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  1. 3 hours ago, Koter said:

    What do you mean suspending GG?

    Various task management tools allow you to suspend active processes (instead of kill them).  You can use said tools to suspend the primary gameguard process - but the game detects that the process is not active and will close after about 30ish seconds of having the process suspended.  Killing a task, say through task manager, will immediately kill the thread and cause BnS to close instantly.  Suspending it doesn't cause the instant death of the client, but does cause it eventually.


    It is a glorious 30 seconds of freedom to play the game without constant game input / display freezing though!

  2. Just wondering if anyone has noticed an improvement to performance.  I found that suspending the GameGuard process completely removed the freezing I was experiencing with the side-effect of causing the game to die in ~30 seconds.  So, clearly GameGuard is the reason my client becomes unresponsive for as long as 10 seconds every 15-20 seconds (like trying to play an action combat MMO through a desktop streaming app).  The game has been terrible to play for the past two weeks.  Hoping they solved it somehow...

  3. Been playing BnS since February in NA.  Never had a problem.  No setup changes have been made to my PC since playing.  Nothing new has been installed, and I have all the same programs running in the background.  Since the most recent update to GameGuard, the game has become unplayable.  I have 32-40ms, 60FPS but the game hangs and sits there unresponsive for as long as 10 seconds at a time.


    I will see the UI continuously update showing me new debuffs, timer updates, and status effects, but my character and the world are frozen in place.  I cannot move, I cannot get abilities to respond, and I definitely cannot defend myself in combat.


    I've gone through the motions of disabling every non-microsoft service.  I've checked my task manager for any processes that might be triggering GameGuard.  I have no anti-virus running.  I have disabled windows firewall completely.  I'm not running the game through a router (directly connected into the cable modem).


    The only thing that fixes this game is suspending the GameMon.des process in the task manager, but this also has the side-effect of causing my client to close after ~30 seconds.  Suspending this single task that is running 100% fixes the game.


    Please patch the GameGuard or disable it again as it is completely ruining player experiences.  I am only 1 voice of many hundreds if not thousands that have experienced massive performance problems because of this anti-cheat software that apparently does not prevent any cheats.


    If the program is not fixed, I will no longer be a customer of this - or any NCSoft game - that employs this software as it is clearly not working and ruins your games.

  4. 14 minutes ago, Nattia said:

    i hate afkers in arena, please don't do that... at least put minimum effort :/ i dislike pvp but i don't do this stuff to other players - i'm not that selfish.

    Meh, if you're bronze it doesn't bother anything anyway.  Better to get your stuff done and let the players who want to compete start moving into ranks where they can.

  5. 23 hours ago, LovlessLady said:

    its not really that helpful as a kfm. Its better to use triple kick on blocking kfms/BM. Just wondering if it does anything else since it says disables defensive skills.

    It disables:


    Counter (KFM)

    Block (BM)
    Woodblock (Sin)


    And I think it also disables ground counter.


    This is an amazing tool against assassins in PvP.  After you Armbar them, if they didn't escape, they will be very vulnerable to followups and won't be able to counter you back into stealth.  Assassins are one of the hardest match-ups for KFM, and triple kick after E/Q is a lot easier to land when you have 6 seconds to use gap-closing abilities without the risk of it being blocked / countered / woodblocked.

  6. I'm not sure this really warrants discussion.  You can PvE for Zen Beans.  Pick up the quests, AFK in matches until they're done - and then go claim your free zen beans.  If you get lucky, you'll see someone else AFK their matches and you can just win them really fast.


    There's no "effort" required.  The previous system for HM skills required a massive amount of effort by PvP players to obtain skills.  Skills that PVE players could grind.  You had to:


    1. Gear up (and level up) sufficiently for the content (vs no gear needed for arena)

    2. Find groups capable of achieving the content (vs solo content you can do on your own)

    3. Get lucky and spend most of your time doing PvE (no RNG for zen beans)


    This was not how a PvP-minded player wanted to work.  There is none of the above required to get zen beans for you 5k skill.  Just zone in, stand in a match - win or lose you'll get like 800 zen beans a day.  Not to mention you can just AFK free beans all day long in 3v3 and it's easier content than daily blue dungeons that requires zero effort.

  7. 53 minutes ago, FinFin said:

    I contacted them to see what was going on and like every other person who contacts support, I was left with a response that did not answer the question.


    I don't think they understood my question because all I got was a reply saying that they could not help and to just contact Amazon. Sigh

    You know what though, that's probably a better idea.  I had an issue (totally unrelated) where USPS didn't deliver my package from Amazon correctly.  Since USPS was closed on Sundays, I opened up a support chat with Amazon, and they were able to find the problem in like 5 minutes.  Amazon is probably a better bet with getting answers as whether the product will become available again or not, so you should just go to their support - use the chat feature - and I bet they'll be able to answer the question better than NCSoft could!

  8. 7 minutes ago, Minity SN said:

    currently it costs 350G, but I just wonder if Im safe to buy it now or if it will get alot cheaper after the patch... or should I just collect more gold for the breeze weapon?

    There may be additional ways of obtaining said HM skills, so it could drop in price.  You can definitely obtain it through zen bean farming after the patch, but the reality is that the pvp method will take substantially longer than farming the correct 4-man instance over and over.

  9. 7 minutes ago, Nattia said:

    I'm just looking for the easiest way to obtain it :x

    Just looked at the video, and they never actually scrolled the vendor down to see if the HM pellet is sold there.  You can buy the other items that are needed for the LMB skill, but no guaranty that the pellet is for sale, if so - what it costs / if you must buy more than one.

  10. Looks like I'm not crazy because:




    That's the image of the current crafting, and there's a 3 next to the pellet.  Makes no sense why a single PvP player in the Arena would want to buy 5 of these for 120,000 zen beans...  Please fix before released!


    If you divide the cost by 5, you'd need 4x of the pvp certificates and 4x pugilist tokens (24,000 zen beans) which is still more cost than just selling soulstones and finding a guild to sell you a single pellet, but less hassle for a hardcore arena player.

  11. 6 minutes ago, Kamitama said:

    Makes no sense cause you can only carry a max of 20k beans.

    It's total cost.  You don't pay 120,000 zen beans, you have to buy 10x of the 5,000 zen bean certificates and 70x of the 1,000 zen bean pugilist tokens.  So, as you accumulate zen beans you have to spend them on these other currencies instead of on soulstone pouches.


    The reality is, you're about 3-4x better off buying soulstone pouches (depending on your server's market, and rank in arena) and selling them for gold because the skills and items are about 1/3 of the price on the AH as would translate to zen beans.


    Here's what it shows in the video:




    Is that actually a #5 to the bottom right?  Maybe I'm just imagining the blurry image and that's just part of the image and not a number.  If not the price is 20x more insane... I'd rather save up 50g and buy it from a player than try to make 120,000 zen beans.

  12. I noticed in the live stream that there's new items in the PvP vendor including a hongmoon pellet, but there was a quantity of 5 on the pellet.  The item itself would cost 120,000 zen beans to obtain, and it appears (based on the video) that you get 5 of them.  No idea why anyone would need 5 pellets to unlock their LMB HM skill.  Wouldn't you only need 1?


    120,000 zen beans is ridiculous price for these things, unless you're making them tradeable.  They can be bought for 50g, on average, from guilds selling them to players who don't have access (through using the guild crafting system method).  That's realistically only around 16,000 - 20,000 zen beans in total (selling soulstones @ less than market price).  Can we get some clarification as to the insane price, and the strange #5 showing up on the video?

  13. 17 hours ago, Majiebeast said:

    Dont worry prices are fair.....



    There somewhere we can watch this?  Looks like a video screenshot.


    So the blue slabs are the training certificates - 5k zen beans each.  The red key-things are pugilist tokens - 1k zen beans each.


    You can spend 2000 zen beans and 1 PvP certificate to get ~ 6g.  It would take around 66000 zen beans at those rates to buy the HM Volume 2 (usually around 200g on the AH from what I've seen).  Or you can farm 120,000 zen beans in the arena to buy the same item.


    Yup, gold is still better.  And WTF is with 5x pellets?  Why would you need 5 of them?  Unless you can sell them somehow (because the ones you can craft are not tradeable), then you only need 1 of them to get your LMB skill unlock.

  14. 40 minutes ago, Motosaurous said:

    Thank you, ill try these out.


    For destroyer, still you mentioned about grappling i would need to disable fighting spirit and frost?


    For fm, the avenging advice helped alot but the hoping ones are still giving me problems. Any advice for those?





    Yes, you have to disable avenging and frost to get grapple.  Pick up the healing grapple.  Every hit heals you for 3% of your total HP (your RMB clicks and whatever you finish with), and you can heal back 18% of your HP in a single grapple if the target doesn't know how to time their grapple counter.  1 heals 6% and 2 heals 12% + whatever you do with LMB prior to pressing 1 or 2.  I don't bother with 3 or 4 against Destroyers.


    Flurry is a great skill to use against hopping FMs.  What I tend to do is freeze with Ice Guard to clear frozen stacks, then hit C right after releasing it to land a flurry.  When they F roll, I will SS + LMB to knock them over again, then follow that up with either Z or Comet Strike (4) Daze.  If they TAB escape it, get ready to counter + RMB (avenging fist), and Q/E followed by a triple kick.  Almost all the time this sequence will work.  If they ice block right after tabbing (which does happen to smart ones).  Saunter away and prepare to Flying Slam as soon as they end their Ice.  Knock them up, grapple them out of the air, and ground & pound them.


    The longer you keep them locked down, the more flustered they get.  Bouncy FMs tend to be less focused on damage, and more on kiting, which eventually loses the fight against a KFM.

  15. Read some thread on these forums today that the HM skills will no longer be only available via PvE dungeons / auction house, but will be obtainable through some PvP means in the next patch?  I managed to get everything except for the HM Pellet through the treasure trove system for the LMB HM unlock, but have no interest in crafting / guild posturing to get access to the pellet (planning to just save gold to buy a slot at the moment), so any opportunity to get these skills via PvP would be ideal!

  16. Yeah, I can't see myself replacing my 3s stun with a pull unless the CD was dramatically reduced.  Unfortunately, tremor is 45s regardless of whether it stuns or not, and that is kind of silly.


    I'll look into iron shoulder though.  I've been pretty successful at countering the assassin's teleport after they shiruken, and that brings them within range of the AoE iron shoulder.


    Unfortunately, I find the ability to stun sins while they're countering to be super crucial, so I don't think I can swap that out for firestorm kick, but it is an interesting strategy.

  17. I know that Ice Guard will bring an assassin out of stealth if used near enough.  What about SS trained with 2 points to freeze enemies when you move back?  Also, is the freeze effect that 2x3 area effect so you should be put the assassin in stealth in front of you when you SS if this freeze.


    Normally I put zero points into S because it 1.5x - 2x the CD on the ability, but in the case of assassins, it seems worth it to have another option to remove them from stealth and I don't get a lot of opportunity to SS vs them anyway?

  18. For BD/Destroyer, their spin does not block knock downs and knock ups.


    - SS + LMB is a knock-down that bypasses deflect.  You can use this very safely to knock them down.

    - TAB (Flying Slam) knock-up also bypasses their defenses.  You can this very safely to get them on the ground a second time.

    - F (Smite) is a good knock-up option, but beware it can be deflected if not timed properly. 

    - 3 (Leg Sweep) also will through their spin, but can be deflected so must be timed properly.


    Another tip is to take Counter branch 3 tier 2.  This will prevent you from being dazed by their spinning when you counter into the spin.  Combine this with Avenging Fist branch 1 tier 2, and you can follow up with a knock-down after a counter every 18 seconds.  This is a great way to reliably knock them over because the counter will have landed during the deflect period, and your follow-up KB (avenging fist) will safely hit them without being deflected.


    The basic key to these two is to watch them spin, wait for them to start a fresh spin, inhale, then attack.  The first .5 seconds they will deflect.  The rest of the time they will fail to deflect.  You can also time C (flurry) with this in mind, and it should daze them after their spin ends forcing them to either F roll and then you can tech chase, or TAB escape.


    The biggest problem is that both BDs and Destroyer have a lot of CC breaks or immunities in general.  You won't ever be able to lock a smart Destroyer in a stun lock.  They will have TAB, Blue buff, and also can go immune to all CCs (but not break them).  A good destroyer will cycle these to prevent a stunlock.  I like to grapple that type of destroyer, since I spend so much time knocking them down.  As soon as they "counter" from the ground, I grapple them, get HP back, and then continue to play the dodge and KB game.


    BDs, you should take your freeze skill for TAB.  When you F roll after an air combo, immediately use TAB because they will tech chase, and this gives you about an 85% chance to avoid the follow-up stun.  You can bait a BD into a stun-lock situation, but they will have a lot of options to mitigate that, and you'll normally need to be defensive as well as aggressively knocking them over to force them to escape.



    Assassins are the primary challenge for all KFMs.  Good assassins will basically negate every thing in the KFM's arsenal.  Be sure to take you freeze TAB so you can have some defense option while they are in stealth.  Be sure to use leg sweep, and sometimes comet strike (when all else fails) to attempt to knock them out of stealth.  When they hit you with a shiruken from stealth, start jumping - turn 180 degrees while in the air, and Counter.  This has about a 50% chance to countering the move that lets them leap to your back and stun you.  It's the only viable way to throw off their timing from stealth.  Most assassins have enough escape tools that it won't end up mattering, but you can at least put up a good fight.



    FMs and Warlocks you need to train Avenging Fist branch 2, Tier 2.  This will give you the ability to follow a Counter with a gap closer that removes all freeze stacks.  Basically the best way to fight the FMs and also works wonders against Summoners and Warlocks because it will remove their roots and charge blocking mechanics.  FMs, remember to SS when they root you and LMB to knock them over right away.  This often makes them waste their F roll, which can be tech chased with C.  Use air combos when they pop their blue ice dome (SS + F for Smite, or get back and Flying Slam (TAB), and meteor slam (TAB) as your finisher for the air combo.  It will basically ruin their healing opportunity.  For both WLs and FMs you probably want Freeze TAB as well since it will clear all roots and you can use it when you see the electric wings the WL will pop.


    WLs are a game of bait and lock.  When they put crap on the ground, I tend to run back to the other side.  If they're smart, they drop those things in the center so you have less space to move, but most of the time they just drop them where they're standing and you can just run to the other side and make them leave the safety of their ground effect abilities.  When you see the swirling papers, use RMB because that's an active blocking mechanic that you can triple kick stun.


    Lots of other tips that can be tossed out, but these might give you some options.