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  1. I believe Tight knit came back around a month or 2 ago since I bought it and it's still in my treasure box.
  2. Hello, patch notes says there is a new Starter Bundle II that is suppose to be in F10. I checked both NCoin and Hongmoon Coin tab and it's not there. Is this not added yet?
  3. Is the daily special in F10 bugged? Just showing Preparing the item.
  4. Well no one is forcing you to do Naryu Sanctum for that weekly, you can just do CC instead. The article for the Naryu Sanctum update clearly says: The weekly quest, A Masterful Task, has also been updated. A Masterful Task Weekly Defeat Ayanka in the Cathedra Cliffs OR Xanos in the Naryu Sanctum
  5. #23597333 Character: Weatherly, Florral, Xinai, Tabbys, Tabbies Yura At this point not even sure which outfits was removed since there is a lot
  6. Hello, can anyone tell me what is the white outfit shown front and center in the Shining Summer Blessing Chest page? In the dragon express in-game it only shows Celesta, Oni, and Pro Tour. The Crystal Omen shown on the possible item list of the 1 NCoin chest is purple in color from the F3 preview. Maybe @Hime can shed some light on this mystery outfit?
  7. Are we going to get a preview of the event or changes coming with update next week since Realmtrotter is ending on July 22nd?
  8. Is there no new post regarding July hongmoon store updates? Really want to see new swimsuits lol
  9. I agree with OP. Please pass our suggestions to development and adjust the appearance rates of these big name items (pentas/soul/heart/pet aura) since no one would be willing to spend that much on keys any more if future troves are just going to be this bad. I myself personally used 1825~ keys and did not see any of those things, really makes me reconsider whether or not if I will ever buy this many keys on trove again.
  10. Hi, I am trying to create a ticket on the blade and soul support site but when I click submit, it pops up a window with suggested solutions. When I click on the bottom when the solutions does not apply to my ticket and click on the submit help request button, it just goes back to my ticket and doesn't actually registers it. I have never seen this pop up before, anyone know what's going on?
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