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  1. I will admit, it does seem like fire BMs can apply damage way too easily.  While it's definitely something that you can mitigate with skilled play, they don't have any challenge to apply the damage.  Other classes have skills that can deal similar damage, but the build up and setup is significantly harder to achieve - plus the timing and network connection (MS) play a factor in other class setups, while fire BM seems to have no skill check on activating their hardest hitting abilities.

  2. The solution is generally, a couple months after the release of a raid, to offer alternative methods of obtaining the equipment.  These alternative methods usually require 3x as much time when compared to simply running through a raid.


    MMOs usually allow bleeding edge players a small period of time to out-gear the casual players before they unlock a method of obtaining the same equipment that is more casual friendly.  Raiding will give you the equipment faster and cheaper if you can manage to coordinate with 23 other players, while casual play will eventually get you the gear.


    At least that's how most other MMOs handle this type of inquiry.  We'll have to see how it plays out.

  3. 9 minutes ago, Leodore said:

    As for limiting team comps, honestly, that's the point. For example, everyone knows if you bring a 3 member team of SM to 3v3, the odds of you winning are nearly guaranteed. 


    This may be true for PUG 3v3, but not organized 3v3.  True Arena teams don't stack summoners.  Summoners are viable, useful, and one of the better options, but you need a Grab (restraint) class like BD to be really powerful.  You can replace the summoner with an SF for group healing, and it will work fine.  I think I read that the #1 team that won the 3v3 tournament in KR was a BD+Dest+SF.  They have 2 restraint classes, both of which are very hard to control, and have party healing with the SF - who also has excellent methods of forcing opponents to use their TAB escape.


    3x Summoners are not definitely a win.  They're a nasty combination for sure, but matched up against a couple of good FMs/KFMs, and those summoners are actually pretty vulnerable.


    13 minutes ago, Leodore said:

    As for the time limit being increased, this benefits the healing classes, yes, because those are generally the one's that aren't succeeding in 1v1. 

    I don't find that healing classes are failing in 1v1.  Instead, it's "sustain" builds that are failing in 1v1.  If you focus on healing, and not on damage, you lose.  Summoners who switch from being healbots in 1v1, and focus on locking their opponents down, and using their pet wisely to CC while their TAB is on CD instead of just spamming CCs when they're off cooldown, will succeed.  Healing classes don't existing in 1v1.  A KFM can be a "healing class" if they spec to grapple and heal 11% every time they grapple an opponent along with 10% every time they use Z.  Dest can be a "healing class" in 1v1 if they spec Stone Shield to heal 20%, and go full sustain with every CC break playing the avoidance game.  That's not the point of 1v1.  It's not about out-lasting your opponent...  Anyone who plays 1v1 that way is likely to lose more than win.


    16 minutes ago, Leodore said:

    As for 6v6, most games that have goal oriented pvp limit the amount of 1 particular class allowed on the team, there is a very good reason as to why they do this. You can attempt to balance a class for a piece of content, but to balance it so that having multiple of that same class on a team, is down right impossible. If "heals" are the problem, having a limitation of the amount of healers on the team helps aid that. If grabbers are the problem, having limitation on the amount of grabbers helps that. If invisibility is a problem, same thing. etc etc etc. Stacking classes causes more problems than it may possibly solve. 

    There will never be an introduction to a class limitation for group content like 6v6.  Two incredibly powerful reasons:


    1. People want to play with each other, and on their preferred class.  Not restricted to playing an "alt", so they can team up with friends.

    2. Matches will basically never happen.  You already have to wait 10-15 minutes for a 6v6 to start - even on days when that is the daily quest goal - so to limit or reduce the match-making options to only allow 1 of any particular class into the match means you will never again be able to do 6v6 matches.


    I've seen games try these kinds of strategies in the past, and they never work.  They always have to revert the change within the same month because it violates the basic premise of online gaming.  Play how you want, and what you want without being "punished" by in-game systems.


    Healing has been problems with MMO PvP for ages.  There have been numerous solutions to this implemented at the class and system level.  One game (WoW) implemented a healing reduction debuff applied by various classes.  One game (Rift) implemented a healing power reduction that made it so your heals were always at least 50% weaker in PvP vs PvE.  Honestly though, BnS does not suffer from problems with healing in 6v6.  Yes, it gives a distinctive edge to some teams if they have a lot of healing, but it doesn't directly impact the objectives of the match.


    Summoners are actually a problem because of class mechanics - not because of healing.  Blade Dancers (and somewhat Destroyers) are also a major issue in 6v6 because they have abilities that render a target completely defenseless to the enemy, and it does not break on damage.  Assassins are also a concern, though more minor than the other two.  There are solutions to these problems...


    1. Summoners have pets that continue to perform combat actions and crowd controls while the summoner is incapacitated.  This includes when the summoner is carrying a tusk in Beluga.  It means you cannot disable the summoner and capture a node in WWV, so they can defend solo very easily.  The pet shouldn't have all these abilities, the summoner should have them.  That way when the summoner is incapacitated, the pet can't do a ton on it's own.


    2. Restraint lasts 6 seconds, and if you have no way to break free, you're dead.  Instead, Restraint should break on %HP damage.  If a target takes 50% HP damage before Restraint ends, the effect expires.  This would fix 3v3 and 6v6 problems with the skill.


    3. Anyone should be removed from stealth the second they touch objectives in 6v6.


    Yes, these are class changes.  Yes, they require work from the devs that overhaul things in the game to balance, but that's the correct way to fix the problems.

  4. I'm going to disagree about a few things here...


    Firstly - the primary problem with 3v3 is not overlapping the same classes.  It's that specific classes have overwhelming group utility, while others do not.


    The primary culprits are:


    1. Grabs - these allow teams that are coordinated to actually 100-0 a player with a single tag.  If a BD (and sometimes a Dest) can grab their opponent, in those 6 seconds they're locked into grab CC, a teammate tag-in can obliterate them with PvE skills.


    2. Heals - SF and Summ can basically pop in with their tag, and heal their teammates substantially.  No one else has this level of team utility, and it greatly imbalances the match when the opposing team has no way to deal with that mechanic.


    3. Soulburn - Warlocks being able to jump into a fight, pop resists + soulburn to inflict insane damage while making it possible for their teammate to inflict insane damage is also a key contributor to quick matches.


    None of the above are completely over-powered as there are counter mechanics to each of them, but you're going to be playing at the expert PvP level to counter any of these tactics (by planning your strategy in advance and coordinating over voice chat with your other teammates).



    1v1 is pretty balanced overall.  If you doubled the HP, you could negate the 100-0 mechanics, but that also then favors classes that can heal over time like Summ, FM, Dest and SF (sometimes KFM) because they will basically restore the HP they lost much easier than other classes while classes like Sin, BD, BM, and WL will be stuck without any substantial means of restoring the HP.  Doubling the timer doubles that issue also.  Stall styles still have to out-damage their opponents, and that can be harder than it seems.  I don't think changing 1v1 much would change anything.  Adding more time actually gives Summoner the biggest advantage...



    6v6 is all about Whales.  The problem with 6v6 is simple to solve - a single buff that gives anyone who does not meet the general minimum standards of PvP stats a set of stats which would be "competitive" is enough.  This buff lets you join the game in your PvE stuff, and still have enough crit defense, and HP to survive for long enough to be a useful contributor.  Sure, Whales will still dominate the boards, but they will not 3-shot your average player in these cases.  While those under the general buff will not be useful as "killers", they will be useful as guards and defenders.  Just protecting and providing cover is extremely valuable in 6v6, but you can only do this if you can live long enough to contribute.  Once you get enough "experience" into 6v6, you can start to accrue the equipment needed to be a powerful force and move up the ranks.



    Overall though, the match-making system is truly to blame.  I've been matched up against high golds (1700+) when still working up through the low 1400s in 1v1.  I've seen Bronze have to fight against Gold in 6v6...  Match-matching needs some significant work.

  5. Yes, everyone has normalized HP in the arena.  You will have the same HP as every person of the same class in the arena.  Most classes will have wtihin ~6k HP of each other.  Like summoners have around 39k HP at the low-end (due to having a pet, significant healing options, and shielding abilities), and KFM will have around 45k HP at the upper-end.  This is to help balance classes with abilities like healing, shielding, and damage output.


    No gear will change your HP.  There are some abilities that can effect HP (i.e. using specific cat types for summoners can give the cat a little more HP), but in the end it's completely normalized, and the HP difference between classes is the difference of a couple attacks.

  6. So, the main "fuss" is about how incredible powerful destroyer "stall" game becomes when the have an indestructible shield that lasts 8 seconds and heals 20%. You have to somehow get directly behind them to disable (which is not super easy for some classes) on top of having 2 CC escapes and 2 other CC immunities.


    A stall destroyer can basically do very little the whole match as long as they put just enough damage out, then stall until timer. It's almost as bad as assassins used to be with their poison + stealth game until too many HM skills were unlocked to negate that tactic.


    They get you with the opener, use grab off CD every chance for the entire duration to add to total damage and delay the fight while CD timers are wearing off, cycling CC immunities and Stone Shield with CC breaks. It ensures they never reach dangerous HP levels, and they just whittle away until the time buzzes.


    It's incredibly boring, but very effective against classes like KFM.


    I will see if I can ss behind them as suggested, but that does sound tricky. I've definitely tried to just move behind and CC, but they were always blocked.

  7. Are we talking about the same ability?  Stone Shield on the skill planner for Destroyers all say it heals for 20% at a minimum.  Some varieties heal for 25% and others have 1% additional healing every time they're hit.  It's not 10% unless the skill planner is wrong...


    8 hours ago, N3ro said:

    use kd

    Which one?  I tried three different KDs including, and Flying Slam knock-up and all my other defense break / piercing abilities.


    Leg Sweep - did nothing - blocked

    Tiger's Pounce - did nothing - blocked

    Avenging Fist - did nothing - blocked (doesn't penetrate defense)


    Triple Kick (stun) - did nothing - blocked

    Flying Slam (knock-up) - did nothing

    Rising Dragon (pull + stun) - did nothing - completely ignored and also Stone Shield prevented the 10% heal


    All of these (except Avenging Fist) break / penetrate defense skills.  None of them worked on the destroyer.  It heals for much more than 10%.


    8 hours ago, Phytolacca said:

    Honestly idk how you as a kfm hav trouble with a destroyer...lol that should be one of ur easiest matchups.


    My tip to u would be q/e into their spin for a free 6sec 100% evade chance. Or you could just spec ur block to giv u a full second iframe if they hit into ur block (which btw isn't hard at all considering u block spin itself LOL

    Destroyer used to be one of my better matchups.  The only ones I struggle with are the high HM destroyers with HM Stone Shield.  I definitely don't die to them easily, especially persistence destroyers.  They just end up doing more damage before the timer runs out because while they are immune to basically every CC (except for when they have to just spin and stall when I can KD them), I am not.  They get to put a tiny bit more damage on me.  When the timer runs out, they usually win by about 10k points.  It's the "Ignores defense skill disable" perk that was added to HM version of Stone Shield which basically makes them invulnerable to any method of preventing the 20%+ heal.

  8. 4 hours ago, Shuchin said:

    Low gold KFM here, but I struggle a lot vs BDs somehow. Harder than sins at the same elo, but I know from streams that everyone thinks the KFM vs BD match up should favour the KFM. Maybe I should run fighting spirit too.


    Or there may be some flaw in my skill set up - I almost always run elbow smash, but suspect 2 sec stun immune is better. Is that correct?


    Other than that my experience is that KFM is wonderfully in the middle of everything: If you know your opponent's class well enough, you usually win, if you don't, you are done for.

    I don't know who's telling you that KFM vs BD favors the KFM - that's not been the case for me either.  However, I would definitely recommend HM counter with the 1s immune.  It can negate a significant number of their follow-ups and tech chase moves.  I've finally started to get into the mix with BDs and holding my own.  The biggest thing is to save your TAB escape for lightning draw (flashy lighting on the ground) or expect to have 60% or more of your HP drained in under 3 seconds.


    If you have solid latency, and can F escape, it's safer to keep Ice Guard on the bar because you can F roll and TAB into ice guard to protect from the lightning draw tech chase.  This only works if the ping gods are favoring you.


    Mostly though, just knock BDs down to get them to use as many escapes as you can, and also HM Z pull will be a great ally vs BDs and assassins alike.  What I often try is draw their TAB escape with a tech chase daze to their F roll, and then they will TAB escape + daze you, when you can F roll and follow up with Z immediately.  This pulls them into a stun where they're out of escapes.


    Good BDs are hard to get into a true stunlock because they save their iFrames to delay for CD refreshes.  In those cases it's better to work dazes and triple kicks into flying kicks, so you can just whittle them down with air combos.  They can't iFrame being juggled in the air...

  9. Honestly, I think latency is the bigger PvP wall than skills and practice.  If you will never have a solid ping of less than 80ms, you're never going to be "good" at BnS PvP.  You can give it your best, but you'll always struggle to win against players with substantially better latency.

  10. As a KFM, using stoneshield in Arena was a liability for Destroyers.  It allowed me to use Triple Kick.  The new HM stoneshield prevents me from using every single skill and gives them a free 20-30% heal and complete immunity to every skill.  It is completely immune to all defense piercing abilities.  I've tried numerous skills, but cannot figure out how to stop them from getting basically full HP back.


    On top of this, they are 99% immune to all of my CCs.  I can knock them over, but they can avoid being tech chased with 3 different CC invulnerability skills with short CDs.


    Fights go like this - Destroyer does stuff to deal a little damage, so do I, they heal up, they continue to do a little damage, and eventually the time runs out.  Almost all of my matches end with a timeout against Destroyers who just run around spinning, healing, spinning, stunning and doing a little damage, spinning... grabbing me 4-5 times in the match.  They win because they are basically immune to every effort and CC in my arsenal.


    Any tips?

  11. Many modern MMOs that employ a gear-based group PvP content have some "base" normalization.  That means the best geared players are still going to have a significant advantage, but anyone else who joins will be boosted to the gear level of what the game designers deem is reasonable.


    What this does is give under-geared players the ability to actually survive long enough to be supportive, while over-geared players still get to provide the necessary power.  Right now you will frequently get a lot of hate from players (whales generally) if you're not HM10+ with 120k HP, 650+ AP with stats to match.  Everyone has to start somewhere.  The starting point for 6v6 is basically grind for a year or more before you meet entry criteria, or spend hundreds of RL $$s to buy your way to competitive stats.


    Many MMOs apply a buff to players who are not meeting the primary gear needs (game determines if they are under-geared by doing a stat weight comparison) which completely overwrites their stats and replaces it with a normal base set of stats which prevent the players from being a complete drain on the team.  This would not hurt anyone, and would help the 6v6 population immensely as players who have felt under-geared would be able to step up and contribute.

  12. It's incredibly frustrating to have TAB be the button for both Flying Slam and abilities like Ice Guard and Fighting Spirit.  Primarily in PvP, the range for Flying Slam is so specific and if you can't time it perfectly (especially in higher ping settings), you end up blowing a different cooldown entirely.


    This gap closer needs to be mappable to a different button IMO.

  13. 17 hours ago, Dad said:

    Everyone's TAB is 30 seconds long there are NO CD resets on tabs! No legend skills for it no NOTHING.

    While the scenario you described definitely sounds like an exploit or cheat, there actually is at least one skill that I know about which reduces the CD of a TAB skill.  LMB for KFMs (or R in their 3RF combo) if you have it fully unlocked down the right tree will reduce the CD of Second Wind (TAB escape) by 1 second every time LMB (or R) lands.  So, while this doesn't generally reset the skill, it's fairly common to have precious seconds shaved off TAB for a KFM. 

  14. 2 hours ago, Viblo said:

    For the HM Z and HM Counter, I'm someone who stopped playing PVE and only focuses on PVP. My income is very limited because of it. Are there any ways to get the HM skills without a big income or without PVE?

    You can grind zen beans and buy PVP specific currency to purchase these HM skills from the Zen Bean trader.  It will take months of grinding to accomplish, but is doable.  You can also look for opportunities to get gold via PVP (i.e. soulstone grinding) and buy the books required off the Auction House.


    KFM is also very reliant on having access to more skill points.  You will want to get level 50 and HM5+ to have sufficient points to spread around for PvP.  It's definitely better to finish up the PvE story line to accomplish that goal.

  15. Sick idea to not tech chase sins, because hm decoy is too strong, but don´t you think you should learn how to tech chase instead of giving sins a 3rd tab escape for free? I also don´t see how c daze would be any save at all. We just decoy and then stun you unless you cancel your c with ss you can´t do anything about that either once you mistimed it.


    With Assassins, I've found that 75% of the time after an F roll to escape KD, they immediately follow with counter.  If you attack into their counter with any KFM tech chase - other than flurry - it gives them free stealth and puts you back into the rotation.  Comet Strike is the key example where this happens all the time.  If you wait for them to counter and then attempt to daze / chase, they usually activate their immediate daze ability that follows a counter (not sure what that is, but it's a sort of quick dash + daze).


    Chasing with C (Flurry) results in the assassin gaining stealth, then being knocked out of stealth, dazed with their F escape on CD.  Now they have to use one of their major escapes or eat a major damage rotation.  IMO - it's the best method of tech chasing an assassin after F roll for KFM.


    And for ss´ing x dagger, sure if you get an ss on x dagger it´s nice and all, but i don´t think you should worry too much about that specifically, but more about stalling out time in general when the sin is stealthed, or snipe him out of stealth with your 4 daze, or 3 kd, z pull or ice.


    SSing dagger is incredibly valuable against an assassin because closing the distance to stun from stealth becomes somewhat harder and much more telegraphed.  Sniping an assassin out of stealth for a KFM is a 50/50.  If you manage to hit them with their extra movement speed modifier, they have a 50% chance to evade the attack (which you know obviously).  However, you have zero chance of being able to "snipe" them from stealth if they can just insta-teleport + stun to your back.  That's why it's so valuable for a KFM.  You can't easily snipe a smart assassin moving faster than you while in stealth if they can just time the teleport and stun lock.


    Against x dagger you should also block first then ss and then block again after the iframe is gone, so you have like that bigger window where the sin can´t really do all too much. Or you go in offensively with ss into z pull is also good sometimes. Really just depends on how the match is going.


    This would be great advice except for one flaw.  Counter (block) of the dagger still results in having the dagger in your back.  IMO, that's a bug or bad design, but nonetheless it is how this works.  The assassin does have to wait 1s until your invuln wears off, but if you SS the dagger they don't get to use that teleport skill because the ability has been completely avoided.


    The 10 seconds dot removes our stealth.


    It's not a DoT.  After 10 seconds it's causes a knock-down, and yes it will remove stealth.  The tricky part is actually landing X.  That's still great advice though - if you can get X (Searing Palm) on an assassin you should.  After 10 seconds it will proc and knock them down and out of stealth.  I would also add that using TAB Flying Slam T4/S3 is incredibly effective against assassins as they will definitely keep their distance when not in stealth and use their counter making Flying Slam T4/S3 the best method of closing the gap.  It will knock them up, and completely bypasses counter.  I recommend using Meteor Slam and trying to time an Armbar (really hard to time against good players) to lock them out of defense skills including counter for 10 seconds.  Gives you a good 10 second window of opportunity if you can pull off the Armbar.



  16. Assassins are traditionally the hardest counter to a KFM.  There are some tips you can use to help mitigate them, but given equal skill, an Assassin still has a pretty significant edge over a KFM.


    1. You will want the Rising Dragon (Z) HM unlock to pull targets into a stun.  This will pull assassins out of stealth, stun them, and often force them to use their TAB escape.


    2. Make sure you're trained for Ice Guard as this can be used when blinded and also as another great way to bring Assassins out of stealth.  The freeze portion of Ice Guard will break stealth and root them.


    3. Tech chase with Flurry (C) as it will follow them into stealth and remove stealth on the 4th hit.


    4. Try to SS their shiruken.  When they throw a shiruken at you from stealth, it plants a knife in your back that allows them to teleport to your back and immediately stun you.  If you can time an SS and evade this (very hard, but doable), it will greatly improve your ability to avoid being stun locked from stealth.  This also forces them to get close to initiate a stun lock, which gives you more opportunities to pull them from stealth.


    5. Having HM counter skills are also very useful - specifically right 4 - fully unlocked in the tree.  This gives you 1s of immunity to status effects following a successful counter.  While Assassins are very difficult to counter, success in doing so will greatly help with their follow-up dazes.


    6. Assassin counters are very clear and obvious to see.  They have a wavy hand motion when they're countering.  Never immediately attack an assassin on the ground or after they F escape from a knock-down unless you know that their counter is on CD.  Most of the time (at least against the opponents I've faced) they will use counter while on the ground or immediately after an F escape, which makes it harder to tech chase.  You can tech chase with Flurry regardless of Counter because it will still daze them on the 4th hit.  You can also use Tremor (V) while they're on the ground, as it cannot be countered, if you wish to stun them.


    In the end, a skilled assassin can almost always poison and drain a KFM to death over an extended period.  Blue buff assassins tend to be easier targets for KFMs vs those using their Lotus escape thingy, and the fight usually ends sooner (one way or the other) because they're basically trying to PvE you - which can work to your advantage.  That second escape really makes it hard to lock them down!

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