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  1. Ignore the bad graphics but this is my destroyer. <3
  2. I know this is an old post but.. This hair fits better. ^^
  3. I still only got 8% added to mine last night..Is it supposed to give 10 each time? o.o I agree, It's frustrating lol. My husband got his permanent soul at 28%..My rng is awful though! x.x
  4. It's all about money. I'm just glad we at least have the stamp option now. It'd be great if they would just let us send them from character to character without stamps, I agree with that. I just don't see it happening tbh.
  5. I'm not coming with the "same argument" I just stated my opinion lol. It's better than it used to be..That's all I said. Sorry that you don't agree with my opinion. I can say, I have honestly stopped making alts at this point. This game is pretty alt unfriendly anyways..In my opinion. ^_^
  6. I agree to an extent, but..Costumes used to be character bound only. Meaning, If you made a new character, You had to re-buy the costume. When they introduced the stamps, It was the best thing ever tbh lol. I lost several costumes by changing characters way back when. Trust me..The stamps are an improvement.
  7. Right click them at the bottom to get them. ^_^ I'm bad at explaining things so I took a ss lol.
  8. Just noticed you can't send it with stamps..Was this on purpose or nah? All the others (That I looked at) can be mailed..Just curious. Thanks! <3
  9. It happens every night..They will be removed soon-ish. lol
  10. That's how it is on Jiwan server..Only difference is it's switched..Cerulean bots rather than Crimson..Faction balance is one sided here as well..Crimson = Underdogs here..
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