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  1. LF general clan

    Hi, thanks! Celestial Order is a Crimson guild right? I'm kinda fond of the legion. And just so you know I'm in the process of remaking new toons. My first summoner didn't work out so I was just gonna start totally from scratch. Look for the names Kyoutenka and noushuddup. I may make a new summoner or something else.
  2. LF general clan

    Ok, thanks for your help! Sharing languages does make sense. I'll check out your clan as playing alone can get pretty lonely. So far my main character is a Lyn called Noushuddup :p Still undecided on a second toon.
  3. LF general clan

    Thanks for your help! The reason I say race specific was being I saw a lot of posts that said "looking for latino players" or "looking for asian players" and such. and I couldn't help but wonder why does that even matter I just want B&S friends. As for faction I went with Crimson Legion. So if any Crimsons will have me here I am.
  4. Before you ask, yes I tried looking first to see if my question was answered but couldn't find anything. But I'm a newborn baby to this game and I was wondering if there's any difference between all these servers or are they just names? Thanks in advance!
  5. What's the difference?

    Thanks everyone!