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  1. Game wont launch

    I've recently did a fresh install with the new launcher and the game just wont boot past the launcher at all. It starts and after about 30 seconds nothing happens and the launcher just reappears. I reinstalled a couple times and restarted my computer and nothing works.
  2. Returning to the game after a couple a years. Started again last week and have 55 HM12 Gunglinger and a 50 HM9 Warlock. Former end game wow raider looking to get back into the game's endgame content. Looking for either a casual or competitive clan for dungeons/raids. Currently Cerulean order but willing to swap Crimson.
  3. Swordsman Hat droprate

    100 runs 0 hats 6 costumes 130 runs 0 hats 8 costumes