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  1. My original thought was that damage shouldn't be the only deciding factor to a timer victory. No single component should be the final determining factor as to who did a better job. Damage dealt should absolutely be part of the equation, but so should remaining health and combos. I fought an LBD this weekend that just spun and played 100% defensively the entire match. 3 minute timer each time and they won due to damage done. In each case I had more HP because I was able to stop their spinning with a knock-down and a grapple. Nothing I trained would have changed the outcome. That tactic is extremely valid when damage is the only value that determines victory. Same situation happened with an assassin. They were getting into trouble because I kept interrupting their stun-lock with a sweep, grapple, and some healing. Switched back to stun and hide gameplay and let the timer run out. Nothing I can do, but my HP was 75% and theirs was more like 20%. Clearly I had the advantage, and if the timer wasn't there I would have worn them down. Very frustrating to lose when you're obviously going to win... Has anyone here ever gone to the timer with a summoner? I rarely make it out of the 1st minute against them. Either they have destroyed me by spamming multiple immunities and CCing me when I get my CC's on them, or they get blown up before the 1st minute. Not sure if that is a viable counter class to consider. The only class I have seen that has never done much self-healing during 1v1 is Assassin. Everyone else seems to have some kind of healing. BM heals very well. KFM heals if they spec grapple (which means they lose some strong skills). Dest heals with their shield out. Summ obviously has powerful heals. FM can heal pretty well (especially if you're stupid enough to hit them when they ice block). LBD might be able to heal, but mostly they just have a ton of iframes and immunities to lots of CC. I don't think the amount healed is important, but if you design a build that counters super aggressive builds, then that strategy should be just as capable of winning if the numbers show they have the advantage. It's really stupid to think that someone with 10% HP is going to beat someone sitting at 50%+ HP just because they did 20% more damage, but had zero defensive skills.
  2. allow jumpers to be targeted

    I haven't had a problem sweeping a jumping FM. Seems like it might be fixed? Sweep is a super low CC, so I would imagine that if it can hit a jumping target maybe the perception is that jumping is the problem when really it's the massive lag issues that many people are concerned about.
  3. Agree. Improve them so they spend less time in stealth, and more time engaging in actual combat.
  4. KFM vs Assassin - More Info Needed!

    No one to assist with assassins? This class drives me crazy. I just feel like ctrl+alt+deleting every time I have to face them and they are seriously over-represented in the 1v1 arena. 1/2 of my fights are vs assassins.
  5. whats the shortcut for tagging in tag match?

    tilda "`" - or that squiggly button to the left of your 1 button.
  6. Assassins and Stealth

    Are you aware of a KFM skill that removes the poison stacks? I need to reduce the assassin stealth duration from 75% of the match to more like 25% of the match. At this point, I can't figure out how to keep them from constantly getting back into stealth other than use a counter break skill when they're countering. The match usually goes with them somehow getting into stealth while I'm wind-gliding (charge into me and vanish). Then they try to lure TAB with a stun, but stay in stealth. Next they do a real stun, and kick me into the air (+ web + bomb + moth breath) while backing away slowly to vanish into stealth. Then they use a lighting blade attack while in stealth that I cannot counter, Q, or E (presumably because the moth's disable my counter) and can only SS away from. Followed by a change places stun that puts them back into stealth. While stunned they'll then stab me a few times in the kidney before using the throat slice mechanic, followed by a counter hoping to bait me into putting them back into stealth. I stopped getting baited here, but don't seem to have any method of countering any of the previous stuff and my HP is around 40-50% by this point. So, all they have to do is play defensively and they win the match. I've had so many matches with assassins end with a timer running out because they just set me up, and then keep distance / bait counters back into stealth for the rest of the match.
  7. KFM help vs Destroyer

    Just remember, I think they get .5 seconds of immunity to everything at the very start of their spin. That, or it's .5 seconds of deflect to all attacks, so just take a step back then unleash some kind of knock up/down.
  8. KFM Class Forums Broken?

    How come this one forum cannot be posted within, and there are zero posts in there? Anyone fixing this?
  9. KFM lifesteal? Reversal?

    I think KFM is a pretty nasty counter to BM. They can stun you if you use deflect/block, they can grapple you if you use deflect/block, and they can E/Q your skills very easily - and if you try to block after they do dodge an attack the button they use to stun you from E/Q dodging is the same one they use to stun you while deflect/blocking. This means you're going to get stuck in a bad situation most of the time. Either grappled or stunlocked. Be very judicious with your stun break. Recommend using it when you see them stomp the ground. Also, Z stun for KFM heals them 10% HP if they land it.
  10. KFM help vs Destroyer

    KFM has the primary crowd control that they are not immune to while spinning. Knock down/up. Use them. You can sweep them while they spin, SS + F while they spin, SS + RMB while they spin, WindWalk + LMB while they spin, TAB slam that knocks them upwards... They're very easy to control for KFM!!! Too many people ignore knock down/up because it's not the top damage skill, but when you fight spin2win - you gotta use what works. Also, if you get them in a grapple, and ground&pound them they'll have no focus left to spin when they stand up. This and BD are probably the best candidates for KFM grapple (though BD have much better grapple defense). Most everyone just leaves the ice guard skill in their setup instead, but if you drain their focus with grapple they will suffer. Especially if you E/Q their focus building attacks right after they stand up - then stun them, force a tab escape, SS and tab slam them
  11. Amount healed shouldn't matter. Total HP at the end of the round should matter. That's very different. I can heal myself a bunch of times, but if I can't even make a dent in the target's HP, what's the point? Look at the equation and consider it for balance. If I am losing to someone when my HP bar is 80%+ and theirs is less than 10% - that's not accurate. I did 90% of their HP and successfully countered them by restoring my own HP through using tactics and sacrificing other skills to support those tactics. Total Damage Done + HP Remaining + (#of combos completed * 1000). So, look at say an Assassin that has next to no healing options. They can sit in stealth, deal out lots of damage, and kick out a bunch of combos. Lets say they do 95,000 damage, have 10% HP left at the end of the match, and did oh 12 combos. That's 95,000 + 4300 + 12000 = 100500 score Their opponent, let's say it's a KFM because I know what they're capable of at least. They did 38,700 damage, had 85% of their HP left, and landed say 7 combos. That's 38,700 + 39950 + 7000 = 85650 So you see here the Assassin would clearly win the round because they did more than 2x the damage of the KFM. However, had the KFM managed avoid taking 1/3 as much damage, but still maintained the HP pool by the end while landing a few more combos they could win a technical KO. That isn't currently possible. It's just raw damage and nothing else factors into the equation. Very reminiscent of the whole "only kills matter" issue that is still a problem in modern MMO PvP where people give up utility and support to go full blown damage bots because getting kills is all that ever matter. The timer situation happens only like 10% of the time for my matches, but most of them go to BDs, Dest, and Assassins. BDs/Dest just spin around and don't even bother to engage a lot of the time after they've done substantial damage. Assassins get very picky about engaging if they aren't 100% certain they can get back into stealth. Most of my timer losses are to Assassins. I actually find BDs and Dests to be my best matchup (as KFM). Summoners and FMs never go to the timer. Rarely do they even get to the less than 1 minute mark. There's no time to be technical against those opponents. BMs are just very good at dishing out burst damage, and very easy for a KFM to setup for burst damage, so I don't experience this much against those opponents either. I've gone to timer a bunch of times when it's KFM vs KFM. We're just dancing around and counter spamming so much time just ends up disappearing. Always sad when my opponents get a win and I clearly had the advantage if the match had lasted just 30 seconds longer.
  12. Stuck in Arena after match ends

    Character was stuck in the arena with the leave button greyed out. Couldn't leave the arena. Used the Quit Game option, and the client would not close, so I killed the client forcibly. Now the character is still logged in so I can't even log back into the game. I assume I am going to have to wait for the super long AFK timeout before I can actually play again?
  13. A little guide in 1v1 Vs. Summoner.

    How many iframes does a summoner actually have because I just spend 15 seconds punching, kicking and screaming at a summoner to have them resist every single attack.
  14. Destroyer is the one class I actually feel confident against. There's a bunch of great methods to disable the destroyer. First Q/E make you invuln to their spinning pretty consistently. Secondly, there's a good video out there of Shiro showing you how to sweep and KB destroyers while they're spinning. Strategy is pretty straight-forward. Sweep them, making them use their F escape. Then SS and RMB to do the next knock-down and stand right next to them. If they don't waste their CC break, as they start to stand up use Z to stun them and make them use their CC break. Use knock-downs and knock-ups against them a lot and grapple. Slower fight, but they can't avoid those attacks while spinning. Just make sure you don't use them right away when the spin starts. There's a full immunity for a split second before they become vulnerable to being knocked down/up.
  15. Turning off other players is great, but is there not any method to disable the particle effects of other players? Running in the 24-man zone against a boss with 10mil HP that does lots of light red ground AoE buried under a pile of BM lightning storms, Summoner AoE, and FM ground AoE makes being melee a PITA. Not to mention the massive FPS drop because the performance is horrible. There are games 10+ years old that addressed this very problem of hiding particles from other players with various settings. Tell me I just didn't find the setting somewhere please!
  16. 1. Breaks Defense -- what does "defense" entail? Is this just the defense stat? 2. Disables Defense - Same situation. Are these all defense skills? I feel this term is so ambiguous in the game and have a hard time figuring out if the ability disables defense skills, or just disables the passive stat... 3. Defense Penetration - more ambiguous defense terms. How is this different than Breaking Defense?? I guess what I am wondering is what abilities are considered Defense/Parry? Is Counter a Parry? Is it a Defense? Is Blade Dancer spinning a Defense? If I train skills that "penetrate defense" will they inflict stuns on targets that are spinning and otherwise immune? -- Side note, why can't I post in the KFM class forum?
  17. Please Explain these Mechanics

    Yup, all great helpful responses. Deflect = Parry, Block & Counter = Defense. I will check out the skills of my opponents to ensure I know if they are deflect or defense skills. Last thought then - if it "penetrates deflect" that doesn't mean it will apply a status necessarily right? It just doesn't activate the deflect itself? Like KFM has Z "Rising Dragon" that can Penetrate Deflect, but I have never seen it stun a BD or Dest spinning. I am guessing it just means that it will not activate a deflection, but the spinning skill is actually giving them stun immunity despite the ability penetrating the deflect itself.
  18. I definitely anicancel as a KFM since it's really the only effective way to deal damage. Air combos and grapple damage are pretty negligible when compared to most other DPS options. The main point here is that healing and defensive play are completely detrimental if the timer does happen to run out. Some classes do this by default. I've lost to BDs and Destros who spin and are very hard to get into melee with who just stay defensive the entire match - they win because they edged me out in damage alone, but if the match were to continue past the timer they would clearly lose since the health remaining has already turned in my favor by that time. I'm definitely still feeling out the arena and taking many losses. My main concern is that a strategic playstyle is rarely rewarded when damage is the only measurement that matters.
  19. To me, the better equation to determine victory would be damage dealt / opponent's remaining HP + #of successful combos. This would punish defensive players far less. It also adds incentive to performing combos correctly.
  20. I'm not "letting" the timer run out. When facing certain opponents (like assassins), the match can take forever. In order to survive certain opponents, I play defensively. Maybe it isn't ideal in this game with anicancel 70% of someone's HP / and iframe everything else "design" to try and play more mechanically and methodically, but that isn't exactly "skill". That's more a representation of "exploiting" (not in a abusing a bug situation) a weak mechanics design. In fact, so many people who rely on anicancel end up losing to my methodical strategy because they have not factored any healing into the equation. I've been beaten down to 365 HP (less than 1%) in a match, and grabbed someone then healed back up to 15% then turned it around with smart play to win the match. The mathematically equation to determine skill in this game should not skill = damage dealt - at least in my opinion.
  21. Please Explain these Mechanics

    Ok what are the various types of... I'm trying not to use the word defense, but struggling: Defense = Counter / Block Parry = Parry? What about Deflect? If a skill says it Penetrates Deflect - is that the same as Parry? One of my abilities claims to Penetrate Deflect, but I am positive I've used it against a spinning BD/Dest and it did nothing. It didn't even inflict damage.
  22. Please Explain these Mechanics

    Ok, so BD/Destroyer spin is somehow the exception, but if I used a "break defense" skill against a BM for example - it will go through their parry/block? Or using it against a Destroyer's shield? What about assassin counters? One skill I have says it will disable defense for 6 seconds. Will that disable Assassin counter? Does it disable KFM counter? Does it have any effect on E/Q/SS?

    It would make more sense if the cat was not the one performing the CCs, but the summoner. The real issue is that summoner is the only class that can apply a CC while they are locked into a CC without having to use one of their escapes first. The cat can be the one performing the CC - it just should be blocked from doing so while the summoner is controlled. Summoner DPS is high enough - they don't need to be so well protected from crowd control.
  24. Please Explain these Mechanics

    1. Breaks Defense -- what does "defense" entail? Is this just the defense stat? 2. Disables Defense - Same situation. Are these all defense skills? I feel this term is so ambiguous in the game and have a hard time figuring out if the ability disables defense skills, or just disables the passive stat... 3. Defense Penetration - more ambiguous defense terms. How is this different than Breaking Defense?? I guess what I am wondering is what abilities are considered Defense/Parry? Is Counter a Parry? Is it a Defense? Is Blade Dancer spinning a Defense? If I train skills that "penetrate defense" will they inflict stuns on targets that are spinning and otherwise immune?
  25. Please Explain these Mechanics

    Danke. I clicked the wrong forum.