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  1. 500k isn't even half a unity level once your up in the 100+ region. And comparing it to the 20k that you can get basically for free each day from Mushin's Tower.... Nope, the 90000 pearls are simply ridiculous.
  2. In a heavily RNG dependent game like BnS you can rollback half a day or maybe one day, no more. The profesional way would have been to shut down the game until the problem is fixed (and fix it fast!), and compensate people with a few days of premium for the downtime.
  3. @Cyan This is no compensation, this is a joke. IMO there is only one way to properly handle this, and that is the removal of the orb requirement from both dungeons. Forever. After all the daily lock-out is still restricting access to the two dungeons. Failing to do so, the Ascension Pouch should at least be available until the end of the event, and its content should be upgraded to a minimum of 5 orbs.
  4. @Liinxy How about adding Lucent accessories to a vendor? Or may at least fixing the droprates in Awakened Necropolis?
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