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  1. "This Game is P2W smh"

    If you want to progress faster, you pay with money. Don't have money? You pay with time. Either way, you pay. Ipso facto, the only time a game is not defined as "pay to win" is when you can't pay money to win. Meaning there is a level playing field in terms of progression and attaining top end-game status, and you can't pay to win. There is a counter argument to this, and that is that it's your choice whether or not you pay money. That choice is a facade. It's Hobson's Choice, and not a choice at all. Allow me to elaborate: You can't be half pregnant. It's either pay to win or it isn't. The only time it's not pay to win is when you can claim it's not pay to win. When can you claim it's not pay to win? When you can't trade money to win (progress faster and attain top-end-game status). This game, like almost every other online game, is pay to win. It's just hidden so well that it's so easy for you to deny it. At the end of the day, everyone has their own opinions, and I guess you tell yourselves whatever you want to.
  2. NCSoft Banned me for Paypal Claim

    Sorry, it was a moment of weakness. You're right. Also, before anyone goes any further it's important to understand why these terms and conditions exist. In this case, they threw the book at OP. Meaning that in his case, for all intents, constructions, and purposes, he should be exempt from this rule. I'm sure he is happy to give them money back (I don't know which account he'd pay for, or why, but that's none of my business). Anywho, my advice is to create another account and submit a ticket OP. If you get the same response again; thank the CS operator for their time, tell them they didn't help you, and politely tell them to escalate the ticket. Explain the situation as concisely as you can and be succinct. Most businesses don't want trouble and would rather resolve (or "settle") matters between themselves and the customer without putting the gloves on.
  3. NCSoft Banned me for Paypal Claim

    Why would he give money for services he knows he won't get? He paid for a service, then his account was wrongfully suspended so services weren't rendered, so he took his money back, and then they permanently suspended him. NCSoft can't punish him for their mistake. They're just throwing the book at him. Take some *cricket* responsibility NCSoft. On the other hand, if his account wasn't incorrectly suspended then NCSoft might have a case, but this is corporate bullying.
  4. NCSoft Banned me for Paypal Claim

    Read what OP wrote. Read it carefully.
  5. NCSoft Banned me for Paypal Claim

    It's not NCSoft's money. The transaction was incomplete. Services were never rendered. This is corporate bullying at its finest. Much like the clauses that state "you can't sue us" ... then you get sued for trying to sue them haha ... MURICA!!!!!!
  6. I don't support 3rd party malware or companies that use it (Re: GameGuard). I don't want that crap on my PC. L2 handle your business NCSoft. Uninstalled. Also, I'm a new player, so I don't have any "stuffs you can has".
  7. A Look At GameGuard

    Good post. 8/10 would read again.
  8. Positive thread

    I love this game. I've played some bad games. This is not bad. Everyone has an expectation I think from playing previous versions of the game, but that's just my opinion. I'm lucky in this regard. I haven't played it, so I don't feel let down. It's easier to focus on the positives for me and keep moving forward instead of dwelling on the negatives. Some of y'all need Tony Robbins.
  9. Positive thread

    I guess my positive is ... I can't log in and play 5 mins without feeling like a fap, so now I've learnt to fap furiously before logging in to the game just to get it out of my system and play uninterrupted. This in turn benefits my girlfriend because now I don't bother her before going to bed, so she really appreciates that...
  10. SEA server > Oceanic Server

    These numbers are irrelevant. You want to find out out how much of the population plays BnS, and more to the point, find out where more money would come from. For example: They could generate more income from Australia with smaller pop given the economy, so the numbers are irrelevant. Also, sign the petition: A server in Aus would also mean they'd capitalize on New Zealand as well, without hindering SEA. The best bet is to put it in the server in middle not at the end of the leg - so it should go in Aus. Lastly, they already replied to this topic previously. It's on their radar but you need to support it/spread the word to push it through the pipeline, so sign and share the petition around, thanks.
  11. Forum suggestions

    An R&R forum - off-topic discussions for people to chill out in Suggestion forum - speaks for itself. Beneficial to NCSoft mostly, as well as the players Newcomers forum - place for new people to ask for help/guidance Guides and strategies forum - speaks for itself. A place for players to share their skills with others.
  12. MOUNTS

    You assume too much. You talk about mounts like they're expected to be in every MMO that gets released, which leads you on to your statement about it being "beyond you". Anyways, NC has chosen not to put them in because they simply don't belong in the game and would break immersion. This is important for the masses of people who buy in to the product, and helps with retention too. It took Funcom God-knows-how-long to work around this design issue with The Secret World. It's just not meant to be, and like you said, they have more pressing issues first. Then they'll have better things to spend their resources on, before they even consider getting to things like this.
  13. I have done it.

    It looks like a scrotum. There, I said it.
  14. MOUNTS

    Mounts? No. Hell no. Sell increased sprint speed, sure. Mounts? Hell no.
  15. Show off your characters!!

    She's stunning :3