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  1. Apperantly Falling Start should hit 3 times, but the 4th hit only hit once. It's not breaking the game, but it still sad, Please fix it :)
  2. Ok, my gear https://imgur.com/a/SLm10B6 Skill order in that specific video: Blade Call active (V) - RMB (honned slash) - LMB(bleeding edge) - repeat until cooldown is off from Lunar Slash (tab) and used Lunar Slash. It alaways happens if you want to refresh the bracelet effect when its around 0.5 sec or less to expire.
  3. I can provide more of these in action while doing dungeons and such if its required.
  4. My friends was able to reproduce this as well. They noticed on they own without me pointing it out, so this bug definetly exsists. Here is a short video about it. It can happen any time basicly if any other skill is active. At the start of the fight it never happens.
  5. Everybody who is saying bnsbuddy is totaly safe and not bannable reason, here is a quote from a support letter for you: "* Use of VPN's/Proxies * Use of 3rd party programs such as BnS Buddy * Account sharing We do not condone the use or activity of any of the above, and they can result in permanent closure of your account.
  6. i bet its MSP when turle doing the AOE. Just turn off reflext context guide and your problem is solved.
  7. There is a chance that starbreaker bracelet does not active on lunar slash. It's not too often, but it does happen, and its quite noticable.
  8. Apperantly if you delete a screenshot and you confirm it with Y very fast, the game will inmedietly crash.
  9. Truly pay to win event? I've been playing this game for 3 years, and finaly can enjoy some content that only my main character can do. i hate the fact that everything is douable on alts. You litelary cant live without them, because farming on your main character doesn't worth anything. Let the old players who farmed a lot and the "p2w" players enjoy something finally. They always got f*ked by the events, because its worthless for them. And yes, i did not read all what you wrote, because you are just angry for something, that you should not. I can totaly understand, because i hate t
  10. Excuse us, but could you tell how is it supposed to be a long-term upgarde if after the 1st tier its basicly useless to upgarde? You making a bad item expensive for nothing. If it would give a huge boost like soul, then maybe community could accept it. But at this state, its just an expensive almost useless piece for our new item slot.
  11. Just keep thinking that we dont need f2p players..... :'). You just confirmed the avarage IQ if the pay to win players, thanks a lot.
  12. I didnt judge you. But based what are you saying you might acatully not even playing the game or you have a small group of players to play every day with. It seems you are blinded by that hows the community works. Try to make a new character and gear it up without sending anything from your main char or using f10. You would delete the game sooner than reach a point where you can start going to "end game" content. About the cost of the servers. Other games like Warframe purely keeps evolving from the money that they get from COSMETICS items only, but lets put that aside.
  13. If you are playing since that long you should know it already how it works.... they will never change it. You have that much money to spend on the game, 64 gem powder is really not much..... Also understand that they have to reduce old prices to help the new players. You should know how bad is the community in F8. Low gear they wont even take you, you cant do anything in the game. By giving compenstaion they already gifting free stuff to the players. If they would just refound the cost of everything every time they change it, then that would make every item in the game cheap. They already giv
  14. @lkx if we go with your logic, then give back the weapon matterials that we used for older upgades, baleful used to be as expensive as grand celestial now. Ncwest made a huge mistake, they gave the community compensation for gems in the past and now pay to win people crying if they getting in a bad situation. You should be happy that you at least got something back.
  15. People have real life unlike you, please consider that.
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