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  1. If they want to waste their time quitting games to lose rank and get easier opponents, wouldn't feed the opponents points and losing the game itself be better? You'd get some bp and exp not to mention it's probably faster then disconnecting and relogging in.
  2. They plan to make it so leavers will still lose rank now so have fun losing rank you scumbag 6v6 boosters
  3. They actually mentioned this yesterday on live stream. They do intend to on wednesday lower the yeti bosses hp to make the clear rate more successful as it wasn't as high as they wanted. So yes we won't have the "inflated" hp for long
  4. the tooltip is really just stupidly written to be put simply. all you have to do is equip your pet and click the petnip to extend the time and then a menu will popup. the reason you get that message is because the game doesnt recognize you have a pet/ doesn't know what pet you want to extend time on until you have one equipped
  5. Been asking around and me and my party members have been unable to accept the tainted lab daily challenge quest. I restarted client and it still hasnt gotten fixed. Any ideas
  6. My question is, does anyone know a good guide for 4man shattered masts? Every time i try to join a group they wipe at the first two bosses and I have never been able to progress further on. I see people streaming it all the time but I can't figure out if i'm just unlucky with teams or doing something wrong myself. >.>
  7. one badge doubles the amount our iframe that heals us heals us. it goes from 10percent every minute to twenty percent every minute, to me that can be significant in toi. and it doesnt hurt to buy other stuff with the medals. And im not top tier by any means so im barely rank 131 fm and that gets me under any challenger pieces
  8. It matters for getting challenger shield pieces as well as for getting more tribute tokens towards the badges
  9. I mean the top fm is only rank 124 overall. Totally not unbalanced in the slightest. BibleThump As an fm i feel your pain completely,
  10. Unfortunately being vague and non communicative is the only thing ncsoft can manage to be consistent about :/
  11. Ok so it wasn't just everyone at bloodshade area
  12. Did servers just get ddossed
  13. It's not worthless. im 24 fragment short of my hm block and guess how many trial arena gives easily. Hint it's 24
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