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  1. Can't login error (42) try again later or E01008.
  2. Reduce the price on Reclaimed Secret Technique to 100 on Achivment Merchant with new patch!!!
  3. If they remove ani cancel from melee they become useless and no chance against other classes, already they have no chance against good ranged.
  4. So, when will we get this fun and hard dungeon ? http://www.freedomplays.com/blade-soul-snow-jade-palace-guide/
  5. Its called respect, to know what everybody talks.
  6. Just nerf this invisible shit, so they cant be perma invisible.
  7. Full Naruy Labirinth with max hp and max crit, maybe only N2 Scorpio max crit with max hp.
  8. Skip this quest just do others, care not to be killed or switch channel if many opposing faction players.
  9. Give us option to upload and change avatars !!!
  10. Only pay 2 times to get ncoins and i consider this as a donation to ncsoft for the free game i play. I preffer doing dailys and grind the gold and play for fun, thats my opinion. For me this game is NOT P2W.
  11. 1. Do New 24 Man Instance Frostscale basin. 2. Do all dailys in region. 3. Do New 24 Man Instance Beastbog. 4. Do Dungeons, Blue and Purple. 5. Do Grand Harvest Square. 6. Do PvP Quests. 7. Do Faction Dailys in Soulstone Plains.
  12. Remove!? LOL they should lower the capacity not increase. Its already unplayable with so much ppls, just add 20-30 channels with maximum of 20-30 players on channel atleast for Grand Harvest Square and Soulstone Plains...
  13. This patch want to say only 1 thing to you melee players. FUСK YOU! PS. I'am Destroyer.
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