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  1. Like every event had 1-2 more weeks to get items for event tokens we usually would get, but now, you just removed it? Can't even transmute my tokens into gems or other stuff. What the hell are people gonna do with 200-300 tokens? We know someone there do not make brightiest decisions, but come one, this is just pure scummynes . Let us spend our fair and square earned tokens we suppose to spend, like what are you gonna loose? Nothing, absolute load of truck nothing and you keep your playerbase a little bit happier.
  2. Lost silver saberfang head adornment that i got like half a year ago, nice, great work, can't really tell what else got removed
  3. Funny how when something seriously like this happens and actually needs a customer support they just shrug it off and ignore it. But when someone keeps crying to revert its weapon its real deal.
  4. Well i do hope they can fix it. Or if there would be a way, allow us to retrieve items with characters in tutorial area. Or give us new voucher and make the old one expired.
  5. You are joking right? Some of us have tons of items that are not account bound, that we saved for a class that we enjoy. Costumes, charms, some materials, pvp materials. Either fix it or give us new level 50 voucher.
  6. Apparently if you are in channel 10, in mushin tower, you have that bug, it works fine in other channels
  7. Seriously, it has been a year since it was butchered and left to rot in arena. It's so terrible that it's not even funny. More than half of the time you are spending running away from opponent with your thumb up your *ass. Like for real, bm is getting its parry on block, why can't you bring defense seal and daze on ground ripple back? Would make earth sf in arena usable. And don't start talking about 'Oh but sf is great in tag'. It's because of the heal, all you do with sf is just take the hits, and make opponent spend all the resources on you.
  8. Well yeah gon exclusive class would make no sense, but then again, the gunner is for all 3 races except gon, so?
  9. SF definetly needs a buff, because its complete garbage, it was almost a year that it is in that spot and they aren't doing crap. I constantly look at BNS tree for Korea patches, and there is nothing for SF. Only 'You can see dash cooldowns in KFM stance', like seriously, where is actual buff? We don't have defense seal anymore, so we can't play ground game, which was really fun, and no more 3 second daze on ground ripple, which means can't keep them in spot for long. And the element split completely destroyed the class. Frost is basically trying to kill oppone
  10. Dual axe doesn't sound bad, but honestly, we have enough dps classes already, what we need is new tank class, because there is lack of them. A spear wielding or a glaive wielding tank. Could have wind and earth elements ( don't remember which ones we have the least now). Like wind element would be more about being nimble and counters while earth could be more of a blocking and tankier element. Just my opinion.
  11. Thing is, I can run BDO on max settings and it runs fine while BnS runs terrible. Thing is, when BnS had no "anti-cheat" for some time and it ran flawlesly.
  12. I'm so getting tired of its constant crippling of the game performance. When we didn't have any of these stupid intrusive malwares for like a month, the game ran really well without any constant freezes or drops. Constant 1 second freezes are obnoxious as hell, boss starts moving - freeze, round starts in tower - freeze, arena match starts - freeze and so on. I guess everybody forgot about this issue after they added new troves so that everyone would shut up. Just my short expression, because frustration finally got to me.
  13. SF is one of the worst 1 vs 1 pvp classes right now along with summoner.
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