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  1. I would love to have mounts in this game, but only if they are fast. I don't want a fancy mount that doesn't go any faster than my running or sprint. Nor do I want a mount that only sprints for so many seconds. If that's the case then I will go with Wings, but hopefully not the type of wings you use in Aion. LOL So what did you all pick?
  2. A lot of people like myself ended up going with another toon as our main. The main reason so many players were fussing is they wanted to be able to make all costumes (faction ones not included) account bound or to be able to transfer all paid outfits, event outfits and the "spinning board" game outfits to other characters. The Regius was one that many wanted to transfer. I just don't understand why Ncsoft would limit this to only paid outfits. I mean I ended up with about 6 of the Lycan outfits from spinning the wheel of fate/fortune thing and wanted to send the extra outfits to other toon
  3. Yea download at your own risk folks.. be very wary of where you get your downloads from.
  4. Yea, normally I don't have issues to much with fps and such, but recently I have been having major issues with stuttering, and dropped fps rates. I am near their texas server too. I know that they probably re-implemented the Gameguard in an effort to control bots until they can come up with something better, but I think it is seriously affecting gameplay.
  5. Is Ncsoft not doing any actual investigation of accounts that players flag? This is making me think that some folks on their end maybe getting a little lazy. I always wondered about this. I mean if another player was mad at you or just wanted to harass you all they have to do is report you as a bot and if Ncsoft arent' really taking the time to investigate then you have no real recourse.
  6. I am looking for a clan / Cereluan for my FM. I have a lvl 45 sin too but I am making my FM my main. I will try to contact someone online today.
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