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  1. 500k isn't even half a unity level once your up in the 100+ region. And comparing it to the 20k that you can get basically for free each day from Mushin's Tower.... Nope, the 90000 pearls are simply ridiculous.
  2. In a heavily RNG dependent game like BnS you can rollback half a day or maybe one day, no more. The profesional way would have been to shut down the game until the problem is fixed (and fix it fast!), and compensate people with a few days of premium for the downtime.
  3. @Cyan This is no compensation, this is a joke. IMO there is only one way to properly handle this, and that is the removal of the orb requirement from both dungeons. Forever. After all the daily lock-out is still restricting access to the two dungeons. Failing to do so, the Ascension Pouch should at least be available until the end of the event, and its content should be upgraded to a minimum of 5 orbs.
  4. @Liinxy How about adding Lucent accessories to a vendor? Or may at least fixing the droprates in Awakened Necropolis?
  5. Wer es noch nicht getan hat, sollte sich vielleicht mal die Aufzeichnung des "Producer's letter Q&A" Livestreams ansehen. Da haben der NCWest Producer und der Community Directer zum Thema Mondsteine ganz klar als Lösung vorgeschlagen: "Wechselt doch einfach zur stärkeren Fraktion." Wundert euch da noch irgendwas?
  6. No, it sucks becaue of the amount of grind, the monotony of the grind, and the inclusion of RNG in the grind. Other MMOs manage to handle progression much better, including mechanisms that prevent nolifers from getting too far ahead. And just in case you'd like to answer this post with "Well, then go and play those other MMOs" - guess what I'll be doing now that my SF has finished the story? ;)
  7. Rumor has it that some people are actually playing games to ... have fun O_o I know, I know, what a strange concept. Might be related to the fact that a lot of them do a quite a bit of daily grinding at this thing called "job".
  8. A lot of issues this game has are simply related to the fact that NCSoft thinks NA/EU players are the same as asian players.
  9. As far as I'm concerned, they can just keep their outfits. I'm not going to buy one as long as the wardrobe is locked behind Premium.
  10. Who knows, maybe one day they'll replace the Raspberry Pis that run the game now with something bigger....
  11. Jup, looks like their servers crashed big time. DC, then the launcher cannot connect to server. Once it can connect again, it tells me my account is still logged in. Relog, play for 2 minutes ... crashed again. :(
  12. I play in EU on EU server, so my ping is also in the 150-200ms range O_o I have a SM, a WL and a LBD. SM and WL are easily playable at that ping, The LBD is suffering a bit when lag spike occure. Personally I'd say WL is most suited for higher ping.
  13. Just be aware that what you buy there is a subscription, whereas what you get from the ingame shop is a one-time purchase.
  14. Took them quite some time before they dared put that BS stream on Youtube.
  15. Personally I'm just waiting for SF release to try out that class. If I like it I'll probably play it through the story to have some fun. After that it depends on whether they have adjusted the mid-tier equipment grind by then. If not... well, there's other game companies who will take my money, too.
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