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  1. 102 Keys so far, I have all the slots unlocked. Best things I have seen so far: White Outfit (only once) for 20 Silver 10 Ingots for 1 silver 100 Soulstones for 3 silver 10 Naryu Tablets for 50 Silver? All the food stuffs for the Achievement minus the Pellet for 1 Gold each Yeti Soul Shield Pieces for 50 Silver each 30 Moonstones for I forgot how much 1 Purification Jar for 1 Gold Things I have not seen, that everyone else seems to get: Black Outfit Honorary Ornaments (Any amount) Any of the gems (trade-able or not)
  2. In most (if not all) MMOs that I have played, which is a lot... and actually cared about, which is much fewer, they all have something that differs from Blade and Soul (other than a far superior crafting system) and it might help maintain the Marketplace a bit more and limit bot gold income to some degree. On the in game Marketplace (not the Cash Shop), implement the ability to see not only the sellers name, but also the account name associated with the seller. Now with any idea being randomly thrown out we have positives and negatives to think about. Pros: If the bots post
  3. Personally I don't get any crashes. Ever. I do suffer from severe fps drops in high populated areas to the point I can't get quests done in said areas (SS Plains), but that is a different issue. However, two members of my clan, have been getting crashes and they happen at seemingly random times. We were doing Naryu yesterday and on the second boss one of them crashed once and the other one crashed 2-3 times just on the second boss alone, before that no crashes in that dungeon for anyone. That is just an example.
  4. 3 Gold a day, currently with NCSoft going crazy with the content updates, is insane even if it is easy to get by doing dailies. That is membership fee, and a steep one especially if the Clan leader micromanages it very closely. As a Clan Leader myself, I have tried to arrange a weekly daily run where everyone in the Clan would run a few dailies together once a week (Faction and regular) then donate a chunk of the earnings from that (both Soulstones and Gold) to the clan in order to slowly but eventually Rank up the Clan. With this new content though and everyone needing to upgrad
  5. Yay another one! Hello Dacnis, I will be happy to give you an invite to the Clan later tonight, I will be online (or try to be online) at about 10:30PM CST. Once I change my rank for one of my alts that I am currently leveling, send a whisper to Jessicalla (I will whisper you as well occasionally, to see if you are online). Thanks for applying, and welcome to the clan soon!
  6. One of us will get your Summoner ASAP, Thank you for joining (second time).
  7. I don't know if you guys would like a small-but-growing clan, so far our few members that we have enjoy wide variety of activities ranging from everything you listed above (PvP, Dungeons, 24 Man stuff, Dailies), and are online at what seems like most hours probably generally ranging from afternoon to very early morning US Time Zones. If you are interested, I do ask that you respond to my post (our Clan name is "Nerdgasm" Cerulean Order, Poh) so we know more about you, it seems like all of you guys are dedicated and keep up with your gear so there shouldn't be any issue.
  8. I do not have any fancy word art or anything like that to help allure potential people to join, so I will start with this: Clan Name: Nerdgasm Server: Admiral NoBewbs (Poh) Leader: Vysceralla (Assassin) Manager: Bravothree (Destroyer) Requirements: Our Clan (Guild) does ask a few things of it's members, none of it very extravagant, but if there is an issue then please post below. Must be a dedicated player. Age: 18+ Minimum Main Level: 45 Please keep up with your Gear (and Crafting) in game, and constantly try to improve it
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