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  1. Key Mapping Feature request

    This game is crap for keybinding especially if you're a lefty. Can't bind Return, '/' and can't move ESC or Shift to another bind, for what reason I really don't know. And those last two really suck because it makes you have to shift your hand position to be closer to shift to be able to sprint. It sucks and I think it's just lazy design. Nearly every other game I play I use the exact same keybinds (it helps you get into a game quicker) as eachother but for some reason certain buttons are locked.
  2. Sneak attack option

    Crotch?! I know this is an adult game but we can't be attacking ppl with our crotches, from behind or not, surprise bumsecs is no laughing matter! :|
  3. Regarding outfits in shop

    At the moment I don't think that applies and I can relate to what the OP is saying. Most of the costumes (yeah IMO) look feminine, don't fit the game atmosphere or just look plain bad. Like what is with the super-massive metal knee pads or ridiculously puffed out trousers? lol. Also I've made a muscular male (not maxed though, roughly about 3/4 on the scale bars) and I've give him (not overly) muscular legs, which seems to directly affect the puffy-ness of pants to the point were they look stupid. I'd really love this to be fixed. If I changed my character to have skinny legs then he'd have normal puffed out pants (on some costumes) but then his legs would look too skinny on any of the costumes with tight trousers (missed leg day? lol) (The leg size also affects the size of the metal knee caps). Please ask about fixing the leg scaling to puffy pants scaling pleeeeease :)
  4. Warlock Jin Costume Available...

    I don't mind a little bit of that (got used to it in other games like Guild Wars 2 and Dragon's prophet EU) because it can be explained away as being 'magic' lol. I just find it very strange and jarring when it's taken as far as Tera does with its police uniforms and police car mounts :/
  5. Bot solution thesis

    I think banning the buyers could really work. It would also help to have loading screens and in-game messages (somehow) to let players know that if they are caught buying gold from a goldseller then their account could be banned. That way, the message gets out there and it could scare off some people from thinking about it before even trying it.
  6. Warlock Jin Costume Available...

    lol, they're modern tech, I just prefer my character to look like he's from ancient asia, and I don't remember headphones from my history lessons :P I know it's a thing in asian games (Tera is terrible for it), but I don't go for it. TBH though I don't know a lot about this games story. I started watching the B&S anime and it had modern day assault rifles in it 8o
  7. Warlock Jin Costume Available...

    I've changed my mind, I don't want this costume because of those silly gold headphones.
  8. Warlock Jin Costume Available...

    That's racist 8| :P
  9. Warlock Jin Costume Available...

    And not a single wizards sleeve in sight. Really would like this costume for my male jin though
  10. Warlock Jin Costume Available...

    I hope you don't have to level (rush) to 45 to get it. I play this game for the story and I'm only lvl 25ish, and I really don't want to rush through the story (as I'm enjoying it) to get a nice costume.
  11. EU/NA Outfit to both regions

    TBH I would prefer it just to be given to us. There's still weeks of this Daily Dash left to run and it seems they weren't planning on putting it in the next DD (by them asking for feedback) so if it was added to DD it could be many months away. I think the US outfit looks really nice and it's better than anything in the shop ATM IMO.
  12. There was a thread months ago on another mmo forum and they were talking about bots and how capcha codes can easily be overcome by botting. I can't remember the info they talked about but they said it wouldn't stop them as they see the code (matrix styley lol not) and don't have to even worry about the picture. They seemed to be in the know about it and nobody pulled them up about it. I just wish I could remember what else they had said about captcha's. The main consensus seemed to be that only in game GM's could slow the numbers down. But that would mean the company having to spend money employing them. I learned some stuff reading them threads and have since seen it in action, like how they can literally make dozens in an hour. On one game I played there was a 'train' of bots continually being created and moving from one quest to another, thats why people talk about only slowing them down, as I'm not sure you can actually stop them. One game I have played which doesn't have a bot problem is Dragons Prophet (EU), all they seemed to implement was a system were microphone inventory items were needed to chat on the main global chat channel (regional doesn't require items.) It's not the best way (or even a good way) but it does work. It's a great game just a shame they're having some trouble ATM.
  13. Although I can't see your screenshot I know what you're talking about, it has happened to me. Because of the trouble with people ninja'ing loot I've tried to host the party myself and while the first few times I kept getting people popping into my team (and leaving if you didn't start it straight away!) also the LFG box on the top left was continually getting updated with mine and other peoples message, the last few times hardly anyone has jumped into my team and also the LFG box has been nearly empty with only one other team. I do think something might have changed because these latest times were primetime but seemed empty.
  14. Bots destroying chat now

    I already posted about this topic this afternoon.
  15. Well sometimes even if you scroll to the top nothing else appears, but sometimes you will see a name that can be clicked if you're quick enough. I can't try the font resizing thing because I've managed to block them. My advice to anyone with this problem is to keep scrolling up and one of the messages they send seems to include a name similar to the server name.