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  1. You did watch the videos? Really? My friends video shows she walks right up on the two mobs, one she kills (she never runs away or moves to far away, she is right on top of the mob) and the tusked elephant suddenly resets then completely disappears. You need glasses.
  2. Here is a video my ingame friend sent me today. She uploaded this today. She happened to be recording when this particular mob, one of many by the way reset and then just completely disappeared. So this isn't just a "mobs working as intended nonsense". There is something wrong and there are way too many mobs doing this.
  3. Did you contact Ncsoft and ask them to help you regain your account back? If so what was the response? Hacking does happen in a lot of MMO's not just this one. I would understand you being upset if Ncsoft didn't do anything to help you get your account and contents back. But if your just mad and leaving because you got hacked and do nothing to try and get your account back then I don't really think you gave Ncsoft a chance to help rectify.
  4. This, agreed... these quests are retarded in my opinion. Isn't the Big the Bad and the Ugly on a 5 hour timer too? This makes it almost impossible for someone like me to get this quest accomplished/finished. If I only have about 2 hours to play the game I am *cricket*ed on quests like this.
  5. Lately it has become very repetitive and way too grindy for me to enjoy. I can't play more than a couple hours a day if that due to work and family. Its almost impossible to get the mats you need to evolve your weapons and the other ingredients such as the better soul shields when the game has such horrible RNG and or you need a butt ton of in game gold for items. I want to keep playing, I posted not long ago that I love this game. But since the new content it feels still just as grindy as ever. I think out of all the MMOs I have played including Aion which is pretty damned g
  6. Yes this is happening to my FM in Silverfrost a lot. Its a bit frustrating, even the mini bosses reset. Nope not a warlock thing, this is happening to my Sin and my FM. Wow touchy are we. I don't think there was anything insane about what he posted. He didn't say anything about melee having it better than range..lol Where the *cricket* did you read that? I am having issues on my Sin and my FM. It isn't really that you go out of range that they reset, because it happens on my Sin and I am right on top of them! Its a bad issue especially in the new content are
  7. I played Wow and many other MMOs for years. I never had my crit or attack power or other stats for that matter go down when new content came out. So I find the arguments here about why very strange, and even stranger that so many keep saying this is just the way it is in games. Now the newer content with higher mobs were always harder to fight because their health and stats were much higher and you always end up a bit undergeared while working your way up the leveling and obtaining better gear along the way to match the mobs your fighting. So to me it just seems way too many fans of this g
  8. I agree with you that we have issues in game much like other games where people take a very elitist attitude, they want fast uncomplicated runs. This is extremely selfish of those players who act like this. It is a "I got mine so go get yours and don't ask for help from me attitude". This behavior in my opinion is a reflection of westerners more than anything. Unfortunately you and others who have posted their concerns about this are going to have to get into a good clan who will run with you through these dungeons. It is just the way it is sadly. I too have a life and can't spend more
  9. At first I thought it was just certain events after cutscenes, but now I have been fighting regular mobs for a while now and cannot phantom grip ANY mob. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  10. I would love to have mounts in this game, but only if they are fast. I don't want a fancy mount that doesn't go any faster than my running or sprint. Nor do I want a mount that only sprints for so many seconds. If that's the case then I will go with Wings, but hopefully not the type of wings you use in Aion. LOL So what did you all pick?
  11. A lot of people like myself ended up going with another toon as our main. The main reason so many players were fussing is they wanted to be able to make all costumes (faction ones not included) account bound or to be able to transfer all paid outfits, event outfits and the "spinning board" game outfits to other characters. The Regius was one that many wanted to transfer. I just don't understand why Ncsoft would limit this to only paid outfits. I mean I ended up with about 6 of the Lycan outfits from spinning the wheel of fate/fortune thing and wanted to send the extra outfits to other toon
  12. Apparently you can only transfer cash shop outfits to other characters. I wanted to send my Regius Corvinus outfit to my main and its grayed out. I tried to send the Beast Hunter Outfit and it too is grayed out. I was hoping we could send all outfits but you can't. Not sure why they did this. Also, why make people buy "X" amount of stamps for outfits? Why not just one price, one stamp? They always seem to make things difficult and confusing.
  13. I love playing this game. Even though there are a lot of very frustrating issues going on with this game, I still really enjoy it. I know people complain (myself included) but this game is very unique compared to most other MMO's and the combat is amazing and just downright fun. So I will be sticking with this game for a while!
  14. Yea download at your own risk folks.. be very wary of where you get your downloads from.
  15. I am just really noobish at the whole pvp thing on my FM. I have tried a Frost build but I am still having a rough time against real players. If there are any FM's out there who have some good PVP builds you would be willing to share please post here. Any good tips and advice are welcome! thanks again!
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