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  1. KFM v sin

    It actually depends on the Sin and pretty much all the good KFM's (Shiro, Mosh, Radeyz, Eazee, etc) will say the same thing...its not a balanced matchup period. If the sin messes up we have a chance to win, otherwise not so much its a fact :)
  2. KFM v sin

    So you're saying that its about stunlocks and you're out of stealth while you do it...the whole point of the stunlock combo is exactly that...maintain the enemy in a permanent stun without being able to react (unless he/she tabs) and if by any chance we tab you got another stun ready or swap or go stealth and wait for cd's. Saying Sin vs KFM is the cleanest match is just dumb and you are either bad or you make alot of mistakes, even though its not 100% one-sided its mostly in favor of the Sin i would say 90-10. Having stealth is already an advantage, add up like you said 3 stuns....plus one to add more time to the stun, a swap that dazes, dagger that makes you teleport behind a target instantly for a stun, a trinket that blinds, web's, ice bomb's, smoke bombs, decoys...and dont forget about the evades.....want to stunlock in stealth also? Level a KFM and go fight a good sin, you'll get our point. Almost every class can be 100-0 by a KFM if that player blows his tab/trinket...except Destro's running blue and FM's.
  3. Dealing with Bunny Hoppers in Open World pvp

    It's not to avoid getting hit cause if I jump around your hits still land....FM's, Summoners not so much...even KFM's sometimes jump to cause dsync on purpose. Jumping around is not meant to avoid getting hit....the problem is that some skills require the target to be on the ground to apply them which is stupid. So all this "we jump to avoid getting hit" is a bunch of BS...everyone knows it causes dsync and people abuse it....the only way to avoid that is to time your triple kick for when they actually land and aim a bit ahead to the direction they are going...it wont always work but its better.
  4. Freezing sins out of stealth

    Don't specc your SS for the freeze, the long CD is not worth it and you are gonna need it if you want to survive cause 18secs cd's on all your iframes is just suicidal. The key with Sin's is Legsweep....that's the key to get you the game, i've practice with diamond Sin's and one of the combos they told me (it wont work all the time but you now can play around with it) is this: 3 > C > 4 (after they roll) > Q (to avoid their trinket) and if they use it...hold for a second before using Firestorm Kick (yes use Firestorm Kick) its a guaranteed kill if you manage to use that combo if they trinket the initial CC which mostly they will. If they don't use it punish them with 3rF > Knock Up....its all about timings. It's not easy but it will become better once you get your HM counter and AOE Z (rising dragon).
  5. KFM v sin

    I don't see how you can say that KFM vs FM is dominated by the KFM at all....FM's have freezes that mostly remove our gap closers (Flurry), freezes that roots you in place while you move around to our back to apply stuns, our block doesn't net us agility stacks...that comes from iframes (Q/E) and SS. Most FM's take advantage of jumping around to avoid our triple kick causing dsyncs over and over and have 2 escapes if specced. Tell me again how we trash FM's? The only way to kill a FM is to maintain pressure at all times, one small mistake and you're dead...not counting with Ice Veil and that ice that makes them get HP back if they resist an attack. Back to the subject of this thread, its not impossible but its quite difficult because its not a matter of you making less mistakes or none....its about them messing up or not. The perma stealth build is just stupid because we don't have any AOE abilities except Ice Guard and Tiger Strike when specced for fire (wasting focus)...i dont count elbow smash as an "aoe" although it can remove them from stealth if they get too close which wont happen most of the times. I can kill sin's more now with some practice than i could earlier but if you get a good sin...its almost gg cause the initial burst can get you to 50% or less without we even touching them...too much utility, evades, knockdowns, stuns its possible but it depends on the sin instead of us.
  6. Which classes to E/Q engage move?

    Ok from my experience it works something along these lines: BD: They have 2 ways to open up the match, they can either 5 Point Strike you right away or use Flying Sparrow . The way to avoid the first is to simply counter (press 1), if they fail the first hit of the 5 point they wont get the rest off. The way to avoid the second one is to turn around and counter. This last one is kinda tricky since you don't know which one they are gonna use if they use any of them at all (some just run and start spinning to avoid our engage). BM: I'll probably need some more assistance on this but from what i've noticed they have 2 types of opener's but I only see them use one more often: Flying Sparrow ....works the same as their BD counterpart that I meantioned above, you need to turn around and counter. They can also use Divine Retribution but that requires them to be directly above you gliding or dashing, I really don't see them using this at all. For the record, BD's can also use Divine Retribution. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sin: Now, if im wrong someone with more experience can correct me and I will appreciate it since my knowledge is limited :) Im sure they can use a variety of engages so here are the ones I recognize: Drop Lotus of Escape and immediatly go stealth and use Throwing Dagger you so they can use Sneak Attack . For this one you need to time your counter properly, all you need to do is turn around (180º) and counter much similar to BD's and BM's Sparrow. There are some that don't use Lotus, so they start by jumping and using Blink Step as an opener to get stealth...they sometimes do exactly the same thing immediately after (Throwing Dagger) and they can either Sneak Attack you or just throw the Landmine for the slow, again correct me if im wrong. They also have Turning Leaf which makes the do a body swap, but they dont open with it...at least the ones i face. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Destroyers: They usually start by using a 2 axe swing attack which makes them immune (I can't find which skill it is) and they can either Spin and Ram you for the stun, or do as bots usually do which is run and jump at you in which case you can use Q/E. Since I don't know that much about destroyers, you can counter most of their charge abilities but some KFM's have said that running Elbow Smash prevents Destroyers from using Knee but I haven't tested this. Again if anyone has more information about this matchup please add it in....this is the one I know the least >.> ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ KFM: Well this should be a no-brainer but still you can counter our usual opener which is Flurry but beware its easy to detect when they plan to use it if they start running towards you but if they jump its harder to avoid and requires good timing of the counter. Some start by using Leg Sweep after the initial jump/glide or even stop gliding and Comet Strike you in mid-air. They can be avoided by a simple counter but it requires practice to land them if you are the agressor or counter it if you are in a more defensive stance. Hope this helps and sorry if any of this is outdated or wrong, this is from my experience in arena PVP so if anyone else has more knowledge please feel free to add more information and also for only putting up the imagens and not being able to actually link the skills descritions into the post so you can see what they do. Regards, Osi
  7. Since this last patch, my KFM is having issues.

    Yes, even though you don't see any difference at all with the actual gameplay but in the arena my Q/E's don't seem to be recognized (and they aren't on CD)....im spamming my Q or E on a KFM's slam for example and nothing happens. On pve I haven't noticed anything aside from some major lagg spikes....i keep my Q/E pressed and it goes off with no delay so far.
  8. Force Master skill bugged

    Unplayable? Go play a KFM against a FM which abuses the dsync in the arena by jumping all around which makes me miss my skills. Now that's BS....and NCsoft doesn't fix it even knowing its there from the get go.
  9. honest question on boss in ssp

    My main concearn is to actually have TIME to avoid the RED AOE cause its instant....I can't iframe properly (I'm a KFM) or use anything at all other than take it to the face but it's not only the red circles, the yellow aoe's are also impossible to predict (there's no pattern that I have found in the attacks) and its also cast immediately. Aside from the damage it dishes out (im at 55k HP) im thrown back and loose dps, adding up to that we are snipped from the opposing faction with 1hit weapons or getting grabbed by the ridiculous range on the FM's and tossed at their terror to die with nothing we can do about it. Even rerolling a 2nd char with range abilities (my warlock is at 47) the problem is gearing it up....considering its time and a gold sink until its properly geared to actually make a difference.
  10. As a KFM they are my natural counters but I have faced many assassins that actually deploy that tactic of poison bomb, burst then run away to the other side of the arena afterwards and since im slowed I can't even touch them at all. I usually lose against those type of assassins because there isnt many things you can actually do cause they play the timer and for the love of god dont come here saying l2p against a SIN or go watch how pro's do it, add something constructive as some here said, for me as a KFM its almost impossible to catch them since i have 0 ranged abilities and the ones I can actually use require a target (out of stealth). I completely understand the OP, against normal assassins with permastealth builds or other type of builds other than this "tactic" I have a 50% change to win the round but not agains this type of play to be honest, its not impossible but it's close.
  11. make summoners playable

    I was actually gonna say the same thing as some said which was "Troll detected" but i'll develop a bit more. As a KFM main im gonna address that first, you said that Summoners are easily kited? That comment is indeed a troll comment to say the least since all the summoner gameplay is about kiting....KFM's dont and can't kite. As for our 100-0 stunlock, only top players can actually pull it off and even if most of us managed to get that we still need to get to you without any of your escapes up because if we mess it up then there's little to do other than knockdowns and knockups. You are probably one of those players / summoners that TAB's or in your case I think your escape is on "2" in the very first CC you get caught on...learn to use it wisely. Every first round I rekt summoners in the next 2 ones all they do is run, run, run and....oh he's on cat's grapple let me get close now...the second im out its back to running again. As for assassins, I hate assassins but to be honest I enjoy fighting them even though they are on stealth most of the time, there are ones that use the permastealth build other than run poison and there are even those that use crap tactics such as hit/poison and run away. From what I can see these are the classes that give you the most hassle or trouble to play so lets just justify a nerf....all in all even the top summoners know and admit that the class is overpowered as it is. I have trouble against assassins but Im not asking for a nerf, from all the classes in the game the one's I respect the most are BM's cause they only truly shine at 50 AND with HM skill. As for destroyers I agree to some extend that the sheer damage of their stunlock burst is quite high but as I said earlier....we need to learn how and when to use our escapes properly. Enjoyed the post even if most of it doesn't have any fundament at all. Regards