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  1. WOW man... thank u so much, yes this information helps me greatly I actualy enterd the game this morning and the 1 thing i saw '' ... WHy the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ is a material wepon equpied where is my main wepon, where are my blue stones for weapon development wtf is going on here'' and so much stuff was antiquities and i had to trade it, i think im just gona start a new character and then come back to my lv 45 Assasin at least until i get the hang of it again. THank u again for so much info and ur help
  2. Hello guys, i am coming back to this game after a very long brake like 2 years probably. The last time i played the final dungeon was Pohwaran the twin tail with the mini-gun. I am just wondering what are some of the biggest changes that the company did to the game since i was gone, just some basic semi-important stuff u notice in about a week of gameplay. Thnx in advance any info is appreciated