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  1. I can relate on the ram issue. I played like that for quite a while, since I had the disconnection issue during loading screen. I found out that if I restart my computer and kinda clean it up, and if I do not open any other programs and just Blade and soul, I have no issues with the loading screen. I actually tried that method today and seemed to work fine with the problem, until now (still played for solid 5 hours) So I guess as long as you kinda clear your laptop and dont give it too much to work with,in theory it should be fine? (also side note is that I played
  2. Hello I am writing to ask if anyone else has this issue and knows of a way to fix it. Currently I get stuck on loading screen more or less forever. Yesterday when I tried to play and happened to get a loading screen while entering a dungeon or something, the loading would just not finish. For a while restarting my game solved the problem, but now I got to the point where I get stuck on the loading screen right after the character selection. The game is responding so thats not an issue during it, the small animation of the lyn will keep running on the same spot, and the current
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