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  1. I needed only 5 more points till costume.. :/ tnx ncsoft for ruining game experiance and false 2days more deadline... You can't trust a liar.
  2. Interesting question... But I don't know.
  3. Solved this. When you teleport to other zone and you get loading screen just press ALT+ENTER. then it will work in full screen.
  4. Same here. i get after 5sec fps stutters.. omg this game i cant play now anymore im so mad. and you know what??? my friend that have OLDER laptop with OLD OLD OLD graphic card AT SAME SETTINGS PLAYS NO LAG. WTF?????????????? fix asap or you will lose ALOT of players.
  5. SAME PROBLEM HERE. cursor goes off to left screen even when not pressing ALT. Maybe you found a fix?:/
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