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  1. Based on this comment; yes, there will be a broadcast. Since I assume the next update is a "major update" in their eyes.
  2. This should be correct, if they do not change anything about the update plan they followed the last 2 times. Hard Mode gets removed by scale releases. With Onyx Scales, the Hard Mode from Blackstone dungeons got removed. Same goes for Elder Scale release and Silver Scale Hard Modes. When the Norturnal Scale dungeons start (Sanctum at the end of september) they should remove all Onyx Scale dungeon hard modes with it and move all HM-only drops to the normal mode version.
  3. To add to above, the F2 does not display mythical weapons corrently either. The colorcode is outdated as seen in this image. (meant to have a pink-ish color) http://piedev.de/Lucioss/images/F2ZuLyABrO.png Would be great if the F2 would be updated accordingly. Edit; around 40% of the time, F2 does not display gem slot 4-6 on a Pet Aura when loading someones F2. This should also be looked at.
  4. There is a good chance it is only 1 channel since it just came out of maintenance like on wednesday. A day after a lot of people were surprised that there were 2 channels. A possiblity that a new channel gets opened again once the server decides to do so (just like in all other areas). I really hope it is not restricted to 1 now since doing a maintenance for this (but not other issues there were mentioned everywhere from this patch) would be rather unfortunate. But maintenance note said they gonna share what the changes were (it was added to the maint. topic) and for the channel limit, giv
  5. Greetings, Weapons in the F2 preview do not have their augmented psyches and amulets listed. (for whatever reason, since I assume it has to be the exact same tooltip/itemdata that is previewed in chat when linked or in the own inventory) Hopefully this can be fixed in the near future, since information like this is really useful to know and work with.
  6. I am not sure if BnsTree ever updated the tooltips of their badges since the change of badges during the Awakening patch last years. Though https://bns.life/equipment/soulbadges might contain what you are looking for.
  7. The Aracne Root took me to longest by far, but it does indeed from from the spider nests.(I got it from one of the fast respawning ones after a few hours) The only one I did not drop from the mobs themselves was the Lunar Stone, but this is due to getting a selection box from those mobs while farming for it.
  8. The droprate is really annoying for me. I have 2 characters I can actively run Mao with, while on one I already have 100 Brood Chamber runs for the gloves and the character is now hard stuck on the second Mao gloves that didnt drop in the last 80 runs. Meanwhile my new character that doesnt need it drops too many of them. At this point it feels more worth running BC 100 times again on the new character just to be done.
  9. To add to Lumieal, I would suggest to make the new fuse badges obtainable by trading a current fuse badge + the corresponding new pink badge. This leading to being able to receive a War Song Badge by using a Legendary Soul Badge + Songbirg Badge or a Wildborne Badge by using a Legendary Soul Badge + Liberty Badge. This would lead to not being able to trade those badges back to the original ones, without needing to grind a pink badge again, but thats exactly the effort we have to put in anyways to get a new fuse badge. So we could theoretically trade our new badge
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