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  1. I understand your point, but I feel like in the end it will only cause more pain to those who are already struggling to be relevant. I will agree that winning a round as summoner isn't nearly as difficult as winning as a BM as I would be a fool if I said otherwise. What I was trying to say is that by showing favoritism to weaker classes that you invite people to pick on them for their benefits. While your system is flexible who decides what class is strong? Things will shift over time, patches do matter as the strong class today may not be the strong class next patch. So another issue is who will decide who are the strong and weak classes? They have to be able to respond quickly after a patch and have a deep understanding of PvP as to not make a mistake.
  2. I don't think alteration of MMR based on class is an effective solution to the problem. Your solution may spread out the ranks to other classes, however it will do it by devaluing victories and enhancing defeats. This is a issue as your suggestion drives those classes away from the arena without solving the problem. More over it cheapens the value of the rank you earned when you are a lower tiered class. With your suggestion a diamond summoner got there despite his class as the penalties will constantly try to drag them down. The reverse is also true, BM for example will have less value in their rank because the game tries to give it to them. Of course class balance get changed all the time, but your solution would likely create a negative feeling towards weaker classes who get a easier climb. tl/dr: Your system doesn't solve the problem but rather tries to circumvent it. In doing so you will likely create a prejudice against weaker classes for favoritism in ranked PvP.