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  1. Increasing Attack Power Question

    It sounds like you might not be managing your money very well. Are you selling your gold for nCoin, or buying fluff items as a priority? By level 45 it should have been almost impossible (from quests alone) to not have enough gold for the moonstones and to upgrade to profane weapons. One tip is to not bid on items that drop in instances unless they are required for your progress. You can also waste a lot of gold early on by spending 20s here and 20s there on soul shield drops from instances.
  2. Unfortunately there are 2 flaws with this suggestion: 1. It gates PvP by further requiring PvE. No one wants this. No strong PvP players are going to agree that gating their primary content with PvE gates is a good idea or supportable. There are a small minority of players leveling up via the arena, and that's the only content they want to play. 2. There are very probably questing bots. Believe it or not, that's one of the easiest ways to level a character to 45-50 is by doing the story quest chains. I would not be surprised if someone has recorded a story quest macro and runs new accounts through the macro to achieve max level the fastest way possible.
  3. So, I have never successfully evaded an engage attack from any class using this tactic, but there are guides that suggest a strategy to avoid being stunned/dazed on the opening of a duel in the Arena is to spam E or Q. This, supposedly, will allow you to dodge just before the attack lands. Which classes would this work against? Obviously has to be melee - KFM, BM, BD, Dest, or Assassin, and their engage mechanic has to put them within 3m melee range. So, I'm thinking BD and KFM (as long as they don't use flying leap?). Would it work on Dest? BM has a charge and a pull option for opening, so it might be hard to predict. Assassin would not work because if they engage with anything it's to go into stealth. Has anyone experienced any degree of success with this tactic? I've struggled recently to avoid being immediately disabled at the start of a fight resulting in 20-50% of my HP lost unless I chose to TAB at that point. This is very frustrating, especially when BDs can do ~20% of your HP in a single air combo and KFMs (which is also my class) will horribly punish you if they land the C+4 combo opener and you fail to TAB. Hoping to find some good strategies to reduce the frequency this occurs. Most of the time I will take flight and try gliding around, then try to sweep them out of the air. That fails more often than not, and I am stuck on the ground in combat waiting for them to time their engage tactic, so I need to figure out a good way to avoid starting the fight with a handicap. Also - which engage mechanics can you counter? Seems like BM and BD goes right through counter, but I noticed you can counter flurry and swooping crane (both KFM engages).
  4. Convince me to main KFM

    Train 3 points into E/Q, get Fighting Spirit, learn 2RF combo and wreck entire groups in PvE easily. You really have to train yourself to capitalize on E/Q and SS more than you're used to do with your warlock. You can basically stand toe-to-toe with anything as long as you're good at timing those specific abilities. Be ready to ani-cancel with Counter and learn the different uses for Iron Shoulder (either to daze, or to DPS). For DPS, KFM is not going to be the top dawg. It's not going to be horrible or dead last, but you can be a useful tank and contribute some very good DPS in PVE. Just need to learn how Searing Palm (X) works and the nuances of the class. I find the tricky part of KFM is that you will need to equip yourself with the skills to activate Searing Palm, get 4 stacks, and then use Leading Palm before the buff wears off so you can do some massive damage. At the end of the day you need to just level it up and figure out the combos. You shouldn't need to equip 10k gold worth of items just to decide if you enjoy the playstyle and if it offer sufficient role / utility for your preferences. I doubt anyone is actually interested in trying to convince you to play the KFM. This game is a lot less min-max, and more about playing what you enjoy most.
  5. NCoin - waiting for 2 and half days now

    Having the same issue: Request #5679714
  6. WTF is with all Blade Dancers !!!

    I will agree though, probably 50% of the opponents I've faced in the past two days after the season reset have been blade dancers. Granted, it seems to pair me against the same opponent (player) like 2 sometimes 3 times in a row, but would like to see more variety. My match ups for the start of the season have been like: 50% BDs 15% BMs 15% KFMs 10% Summ 5% SINs 3% Desto 1% WL 1% FM I am pretty thankful that I haven't been matched against so many assassins, but BD fights take FOREVER. They are the stall masters of the BNS universe, so the fight always goes into the last minute just waiting for them to finish their dumb invuln rotations.
  7. Expection of range/melee cls

    As a KFM, you kind of want to tank the boss. It helps you in a lot of ways. It keeps them stationary or where you want them to be, so you can get more hits in. It allows you to use counter to get more iFrames. It allows you to use your E/Q for more iFrames and other attack follow-ups. It gives you more CC options to tag CC with other players because the boss is swinging at you procing your defensive abilities. In the end, the KFM tanking is better for the KFM usually (and for the team). Of course, it's not easier. I guess if you want it to be easy, then you probably won't want to tank.
  8. Speed Destroyers - what to do?

    Ground counter also works well (usually #2) for when they knock you down and start to ani-cancel burn you. At the very least you'll stand up and be able to use a skill, at the very best it will also knock them over.
  9. Stun escape

    One tip here is to know what each class does to stun-lock / control, and to watch for the right moment to use your stun escape based on critical moments in that sequence. Every class has a TAB stun escape (though there are some that use a different button or multiple buttons) on a 36s CD. Once you use it, the opponent has a lot of time to exploit that opening to lock you down and finish you off. Most players try to draw this escape out early, and the newer PVP folks who aren't familiar with other classes will "waste" their escape very early on. After you escape from a stun, you will often want to use an "iFrame" (invulnerability) to avoid being hit by another stun. In the situation against a KFM, you have describe a weakness that Warlocks face is that you will often fall into the "trap" of using the ability that lets you block frontal attacks. KFM has a skill that will stun anyone who is blocking / parrying (triple kick). So knowing that your opponent has this ability, it is much safer to do something to control the KFM instead of trying to block their next attack. Most of the time winning is about messing up the opponent's timing / plan. This means knowing the normal attack patterns, and what abilities they have to counter your abilities. I would check out some videos to get tips.
  10. It only took them seconds to lose. That's not really a big issue to me as a primary PVP player. If the match ends in under a minute and I did zero damage, I wouldn't really feel like I deserve any meaningful XP anyway.
  11. I agree that the rewards are way too low, and they could easily moderate it by setting a minimum damage threshhold (like deal 20k to 30k damage total for the whole match consisting of 2 or 3 rounds) to deter AFKing for XP. Of course, some matches you just get super unlucky and deal no damage during the match, but at least those usually end really fast (unless it's someone using super effective stall tactics) which would net the old crappy XP, but you won't have wasted a serious amount of time.
  12. HM skills Logic

    Why would you need to win 228 matches per day in diamond? I earn can earn 4k Zen Beans in less than 2 hours at Plat ranking. Since I don't farm PVE, I just do a quick Mushin's tower and now I have an excess of 2k Zen Beans at the end of the casual evening playing BNS. If I had the time most Arena heroes have, earning 10k Zen Beans in a single day would be easy --- especially if I didn't have to split my time between doing PVE chores and playing in the Arena. At the end of the day, having the option to buy your certificates with PVP earnings would be greater than not having the option at all. If they gave a quest to say win 3 matches in a row (both 3v3 and 1v1) then you could earn a certificate that way, I'd be down with that option also. 3 wins isn't a lot, but for your average casual player that could be a challenge to accomplish - especially in the higher tiers, and it would not be easy for PvE-centered players (similar to how running dungeons with gear checks is not always easy for PVP players).
  13. 30 Second CC Is WAY Too Long In PvP

    The 30s CC is a "sleep" mechanic. This means that if the target takes a single point of damage, the CC ends. For summoners, they can bypass this mechanic very easily. If the player sleeps the summoner, then I believe they can use the swap to swap with their cat and this will wake them. If the player sleeps the cat, then the summoner need only to go stand on top of their pet and it will get hit and wake up. Another thing to note about the sleep mechanic is that targets in sleep state will heal like 5 or 10% of their HP every few seconds until they are at 100% HP or get woken up. Therefore, this is rarely used as a long-term CC in PvP and only works on less knowledgeable players in the arena.
  14. They didn't implement it because it can be exploited and abused. Unfortunately you get problems with both situations. Without the vote kick, you have to deal with bots and AFKs. With vote kick you have to deal with griefers and scammers. The best option is to locate a group of like-minded players, group with them, and do content together.
  15. HM skills Logic

    You have terrible reading comprehension. I'll break it down like you're a 5 year old. Right now in game - Soulstone Pouches cost.... 2000 Zen Beans and 1 Certificate! Suggestion - Allow that 1 Certificate to be purchased with Zen Beans! Now you can do the following: 1. Run an instance in PvE and earn a Certificate. 2. Grind PVP arena and buy a Certificate. Are you understanding yet? The price did not change. The price for the pouches is 100% exactly the same. What I am suggesting is providing PVP ONLY PLAYERS a means of obtaining said certificate without having to do PVE. Not removing it from PVE. Just making it available from one other option. My second suggestion was specifically noted as being the worst option of the two. It does not punish PVP ONLY PLAYERS because they already have more Zen Beans than they can spend in a single day. Some PvP arena heroes have 80000 (no joke) Zen Beans, and nothing worth buying. It would punish PVE players who only do arena for zen beans so they can spend their certificates on soulstone pouches. But I will go ahead and amend my suggestion to state that the absolute 100% best solution is to grant all levels and HM skills to players while in the arena. Then they could eliminate the whole grind entirely. If this game is going to move to being a e-sport, they can't have players gaining advantages (HM skills / skill points) because they spent more time doing dungeons or paid real $$ for gold so they could buy the skills from other players in-game.
  16. HM skills Logic

    I think you're mistaking my suggestions somehow. What I suggested was that they allow players to buy a certificate for zen beans. That doesn't remove the ability to earn them through PVE. You would no longer be required to do PVE to get certificates, and can just continue to grind arena. The other suggestion of removing the certificate requirement was what I specifically stated was the worse option, but better than requiring every PvP player to do PVE.
  17. KFM - What Does Elbow Strike Do?

    It's useful vs. opponents that can turn "defense" skills into an advantage. Like summoner cats can tackle someone who is using counter. Using elbow strike instead will eliminate that option. I rarely use this skill - can you cast it and get it to counter without successfully landing the damage portion? Do you need a target? Need more info on the mechanics because it seems like it would be less useful more often than not if my assumptions are correct.
  18. HM skills Logic

    It still forces PvP players to go out and do PvE for no reason. There's no way to make money in the arena except by getting soulstone pouches. PVE players can earn their progression without ever stepping into the arena. They can buy everything they want with gold earned in PVE. They may even be able to buy the hongmoon skill from PvP with the achievement vendor (not actually sure), but the skill it provides has less value in PvE regardless while the skills found in PVE are incredibly powerful for PvP. The only way to obtain these incredibly powerful skills is to grind PVE or get gold. Getting gold means selling soulstones. Selling soulstones means grinding PVE (even if you only have to get that one certificate). At the end of the day, it's just a broken system to require PVE to be involved at all.
  19. HM skills Logic

    This would only be a solution if the certificate was removed from the price of the pouch entirely, and also the doubling the cost makes zero sense. You would never buy the platinum bags then. 30 for Gold = 2000 40 for Plat = 4000 50 for Diamond = 8000 People would just buy Gold pouches forever. No reason to ever buy the higher priced bags since you get way more bang for your buck at the Gold pricing. This idea is very flawed. The soulstone market is how PVP players earn gold. They don't want to farm instances. That's the entire point of this thread. Grinding instances is not PVP, and meaningless to Arena players. It isn't currently optional because in order for you to make $$ in game, you have to get certificates at the very least, which means you have to grind instances since they are the only method of obtaining certificates. Normally gold in game would mean nothing to a PVP player, but unfortunately you have to obtain skills that require you to either grind PVE or pay gold. There are 2 solutions. Best solution - Make certificates available in the Zen Bean shop for 2000 beans. Another option - Increase the price of the soulstone pouches to 4000 zen beans, and remove the certificate from the price. This option is worse because it punishes PVE players who do their daily quests for the soul stone reward, but aren't looking to spend significant time in the arena.
  20. HM skills Logic

    I don't play any variety of classes, but I can tell you that 5SP makes a huge difference for me on my KFM. I imagine there are some classes that don't rely on having variety in their builds, but that 5SP would give me the ability to use many more skills that have very niche and useful value in PvP arena. I'm in the low 2000s as KFM currently, with only level 47 HM2, but I suffer greatly when I have limited skill availability against good players, and it shows up often. Don't enjoy the grind much, but I love the arena. Unfortunately, I have to spend painful hours of PvE grinding to get the skills I need to be competitive. The 1 (counter) HM book that requires PvE makes a massive difference in PvP. The HM skill you get for Z (rising dragon) - yet to be released, but soon - will be a significant improvement to the ability! These things require a lot of time and energy and PvE focus to obtain, and they make a very large difference (plus you need 2SP just to train the HM skills, which is why you need so many SP!!). Not sure what your experience has been, but if you want to be competitive in this game, you will be required to PvE for leveling and at the very least spend a few hundred $$ to buy the gold so you can buy your skill books.
  21. HM skills Logic

    This would be fine if you could simply purchase the soulstone pouches with zen beans only. Unfortunately, they require a dragon certificate which can only be obtained via PvE. Therefore, PvP arena players who focus 100% of their effort on PvP can not obtain gold since nothing sold with Zen Beans can be sold to other players. The only solution for PvP-focused players is to spend $$ to buy gold, so they can then in turn buy the HM books from the AH. Now that dragon certificates have been moved to the higher-end instances, it also requires you to advance your character sufficiently to "qualify" to enter the instance. Even if you had people willing to do the instance for you (AFK like so many PvE people do in arena), then you'd still have to meet the minimum instance requirements. Some of which require you to complete a quest chain just to enter the zone. As a veteran MMO player, I'm fine with sucking up the PvE aspect and doing my quests to get there, but it does represent a clear flaw in the PvP design. Arena players should be able to zone into the arena lobby, get max skills and all HM levels + abilities unlocked, then they can just play Arena all day long and spend their $$ on cosmetics.
  22. Mostly true! Unfortunately the leveling speed of just doing PvP is about 80x slower than following PvE quests and in order to follow the PvE quests you have to have upgraded gear to some extent. Also, if you want to unlock HM abilities, you will be required to complete PvE objectives (dungeons) that require substantially better gear, or earn lots and lots of gold to buy skill books - and in order to make gold you will be forced to do PvE so you can sell soulstones (though you can always just pay real $$ for the gold to buy your skills I suppose!). Either way, PvP players are either going to be handicapped (fewer skills, slower level progression) for PvP if they don't participate in a modest amount of PvE content and upgrade their gear sufficiently to participate in PvE.
  23. Well, except that PvP players can't buy certs with gold or their primary form of currency (zen beans). Which means, unlike PvE players, they actually are required to PvE.
  24. Jump exploit abuse

    You're clueless. Only thing worth saying to you at this point - git gud.
  25. Certificates

    They should sell the certificates for beans for arena heros. What else can you sell that you can buy with beans? Classic example of how PvP players still have to be geared properly for PvE when they are spending 90% of their time in the arena. Not a good design.