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  1. Well, if you take in the fact that you now get ti gear you need for breakthrough/evolution, you really don't!
  2. I truly believe that there are some parts of the game that were better when the game first was released! That being said, I am comprising a list, and by all means people feel free to add to the list So far, I believe that the return of the weapon/accessory upgrade paths bellow lvl50 should be returned, even if at a somewhat reduced price since we still get crap weapons and accessories to drop on occasion from enemies which only serve to take up space in our inventory if we don't salvage or sell them. There are also tasks that actually give us items that serve to upgrade our gear, y
  3. Maximus5

    Video bug

    Great, just cricket great! I created a new lvl1 character since I have no lvl50 vouchers and the animation that introduces Dochun doesn't even play , just days null at the bottom of the screen and refuses to allow me to proceed!
  4. it's already out in the Korean version, who knows when we'll get it...
  5. Ran into an old bug when trying to return to the chatacter load screen (one i thought was fixed)! whenever I try and swap characters, BnS just up and crashes (no 'Bns has stopped working, please send crash report' just 'BnS has stopped working, windows will now close the program')
  6. Hell, my computer locks up every time I try and run BnS, haven't been able to play for MONTHS!
  7. Um, how about they don't! GG never stopped them before anyhow!
  8. Okay, I have two of them: First, I would like to suggest that there be an official section just for suggestions that players think would make BnS easier to play here on the forum. Secondly, I think that being at least lvl 11 just to change the chat channels is kinda stupid TBH! So how about removing that so we can switch over to the Faction/Guild chat as soon as we join a faction/guild!?
  9. The lag is from the patch trying to force the new build to work with GameGuard, trust me, it's still active! Look for GameMon.des*32 in the Processes section of the Task Manager...
  10. GameGuard is still active I'm afraid...
  11. Unless the weapon system is changed back, then this quest should be removed from the game:
  12. Yeah, they changed the weapon system, yet left a side quest that can be given at the beginning, yet completed later in the game...
  13. With the introduction of the 64-bit client, who dislikes Gameguard, I suggest the removal of GG (again) so that we the players can run the 64-bit client instead of the 32-bit client...
  14. funny, I'd have thought people would comment one way or the other on this one...
  15. why give an Alice uniform that's equippable by all, yet the hairstyle is female only!?
  16. Okay, I've seen the posts, we all have! But, i feel that our pleas about the removal of Gameguard, since it only serves to slow down the game, are falling on deaf ears because there are some that think that GG is a 'Good program'! I sent in a ticket to Support and all they did was tell me to post it in the Forums, which has been done NUMEROUS TIMES by different people! After the maint. yesterday, it wasn't active and the game ran SMOOTHLY, now it's been returned after the 'emergency maint.' yesterday and the game runs as smoothly as molasses in the middle of winter! So
  17. But on the brighter side, no more GameGuard (for now...)
  18. I give them at least until Sunday before they re-apply the dreaded GameGuard...
  19. I've noticed a different in Connectivity between 2 different server groups. The ones labeled 'Group 1' I seem to suffer from constant 'random' server disconnects, where as the ones labeled 'Group 6' seem to show a slight lag for the first 5 to 10 minutes after every loading screen. Don't know if its my location or not, but the Group 6 servers seem more stable than the Group 1 servers!
  20. Okay, who is in the Panda outfit when you are off training with brother Hajoon!? Some random no-name NPC!?
  21. Why are the 2 faction quests in Moonwater plains virtual suicide runs!? Game tells you that you MUST do them SOLO and one has you going right into enemy camp teying to get soulstones!
  22. actually, the cinderlands is the only area that gives 2 keys...
  23. This is why you SAVE your viridian key, instead of blowing it on the stalker wheel! Also, there is a DAILY MISSION tied to the Narrows, so yoeah it still need doing...
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