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  1. Hi, Freshly hit level 60 and am looking for a clan. Are there any out there accepting new players? thanks
  2. Is this quest bugged? no matter what I do I cannot complete the combo. I've been trying for twenty minutes"
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    Thanks For the comments PervertedLyn.
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    Think I got my answer :)
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    Morning All, I've downloaded the game and I've dabbled with the warlock and astromancer ( level 15 max) and I've noticed the forums are very quiet and so it appears with the general chat that I have access to in game. My question is, Is the game dying or can I invest time in the game with it having a future? Any opinions on easy classes to solo stuff on? Annnnd are there clans out there that still take on new players? Thanks for your opinions.
  6. I have to agree with a lot of this. I have just started playing got a 27 summoner which I got bored of, and levelled a destroyer to 20 on Friday night. The community is pretty shitty, first five times I ran black ram no one said anything and just plowed through. Even had a destroyer bid war me on the cats head gear. He's now on ignore with his clan. Also for an M rated game, the cerulean chat after 9 pm turns into utter crap. Some of the chat on my server is pathetic. i could not tell you what the problem is nor a solution, only time will tell.
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