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  1. Delete all Soulstones from server DB

    u guys notice this fake *cricket*'s name right and this is his first post? wake up and smell the coffee my friends. it's a damn troll, bot, etc, etc.
  2. Are we sure Tang isn't Greed from FMA?
  3. everything made by man is bound to mess up one day, even on the first day. so i dont sweat the little details. the game is working right now, so it's game time. if it goes down again, i'll just move over to another game.
  4. japan got it 4 years ago but we just got it. so with making it in english and all the other change might have made bugs and other problems happen.
  5. wow you think your entitled to something from a F2P game? LMFAO
  6. Lets talk about Dumb Requirements.

    only the daily Order of Bashin needs player kills. the others are npc kills or gather quests. as a pver if u want to do Bashin, just make a friend of the other faction and trade kills. people do this all the time on my server. thought we still get that one destroyer with spin/daze to win combo when framing coins. ps use real money to use mail is bs
  7. the game just came out a little over 2 weeks ago. give them some time to fix things.
  8. Thank you NC~ ^_^

    I thank you too. For me, I'm having a lot of fun playing.