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  1. I'm quoting my previous post since you didn't read it. It was directed at you. This post sums up as my answer to you. P.S. DPS is not a role. So how much damage a tank does doesn't matter as long as he's the one getting the aggro. It is an issue in pvp, but not certainly in pve.
  2. That's what it is. Your mindset believing all classes were made for a specific purpose is disturbing. All classes can tank. Even FMs could tank(and I'm not referring to kiting, mind you). According to your logic, a class that block/parry/garners aggro shouldn't be top dps? You might as well get the developers remove anything that doesn't fit the class style : 1. FM's Divine Veil/Ice Sheath (Why need em when they're perceived as wizard/mage type 'DPS' class?) 2. SF's Heal/Resurrection (Makes no sense a melee-ranged 'DPS' class could heal/mass revive a party) 3. Summoner's
  3. As long as BM is a tank, how is this dps overbuff a problem in pve? If anyone's thinking of rolling over to a BM for the sake of this godly dps, please don't. Not especially IF you've never tried tanking before..... The pvp fire build damage does need a nerf tho.
  4. Not sure if you are unable to understand your own skills, or some other reasons for it. Dragontongue : - is your main bread and butter dmg skill - reduces Lunar Slash cooldown by 1 sec per hit. Lunar Slash (Tier 3 Form 1) : - gives Conflagration effect over 3 secs that allows Dragontongue to be casted without cooldown. - recovers 5 focus - recovers 6 focus over 3 secs Blade Storm (Tier 2 Form 1) : - give Conflagration effect over 4 secs Violent Blade (Tier 3 Form 3) : - New tree of Flash Step - gives Confl
  5. If pugs could still screw up in Umbral Lord's mechanics in Gloomdross Incursion, it's not surprising to see them getting wrecked by Desolate Tomb. Nevertheless, sticking with guildies is the current best option.
  6. Pros and cons, I would say. Anyone playing a class that has utility skills but chose not to use them for the sake of seeing their numbers at the top would result in a more probable class discrimination within the community in the future.
  7. Happened to me once. A 480 AP summoner shouting for 600+ AP asura run. I joined in with 580 AP. I got kicked.
  8. You need to check out what's happening on TW server right now. Leaving mats inside the Store is definitely not the way to go. It screws F2P players and renders your gold obsolete.
  9. Unless you're a time traveller, I can't see why you're trying to do what it used to be done in the 45 cap. Get a basic BSH ss, mix them with Labyrinth ss and progress towards the Silverfrost dungeons.
  10. Because it takes both hands to clap. You can't be expecting a solution from one side, without having the other side doing their part in prevention of landing themselves in such a predicament.
  11. I doubt you'd caught on mine either. This kind of problem has solutions to go in many ways. 1. High levelled players could simply drop out of party after finding one and solo on their own 2. Lowbies could make their own parties 3. Considerate high levelled players could do everything nice and sweet, just like OP suggested So many ways to do about it, and each rant suggests one and only solution they could come up of : Point 1 and Point 3. I mean, seriously?
  12. I'm gonna say the same thing as what I've mentioned to the other thread ranting for Tomb of Exiles. 1. Shout for party. 2. Kick high levels. 3. Run with your fellow lowbies. If case you're unaware, the region shout and LFP messages are there to allow you to create your own party instead of having the system assigning one to you with a LFP button. If you're just being lazy then don't bother to rant. It's time to learn how to form your own party instead of queuing for one. The LFP button is so dangerous that you could end up with botters and afkers in your party
  13. 1. Shout out for Tomb of Exiles party "NO 50s ALLOWED" 2. Kick any 50s that joined 3. Get all your fellow low levels to join your party 4. Problem solved Enjoy competing loots with your fellow low level players if you think 50s who wants to rush for your run ain't worth your pleasant gameplay experience. OR: 1. LFP with 50s 2. Follow sprint closely behind them and ignore unnecessary loots 3. Dungeon cleared. Take your pick.
  14. She is lovely. :D Ignore the trolls.
  15. 1. Account sellers 2. Leechers whom use them as alts to pool their main while making life miserable for others in cross server 3. Afking bots
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