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  1. Is anything being done to combat bots?

    This is a compromise i'm willing to deal with for the bots, i don't care if they spam me whisper me or even friend request . I simply want them out of pvp and Cross server dungeons then i'll come back until then im gonna take break n play Paragon n etc
  2. Is anything being done to combat bots?

    They've been saying they are working on it for a decade as BNS is not the first encounter with bots . i've basically given up and killing time till Friday and then im leaving till this is fixed ion cross servers n pvp
  3. i can't figure it out. I see other pics have a apply or register button but my pic doesn't so how od i get it as a profile
  4. Soo... i saw this n was like the frak

    Obviously, i was just shocked when i saw it lol
  5. How was this photo even possible
  6. Ok, seriously i've had enough of this

    I've been patient my patience is up. It's not like this is just now hitting NCsoft THIS HAPPENS TO EVERY ONE OF THEIR GAMES AND THEY HAVE YET TO FIX IT so i am pretty sure this game is dead just like the rest of them in terms of the botplague long as the bots don't affect their bottom line they don't care. Truth is tho once they see the metrics for logins that are players and see the drop in cash shop usage in money due to loss of interest from bots they'll care and funny thing is when that time comes it will be too late
  7. Ok, seriously i've had enough of this

    I've been very tolerant of all the issues that have popped up, optimization terrible lag, bots everywhere,horrendous fps drops and honestly this is it for me i like don't care anymore im getting my lock to 45 n that's it till this is resolved i give up
  8. DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE BOTS JFC, I was tolerating them ruining gathering, i was even ok with them invading pvp but NOW they are in fking Cross server dungeon matches and i can never get a fking group anymore because they are either filled with bots or nobody wants to go through with a bot in the team . This is seriously killing the game for me and with Paragon and Division coming out i am honestly thinking of about just leaving for a few months, because this is getting just out right fking silly and ridiculous. The bots have infiltrated every freaking aspect of the damn game .
  9. Does Warlocks pet have a skillbar?

    Well, i used tab after summoning him and nothing happened how do you use the Orb skill o.o Nether Pulse
  10. Because the orb skill is under the Thralls tab yet when ever i summon him i don't see a skill bar
  11. People with offensive names ...

    I've always found it funny that you can't report ppl but you can report bots
  12. Why does NA not have in game team speak?

    Because TS is the old age DIscord is superior in every way
  13. So first we had gold bots Then we had forum bots now we have arena bots.... This is what killed Wildstar for ALLLLLOT of ppl do not let that same mistake happen here
  14. 900 RNG boxes purchased, no Jacket :(

    No because there are ppl out there who actually do this and to make fun of it shows how immature you are, there's nothing funny about this nor is it constructive and it doesn't belong in the General Discussion