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  1. Ok! Thank you very much for the clarification. I was never very good at games like mxm, so it's a relief that I don't have to drag down a team with me in an actual battle. + I'm NA (US)
  2. Does anyone know if doing 5v5 (A.I.) still grants us the outfit, or do we have to battle other players?
  3. Not sure if anyone else recommended the idea, but I've always hoped we could have split wardrobes altogether. For example, sets that were obtained through story, events, dungeon drops, etc can be freely placed in wardrobe #1. Meaning this wardrobe is accessible and free to everyone (non-premium and premium); this way non-cash outfits aren't piling up on us and we can collect dungeon outfits without worrying about running out of space. Then there should be another wardrobe for premium players where they can store any outfit, specifically cash outfits. Yes, this leaves non-premium players who bu
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