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  1. [NEWS] Gift with Purchase Now Live

    Is this another scam ? Let's see the the article (link here). It says: with the image of the items included (10 Dragon Trade Pouches, a Moonlight Explorer Costume, and a Catty Corners Headband). But then in the small font in the bottom, when it talk about the limit per account it says : So the bundle actually "include" or "may include", because it's not the same thing and the article si quite misleading. You guys have to really work out on your communication's skill....
  2. Rising Soul Event.

    The most annoying thing is that an event should granted the same benefit to anyone that partecipate and invest the same amount of time in it. it's very bad that this is limited by rng, it's not fair at all. I could understand it in normal circumstances, like acc/weap normal progression (even if i would hate it), but it could have more sense than in a limited periodo of time event. I mean if you have have two player, Player A and player B that run the event dungeons and obtain the same quantity of tokens, let's say about 120 in total, it's not fair that player A, cause his lucky, could obtain his soul (about 60 tokens on first try) and for example the two outfit (about 55 token), otherwise the other, Player B, because of his unlucky, could get nothing at all.. It's totally unfair. Events should grant to EVERYONE who partecipate and spend the time on it the possibility to obtain the same rewards. I really love the game, but with every update they're screwing it more and more, and i'm really sad about that because i would be glad to contribute for example with subscription, but not with this bad management.
  3. New To This Game

    Press CTRL+I and you can see all about end-game gears, weapons, souls and pet. And the materials and needed to upgrade it. And you can even use this fantastic tools online
  4. Various player (including me) had horrible ping issue after the AWS server migration, someone said that could be our ISP routing to reach the new server location. Anyway a lot of people has the same issue right know. Plus there were Ddos attack.... So it could be the sum of both
  5. Black Friday Blade & Soul... Rotfl
  6. Disappointing Black Friday deals

    I think that Tomorrow and maybe sunday there will be a different offer, they talked about "more offers" and "during weekend", but at his point i expect the worse...
  7. Disappointing Black Friday deals

    I'm still laughing for that, not even what you already said, but the cosmetic bundle is also incomplete, the head adornment is missing, lol. I wanted to buy something but after looking at how ridicolous is that offer i changed my mind. I keep my money for something else. Good job NCWest, as Always.
  8. Northstar Bundle

    I'm still laughing for today's offer. I think NC$oft is mocking us all, lol
  9. Simple, beacause in this way (the current way) they can squeeze the s**t out our wallets.
  10. Assassin Training Problem

    I think he talk about a training with Hajoon in the secret cavern, not the F12 training room (i think). Anyway like Suna said you must be in stealth to do Spinal Tap, and you go to stealth using Shadow Dash from behind the enemy. So two possibilities for me: 1. You are not in stealth after Shadow Dash => This can be cause because you'r not fast enough betweeen the Turning Leaf and Mine Blast so the enemy have the time to turn around and when you Shadow Dash you're not behind him and not in front. This cause no stealth and no Spinal Tap 2. You're out of focus so even if you're in stealth you cannot Spinal Tap. In this case just wait to regain all focus before starting the combo. Hope it helps, sin are the last of my alts, but it seems the most fun to play.
  11. I came here just to ask the same question, here another article It seems that Belgium wanted to extend this to the Whole EU. And to answer to Cauli 1. In this case gambling seems not related only to the P2W systems, Overwatch in fact give you only cosmetics things 2. They want to discuss this for the entire EU. 3. This is a good point Anyway this will be interesting for the future because it will touch an entire and well oiled business systems.
  12. Black Friday Sale

    Usually i'm very pessimistic regards this "offer" like they call it, but this time i have a good feeling, let's see and hope for the better.
  13. The thing that pissed me of in the "communication issue" discussion is that is not so difficult to resolve. I mean, for my point of view a GM or Community Manager could only reply to some post and say "Ehi guys, we'll be looking to this or that proposal / We know that you're talking about this issue / etc etc etc." just to know that they're present and looking at least at the forum. Instead ALL of the post that you can see from them is "We're locking this thread bla bla bla / Keep the conversation civil bla bla bla". I mean it's important to keep the conversation within some boundaries but it will help if sometimes they could partecipate in the disussion even to know that at least they are reading and know the iusses that we talking about. For example the Ddos issue, i don't expect that the problem is solved in one day, but please at least keep your community up to date to what is happening. It don't seems to difficult just one peron that wite here in the forum with a frequency of more than one or two times per week.
  14. My Brother had same issue on his brand new account. He write a total of about 8 mail between appeal and support and he had to write to them with two different mail account because in the first one they seems to not respond to him. He took about 5-6 days to reactivate the account. I hope they will be faster with your issue. What i'm wondering is why there is this amount of legit (apparently) account suspended, and if could be some issue on Xsigncode3 side that check false positives one.
  15. I played MxM only for a week when it came out and only for obtaining the BnS outfit reward, so i didn't know the game too much. And as a BnS player i didn't have the time (and the will) to play with it even if it was half grinding than what it was. At least they recongnize they're mistake when they said "we failed to connect with players." I'm really sorry for all the players that love the game, but i hope they could learn from their mistake and try to treat better the community of their other games, because what i saw with the comment above seems the same issue that we got here in BnS.