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  1. is this the Yehara's Mirage quest? i just noticed i didnt have the outfit form that and Yehara isnt there! who's dumb idea was this? oh wait. NC Soft jsut want to scam people out of money, they dont want to provide content to play, you have to buy everything.... it is one thing to remove quests that have no purpose, but removing those that have something and you want people to spend moeny on instead of time, that is a scam. Likewise Pinchy doesnt appear.. why? because it has an outfit they want you to buy now instead of earn. I used to have the Stinger outfit, but sold it since i never wore it, but now with free wardrobe for everyone thought i would finally try to get those outfits while waiting the 3rd anniversary. Anniversary gift for 3 years of playing this game is to scam people and remove quests because they only want more moeny.
  2. Chapter 9 (minor spoilers)

    i followed the story, the problem is how this ended. it is like the story is taking a backseat in the story updates considering how little you get lately and its over. i guess i am looking for the same thing every time and never happens. just tell people what the last chapter the story update completes with so people know if that is it... and the way it left off identical to a previous chapter seems very unfulfilling. we had already done this exact thing before. we have had 2 Hajoons to bury now.. who will be the 3rd? and i agree, the forced ending was pretty upsetting, not what happened but HOW it happened. the problem looks like it will be just repeating the same story over and over from here on out doing the same thing until the Earthen Realm becomes the Spirit Realm.
  3. ... is that it? stops back at Heaven's Reach? seems like much-ado about nothing, but been so long since the last story update i dont remember much about it. so was this one of those you get just enough story to explain a new characters class, oh and here you can play the class now too?
  4. [News] Blade & Soul: Warden’s Fury Arrives September 12

  5. how? the link seems to be gone from anywhere to even get to account management?
  6. Reasons to leave BNS

    because this is a "community" otherwise known as a forum and people have a ight to post so long as it follows the TS. imagine someone in your real world community saying goodbye to people they are moving.. same thing. if you don't want to read it, then just don't click it. I will add my reason for leaving here too. i leave when the story line is over because who cares about the crappy eSport and PVP built into the game... and i return when new story comes out to leave again n when i finish it. :P
  7. I just returned and confused, need help!

    which part of the story ar you on? The story to level 55 will give you most of the new stuff, so i would save the money and try to complete the story and get the newest gear the upgrade stuff is orange only now really. and you will get legendary SS from the Solak storyline quests. i think it is about 830 ap for gear just getting to level 55 in the story form the items. and you will have the baleful/seraph weapon given to you as part of the story also
  8. this is just a problem with over-competitive games like BnS. there is a good PVE game in there that shouldnt take all this eSport garbage, but they wont separate it like Daybreak did for H1Z1. anotehr case of not hitting your target audience, they though everyone in NA would want some cutesy charactr fightig game, but the most people that want the cute, aren't into the eSport and vice versa. Most female gamers want a cute game to be cute, and a fighting game to be blood and gore... not one game trying to be both. which boils down into cultures, not only with the style of game, which BnS is not a NA MMO style of game; but in the RNG things since NA doesnt have pachinko parlors lining every street corner.. that is where Starbucks is...
  9. no, the law if passed will require gambling type mechanics such as loot boxes to be 21+ only. Also makign the game rated A for Adult... ergo pr0n in the eyes of anyone looking at games. But as someone said elsehwere maybe that means they would revert the outfits back to the more scantily clad versions of the Asian servers. :rofl:
  10. Mail system bug?

    again no Like button on op posts... come on now, someone get this vBulletin forums configured right so users can THANK ops/mods/admins for things with a simple click of a like button.
  11. Upcoming Humble Brag System... off switch?

    again i ask, WHERE is the give rep for op posts?
  12. i am sorry, i have no idea what you are talking about or how it pertains to what i said? i am talking about the legal issues revolving around "loot box" type RNG purchases in video games and how they affect BnS.
  13. blacklisting sequences of letters within a string.. just how long until the chat and forums no longer allow words like harass? glass, CLASS because it has a bad word in ALL of them? is this some 4 year olds going back in time to program in TRS-DOS in 1980s trying to manage this system, because this is the kind of elementary level coding you would find then from novice programmers that just learned how to an admin needs to hurry and remove all instances of "class" and "classes" from this entire website because both contain an offensive word!
  14. Mail system bug?

    there seems to be a bug with characters with a space in the name
  15. and this is NOT what was advertised, ergo false advertising. you would think the NA dev team would read the things they put on the website to make sure they were translated properly into English to make sure they say the correct things. While the game content may be mistranslated since it is done in Korea, the website we are on right now SHOULD be written by the proper country that natively speaks the language. this is at least the 3rd time this has happened where they mean one thing and say another al the way back to the Gem Hammer Incident.