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  1. Deflect Bug?

    I question your logic, so resorting to name-calling is genius. And yes, I believe you play a blade dancer... Either way, the question remains. Why does Counter inflict a Daze when you're supposed to be buffed for 2 seconds after successfully countering. No where does it say that dealing the damage applies the buff. Not to mention, if I Counter while a blade dancer is resistant to all attacks, I still get buffed by the Counter even though it did not damage. Similar to how when I counter an Assassin in stealth, it doesn't remove their stealth, but it gives me all the buffs from Countering. In fact, if I successfully Counter an Assassin using their sneak attack, I don't get dazed or stunned! Amazing! Yet somehow, countering a Blade Dancer or Destroyer's spin causes me to get dazed or stunned. Broken? Sounds broken.
  2. Deflect Bug?

    This is not a whining thread. This is a bug inquiry. You have no clue what you're talking about. No, I'm sorry I can't Q/E and triple kick them when they spin spam because they are immune to stun. I especially can't Q/E them after trying to counter because 90% of the time it lands a deflect for no reason at all except that the game is bugged. You are the one trolling a perfectly reasonable thread asking a question about why the mechanics of the game - which are clearly spelled out - do not seem to be working. I'm guessing you're a blade dancer and really don't like when people question how the class operates because frankly the ability to deflect into a daze passive / defensive abilities is 100% broken. Argue with me all day long. No one who actually reads the abilities is going to agree that it makes sense to allow Counter, Block, Parry or any other defensive skill to trigger daze. Especially when the ability in question makes you resist daze to begin with. Also, this isn't just about blade dancers. This happens against Destroyers as well. They're not nearly as annoying because they don't immediately get to Air Combo you for 20% of your HP after it happens, but it a deflect daze after a defensive counter - especially when the skill specifically gives you a buff to protect against being dazed - sounds like a bug. Now quit whining about people identifying broken mechanics in a game that definitely has a bunch of them. You whiny whiner!
  3. Deflect Bug?

    Do you have a clue what you're talking about, or did you just ignorantly reply to the thread without actually reading anything... I'm using the first branch. Counters a frontal attack for 1 sec Deals 18 ~ 21 [1.50] damage on Counter Generates 3 Focus on Counter Increases Defense by 100% for 8 sec on Counter User is resistant to Stun, Daze for 2 sec on Counter Decreases the cooldown of Searing Palm by 1 sec on Counter Now, why does this ability generate a deflect when it does absolutely nothing until the swords or axe spinning into it causes it to reflect damage? The 2 second resist to Daze should automatically kick in. It's extremely buggy. Also, how the hell is tree's 2 and 3 offensive? The stun is REACTIVE. Once again - it doesn't activate until you actually counter an attack. And the 3rd tree adds threat to the counter. Why is this so hard to grasp? If you're using elbow smash, that isn't counter. It's not the same ability. It has a new name, new icon, and it actually attacks.
  4. Deflect Bug?

    Correct. The Counter ability does not do damage to anyone unless they attack into the counter. Therefore - order of operations is 1. They Spin 2. I counter 3. They attack INTO coutner 4. My counter reflect damage 5. I should gain 2s resist to Daze and Stun 6. I get dazed anyway... Very dumb! If you use elbow smash, it turns counter into a damage attack, so I can see how the order changes in that scenario. I'm not talking about elbow smash though. Just straight up counter.
  5. Deflect Bug?

    The counter can't be deflected. Deflection only occurs on attacks, and the counter does attack after it successfully counters.
  6. Bots in the Arena farming beans and buying soulstone bags. If you setup 100 bots to farm beans, and you fight each other and real players, you can easily earn 30 soulstone pouches every couple hours, sell them for bottom dollar, and repeat the process for 24 hours. Bots don't have to take a break, so they can farm hundreds of soulstones per day. Then everyone plays the under-cutting game instead of matching prices, so the supply is saturated and the demand (while still high) doesn't have to pay "normal" prices.
  7. Free Plat From Destroyer bots.

    Are you sure it's the players the bots are gaining rank against? Are you sure it's not just bots fighting other bots? In any arena match, someone has to win. At this time, I would wager that Bot vs Bot fights are probably 20% of the fights happening right now! In off-peak hours, they're probably the majority of the opponents (though the game is global enough that there are probably very few lows). It's not hard to get rank right now, because of the bots. That goes for the bots themselves.
  8. Plz. Remove open pvp!

    You can earn gold in PvE and buy soulstones to help your progression. PvP to level is stupid because you do not have access to necessary skills. That's a completely different issue. PvE players have access to their skills, they have access to the soulstones. They don't need to PvP to get soulstones. Until they boost the XP gains in PvP, there's no comparison. It would probably take a year to level from 15-45HM5 in PvP alone, but it will take someone 1 day to farm the gold they need to buy soulstones for PvE progression. Maaaaybe 2 days.
  9. Plz. Remove open pvp!

    I know someone who buys every scrap of PvE shit you can buy by selling Soulstones earned from PvP -- ME! Screw PvE. I don't want to grind the same *cricket*ing content every day for months. Unfortunately, I was forced to grind 3 weeks of PvE content just to get to level, and now I am finding that PvP does not earn enough XP to get Hongmoon levels - so I will have no choice, but to grind the stupid Hongmoon levels so I will have the necessary skills to compete. Buy your soulstones, and be happy you actually get a choice in the matter.
  10. Plz. Remove open pvp!

    GO FARM GOLD IN PVE AND BUY THEM!!! This *cricket*ed up logic drives me absolutely crazy, and I have had to shut down another idiot player with undeniable logic. If you do not want to PvP - DON'T! Go farm you *cricket* gold from *cricket* PvE quests, and buy the *cricket* soulstones. NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO PVP! Guess what, players absolutely 100% are forced to PvE. You MUST grind PvE just be be competitive in PvP because you cannot join Arenas at level 1, have the skills to compete, and earn experience. Therefore, you have to do dumb PvE stuff until you have sufficient skills to PvP competitively. However, if you want soulstones THEN YOU CAN BUY THEM. You don't EVER have to PvP. Not a single time in the entire game do you EVER have to PvP. You can farm 20G a DAY with JUST PVE!!!! Soulstones sell for 30-35silver! STOP WHINING AND BUY YOUR SHIT!
  11. 3X vs 3RF?

    With the introduction of Destroyer bots that are insanely easy to lock down in the Arena, would 3X kill them faster than 3RF? Or is losing that extra stun from Searing Palm going to cut down your up-time too much? I'm also considering using this against Summoners as they are great burn targets.
  12. Plz. Remove open pvp!

    It sounds like it would be faster for you to farm gold in PvE and buy soulstones. Good news! They're much cheaper now that bots are farming the arena!
  13. Need DPS meter in the game.

    Is there any way to see what your personal DPS is currently? I'd enjoy this tool for the simple ability to test, min/max, and improve my personal performance. It has nothing to do with other players or classes. I just like to test mechanics and build my character to succeed.
  14. I'm not being stubborn, I'm pointing out a flaw in the generic description. You can't make blanket statements like: This gives most people the false impression that skills, which deal damage... over time (i.e. bleeds, poisons, and other various abilities that deal damage, multiple times, over a specified period of time or damage over time) without specifying actual abilities. To me this is misinformation. It creates the impression that something is broken. The idea that a bleed is a status effect similar to how poison is a status effect makes little difference. It's still doing damage. Why doesn't that damage break stealth? Explain how damage "ticking" from a status effect is somehow different from some other form of damage? Does the bleed or poison status effect somehow negate the fact that a stealthed target is being damaged? This makes no sense...
  15. So based on this statement - Bleeds are Damage over Time (causes both dot = damage over time). This means DoT abilities do not bring assassins out of stealth consistently. I don't think your "advice" is accurate and you should provide specific skill names that actually do remove stealth from assassins, as I have yet to see any damage over time bring them out of stealth. That includes watching poison DoTs from other assassins tick on stealthed assassins in 3v3s, and it not remove stealth. You can remove them from stealth if you can win the coin toss (50% evade in stealth) by using an AoE attack or CC when they are close enough.
  16. You and I have a fundamental different definition for "damage over time". To me, it's something that does damage over time. Like a bleed, which deals damage... over time. What the hell do you consider "damage over time"????
  17. This is false. I put KFM bleed on Assassins all the time, and you can see the white numbers tick over their stealthed position. They are not removed from stealth... It's bleeding them, they're taking like 29-40 damage a tick, but they never get removed from stealth by this DoT...
  18. Junghado Gear Check

    It was a lot easier since I didn't have to bother avoiding a lot of his mechanics. Just stood there and pounded on him. I kept searing palm up, but clearly didn't have Fighting Spirit, though. In the end it didn't matter too much. The only time I did an air combo was during the ice flower animation. Just SS + Smite and then did some damage in the air to avoid the ice flowers. After that, I just stood there and pounded his face in while he did his three quick cuts. Paused and grappled him when he goes into assassin counter mode. Before the grapple ends start spamming Q or E so you can avoid his stun + quick draw damage. Which unlocks a triple kick and some more DPS. Makes the fight a lot easier when you aren't dancing around trying to get in the damage and avoid taking hits.
  19. Aside from the fact that it tends to put the target off in some weird spot, I can never get it to activate unless my target stands still for a second so I can get the damn ability to be "active". It feels like all the other gap closing abilities are super reliable. Destro's, BDs, Sins and BMs can easily get their gap closer mechanics off before I can land a flying slam. Not to mention they call just grab us while we're in mid-air negating the ability completely. Also, the window of opportunity is so small that it often wastes other abilities tied to TAB - like Fighting Spirit or Ice guard...
  20. Yeah, that's tougher then because they can just pop a counter while you spin and get free stealth. The main thing to look for that increases the % of time an assassin spends in stealth is their wavy hand motion. If you spin into, or jump at them while they do this move it's a counter and will put them into stealth. Additionally, they can use counter while knocked down that will pop them into stealth. If you don't spin, you'll spend a great deal of time stunned, but if you do spin you'll activate their counters easily, so it's a catch 22 for destroyers. Fortunately, you can knock them out of stealth somewhat easier than many classes because they won't be able to stun you as easily.
  21. KFM replacing Summoner as FOTM

    I'm just trolling you, bro. Assassin is not the hardest class to play. The only people who claim it's hard are the people who don't have patience. That is the only "skill" you need as an Assassin. The skill to not get anxious and jump immediately into combat. Bad / anxious assassins are easy to beat, even for a KFM.
  22. Its hard to suggest anything without knowing what class you're playing.
  23. KFM replacing Summoner as FOTM

    Comments like these make you sound like a troll. Read my post again. I explicitly stated that F "hits the hardest" in the combination. The fact that you will land more 3s in the time your opponent is stunned (if done right) is why 3 (Shin Kick) will end up dealing more damage overall. If you're missing the opportunity to land a triple kick stun in PvP arena after dodging with Q/E by using F (Cyclone Kick) - you're doing it wrong.
  24. KFM replacing Summoner as FOTM

    Sorry, keep calling it spin kick from a different game. I mean triple kick. Triple kick is the one that is used after Q/E or against someone countering. Rising Dragon is Z and is the "spinning animation" stun that is just a 1-button 3m range AoE stun on a longish CD. Shin Kick is only usable on a stunned or dazed target. It is the primary damage dealer in 3RF (it's the 3) because it lands more than R or F and hits harder than R. R is obviously "auto-attack" straight punch, and F is Cyclone Kick that costs focus and is the animation being canceled (also the highest hitting part of the 3RF anicancel combo). You can't shin kick anything after a Counter. You need to stun/daze them. If you use Iron Shoulder then you'll only really manage to get in one 3RF before the daze wears off since the target is knocked away from range and you have to spend time re-positioning. Assassin is the best counter to KFM for one reason only - the fact that KFM is primarily "reaction based" combat. If you have no target to activate skills against, you can't use a great deal of your combat system. The fact that Q/E don't work against a stealthed target is the primary reason KFM struggles vs. Assassins. We can still use Counter and SS, but the timing doesn't match up because the animations are concealed - which is why I stated that KFM require great situational awareness. They have to react to their opponent. Most KFM fights require you to wait and exploit an opening. The primary exception to that rule is against summoners. We're probably the strongest counter to summoners because their pet allows us to easily activate our reactive skills. Counter + Avenging Fist to easily close gaps. Q / E to easily stun the target. The fact that if you time Q or E against a pet's spinning attack you can get 3 stacks of agility is hilarious.