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  1. ok, i am not gonna talk about how you guys have decided the winner or if the players should participate in the votation for the contest because is already being talked in other thread. but if that outfit won, I congratulate the winner, but only giving the ponytail hairstyle to yun, and giving the already existing gankplank hairstyle to the other classes is so rude. make a exception and give the ponytail to female jyn, gon, lyn too!!!
  2. I'd like to buy the Classy glasses U.u
  3. who said yehara is good after SSP? the cerualians sometimes are destroying all the channels~ lol
  4. 4man yeti is so easy -_-" i made it more than 180 times... well, I am WL, is not like impossible to me to do the cc, but there are 2many people how doesn't know how to do without FM -_-" those 600+ ap p2w people
  5. around 9 parties 600+ ap and those fk p2w doesn't know how to cc the yeti.. srly... someone else found those people with 600+ ap that are too retarded?
  6. I just bought 5 boxs... someone else got it?
  7. wtf--- that's insane. and btw how we get that box?
  8. ^ i am asking about the glasses
  9. where or how can we get this?
  10. they said something about this in the stream from today?
  11. is only gonna be the SF? or are we getting any new dungeons or idk? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHT6jDjSGPE
  12. http://www.inven.co.kr/webzine/news/?news=112182&site=bns
  13. if you have the costume for char, I'd like to buy one. let me know when you have one please. I am from yehara btw
  14. what do you guys (BDs players) think about the new update?
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