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  1. Back then Bale 1 was basically the aransu of now. Neither that or true scorp were needed to do content. Players could finish the story and immediately go LFP yeti and necro and be fine. That's the issue right now. New people can't even get into parties to do the dungeons they need to do.
  2. Alright good then the convo is over. Glad you understand. :P
  3. Ok so since you just want to be f2p, then be f2p and accept the fact that we will never get a maxed out soul/pet and that our mats will come steadily through events. Again, you can't ask for so much because they want people to spend.
  4. I didn't realize we were rating events and how good they were. I thought this topic was about attaining expensive things we need a lot of. You're able to get an awakened soul in this event which is about 16 oils x 300g = 4.8k g. Dunno why you think it's bad. Also if you haven't noticed, NCSoft wants you to spend money in order to max everything out. That's why it is so difficult to attain these items.
  5. You completely ignored the fact that I said this stuff will come from events as well.
  6. Those things will actually come more easily overtime with events. They could just put them in the solar energy shop as well so that people don't go so far as getting one for free a day.
  7. Literally didn't even know I was wearing a blonde hairstyle before. Not sure why they make the hair two-toned like that. To sell more of those character look tickets I guess. :P Never said it was a graphical glitch. Just thought it was a bug that turned it a different color. Anyway, it's just another unfortunate part of this game. Nothing can be done, and I'll stick with my normal hairstyle that doesn't cause this issue.
  8. Can I ask the hair color of your characters? I've noticed that this only happens for certain colors. Does anyone happen to have a character with the same color as mine?
  9. I can confirm it's not an error. It's been like this ever since I could remember.
  10. I don't get why we can't just buy them from the merchant. Those dg are so outdated already.
  11. Normal color: Whenever I equip something that changes the hairstyle: Why....? Can't wear half the things cuz of this blinding color.
  12. Ok that's weird....we should at least get the story achievements :/
  13. Typical business move tho. Wait for the class to be released in all regions and give them a decent time to hit max lvl and max gear before releasing news of a new race for the class to force people to buy a race change.
  14. Game is nonstop stuttering. FPS is 10. Loading screen takes forever. Anyone else have this problem? How did you fix it?
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