for stun it's your choice,have five point strike with airborne or at least with daze if u wanna go for ground combos,you can either spec blade call or flock of blades,i recommend flock of blades against classes with grabs,since mostly they use grabs when out of escapes and trying to buy time,in that case you can just v and 2 immediately to tech chase and then start your combo and mostly win.About other things i would advise lv 4 breeze aswell,cause easy chi regen between stuns AND aoe attack enabled(this means a left click can get assassins out of stealth,for example if they land their decoy you can just turn 180 fast and get them out of stealth).other important thing use your blade storm when in flock of blades/blade call,cause it increses your right click damage by a LOT.Also during you v you should press v again for even more chi regen if u go close combat(2 chi regen each hit).To defend from ranged attacks use x,just know when to do it,cause mostly you won't be able to use it 2 times.If u have points it would be advisable to get cyclone with resist either,it will cost 3 points.On blade call/flock is advisable to get lightning retribution instead of the other,for another daze(can't be blocked).Second wind should be daze spec'd for most of pvp's,but keep in mind it can be more useful with grab escape especially against summoners,against the annoying low cd grapple that kills you.Shoulder charge should be used for hp regen only in melee fights,when you need to chase someone you can spec to approach skill,it won't break block tho.Another thing DONT EVER TAB AGAINST KFM,and don't tab randomly against sin.Against sin your five point strike can chase them into stealth and give you a free airborne.When they tab you can actually avoid the flash by pressing q.I feel there is a lot more to say but i really must go to run ffs k thx bye.Edit:done running i can add some stuff i forgot:flicker should be spec'd to stun on first hit.If u can get 5 k beans the hm skill for lightning draw is not that bad,gives a free kd after some secs,ideal to break enemy combo's if u fck up and give u window to recover.Other skills are just too expensive in gold terms at the current moment so i would skip them.

  12. 14 minutes ago, MadnessCaffe said:

    Damn. As BM you have to be Jaesung to beat summoners. If you look at him playing even someone skilled like him has to put a lot of effort to beat summoners, it's stupid. And that's in patch 50. Right now summoners disable my block for a shitload of times, I can SS just once and i get snared again. If I approach and CC them they just roll or tab and go into stealth and repeat the snare/pin/sunflower. Until I can catch them off guard I'm down to 10% hp.

    Actually jaesung has a vid where he loses to gold summoners on na,several times,and he isn't half happy about it,and he points out that everyone playing bm at 45 cap is to be respected.I kinda don't care being respected i would just like to see people admitting things instead of hiding behind walls of air.Like some "big shot" right here saying "but i rek summoner everytime" you just bad you must l2p.Sure.This is the usual FM talking thinking they're good being an ice statue for half match,recharging 4 bars of hp in 3 minutes, and beating the opponent causing them to die of boredom,unless he is so patient to just let the timer end and win by more damage.Guess what bm doesn't have ice statues and can't pewpew...go play one if you're so skilled.And for all those smart guys linking korean stuff just know that isn't lv 45 cap and their content is actually balanced,not like what we have,get your facts straight before pointing out bullshit like you're some kind of messiah and everyone else sucks.

  13. 16 hours ago, Devinator00 said:

    Finished last season with a record of 58 wins and 32 losses and a rating of 1902. I was super proud of reaching platinum but when I mentioned it in my guild chat they just said meh your a summoner so it don't count. It's kind of annoying because the only reason I picked this class when BnS first launched was not because it was overpowered I actually had no idea what was overpowered since ive never played BnS. The only reason I picked a summoner was because they got a kung fu cat and because I played a pet class in world of warcraft called a hunter.

    Reading this just makes me laugh and cry at the same time...before reset i had 1870 BM and my matches weren't 58 wins and 32 losses..they were 200wins and 160-170 losses or smth like that......58 wins and 32 losses is  like you played one  day and know nothing about pvp...but well..summoners.Real balance,real skill  needed.EDIT:just noticed you are asking for hacks in another thread,summoners really want it easy.

  14. I'm not saying you don't make points,i'm just tired of seeing this balance crap where there is no balance anywhere.I'm 1800-1850 bm and i keep going up and down like a freaking yoyo,and matches against summoners are like..i facepalm everytime i have to deal with that.Not that i never won but it's like a lottery or something.I'm telling you some classes just don't have the skill kit to deal with summoners,but then again this is my opinion.I have sin too but i grew bored of being a running little shit.Still speaking bout sins they can be annoyin as hell if u're to slow acting against,but i really didn't find many problems.I mean usually if they win they deserved it.I mean come on people complain about stealth but the enemy is not even invisible.There are plenty of aoe ways to get them out of stealth.Not like when some cat accidentally grab you and you just *cricket*ing die..

  15. I didn't name sin cause despite what people say it requires a huge amount of insight and programming to be played properly,not talking about gold level or so where it's easy.Still i'm pretty sure kfm is outright broken maybe even more than summoner.Skill?Don't give me that shit you need to hit 3 buttons what the hell.Btw i didn't mean the 80% of those people are actually right,but we aren't at day 1 anymore and there are plenty of people knowing their stuff.What they don't know are other classes mechs mostly...so until you reroll summoner out of frustration there is no way you know how the hell you should counter.Not that you can in this patch :')

  16. 4 hours ago, LiriC said:

    Hang on Hang on.


    So let me get this right... a bot decided to pay to be able to Mail ?

    So a bot can mail people .. but a person that plays the game and keeps the game alive and dose no harm cant mail.. but a BOT CAN ?


    Ok ... my mind is blown .

    is not that much of a surprise..the destroyer bots you find in arena over silver have names,and a LOT of them are actually playing people,not just botting to sell gold,i mean they do bot in arena but they also play the game,Actually the majority of arena bots i've found are people with premium...

  17. 2 hours ago, Kure said:

    K... obviously my question isn't going to be answered and I'm just going to get replies about how OP summoners are in general. Even if it were somehow slightly answered, I wouldn't be able to see it for the mountain of salt it'd be buried under. Forget I asked. I was close to thinking maybe summoner wrecking shop at lower skill levels was a bit unfair even if it balanced out somewhat later, but with the amount of bile spewn out by everyone perhaps they all deserve having the dang rats walling their progression.


    @D4ve: I've said before, pretty sure somewhere in this thread, that I'm relatively new to the game. I picked summoner because it is the class most similar to my main in my old game (though in that one the summon was more a detriment in pvp by ruining your crowd control) and I enjoy the Lyn race.


    I ask all these questions because I am new and I do my research. In summoner subforum I made a thread requesting information on a number of harder to understand skills summoner has. The next step, after hitting cap on my summoner and thoroughly understanding all of its skills, is to make an alt of each class to at least 20 (likely more) and probably do the same in forums for each of them. Then I'll finally try climbing the ranks instead of just getting my daily and sparring.


    Honestly, this state of affairs with summoner ticks me off. I did not choose this class because people thought it was overpowered. But apparently even if I were a platinum ranked, I'd get responded to like AxeWife just was. Heck, according to you, D4ve, summoner can't even get skilled, unless the guy played some other class before. I'd hope after we get 50 content that a good number of summoner in top 50 kept their position, but you'd all probably either not notice or just continue with the same old nerf rant.

    K let me rephrase in human civilized language.Since you don't seem to be a dick at all i guess i can.The problem is not wheter people like lyn or not,or if people get rekt by summoners right now.The point is if you use a summoner right now you're gonna mostly win without even realizing why.I didn't say summoners can't get skilled,surely if they played some other class before they at least know how to counter them,which is very easy with that ridicolous amount of cc + 2vs1+kiting abilities+stealth+heal.But that ain't the point..this whole rage post that i didn't start is here just because summoners will never admit their class is ridicolously broken at the present moment,and act all pro when they're not,like that platinum guy of before calling everyone idiots,like he knows better.Oh no you can't doubt my skills i got a high rank after all..right?Bullshit.On the other hand,if a skilled player uses summoner the difference isn't even that much...the best way to use a summoner seems to be spamming,since it's possible.Basically what bothers the players here is that summoner can be played efficently even blindfolded just throwin your cc's around while any other class with a more skilled user can get rekt by just that and that''s it.The moment you make a mistake agaisnt summoner you're dead meat,while even if they mistake most classes lack even the skill arsenal to catch up to a kiter that sends the cat to do everything and meanwhile shoot stuff from afar,inculding cc's.Now i don't know if i answered what you asked but i'm not a summoner user so i'm saying this from a opponent perspective.Still you can listen to people saying summoner is balanced,and think that all the others in the server(thousands of people)are just dumb cryers that need to learn to play,but that's not really it.When you get a bit further into pvp like you said you will you will get what we all meant.Now i'll be out of this thread it's no use complaining about this anyway,we just have to wait.

  18. 1 hour ago, AxeWife said:

    You're all idiots. As a platinum summoner I can tell you I got beat up by almost every class when the PLAYER is good.

    They are ranked higher yea, because the amount of bad players that prefer complaining instead of learning is a lot higher also.


    I could tell you exactly what each class needs to do to beat a high rank summoner but obviously not going to.


    If I spent hours researching other classes skills and builds, so can you all. :)

    Platinum summoner is the same as silver blademaster,just saying,you're playing op broken non intended shit in this cap,deal with it.

  19. 46 minutes ago, Kure said:

    Perhaps I'm just having trouble reading that. I'm pretty sure my question wasn't answered. It's pretty widely accepted that summoner is low on escape options. Also, the only time that spamming is an efficient strategy for any class is when the enemy has no choice but to eat it. Think anicancel destroyer. If a sum flat out spams, 


    Actually, considering some of their few escape options are tied to cat and not so blatantly highlighted and obvious like all other classes, that sounds like a point against summoner. They're also more likely to be unavailable and not nearly as fast since cat may have used and cat may be dead or some distance a way.


    That debate isn't really what I'm after though. My question was about summoners making mistakes. I assumed when people say this, they mean things like blowing your tab (which btw summoners don't have). I figured punishing that mistake would mean catching them after with no escape left. 

    You always have no choice but to eat it,the only thing you can do is eat them with destro or kfm and that's it,other classes get fcked hard,is not a skill matter,is just a spam fest and dice throwing,where you got 1 dice and summoner have 6.Right you just don't win if the summoner isn't braindead and by chance he/she/it had a decent class before and learned pvp.You got only so many abilities to avoid their shit and once you're done they're still spamming.Plus they can stop your air combo,only class that can do that,so you can't even rely on aerial iframes.I'm wondering if you ever pvped at all or you just read some stuff in forums to make questions of this kind.By the way mistakes have no room in all of this,even if u manage to kill the cat,they can root you and go in stealth,and go to summon it again without a care in the world.And root actually makes your camera locked so you can't even try any shit except doing an ss escape,which leads in you going farther from the summoner and burning your chance to do anything concrete.And their stealth is like 3 times better than assassin one.And their damage holy *cricket* lol yes.Ah and if they make a mistake the cat is going to stun you,blocking your damage dealing.If u focus the cat you're just going to get rooted to death and laser spammed with stupid *cricket*tard damage while grabbed by a *cricket*ing pelouche cat.Also is not all!Let's say the summoner has eyes,he can just put a shield on his pet for 90% dmg,and that aoe thingie they put on you HEALS if u don't go out of range.BUT YOU CAN'T GO OUT OF RANGE.Unless you're a fm which has it a bit easier,but still very harsh.That being said i have both gold assassin and gold blade master,blade master is only 40,but with both of these classes i won...let's see....i think i won 2 times on assassin and once on blade master against summoner.I'm not the best player i think i'm pretty average,but that doesn't stop me from seeing if someone is playing with feet,and those summoners i killed were pressing the wrong 2 buttons apparently.I think i forgot a lot more abominations to mention but i can't be assed is time to go sleep