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  1. Then what's the point of playing a sin and he should not reset when he's poisoned?
  2. Overseer keeps resetting while trying to kill him on my sin. Can get him down to about 20% or so then he resets. Ran it 4 times ever time he resets.
  3. Don't bother wasting time the boxes drop a lot but the keys are a joke 8 Sacred Crystals and 1 Moonstone per key you're better off just farming dungeons in Khanda for the raven king raven feathers. Boxes take anywhere from 1 to 6 keys if I remember right and you are not guaranteed the SS you need so you waste lots of time and resources, when your just going to replace it with something better at 55 anyways.
  4. LOL sad when you have to wait 20 minutes to get a cross server dungeon any more, guess this kind of tells the player base how well the game is doing lol.
  5. I have a 60mb up 10mb down I get 150-200 in blade and soul yet I can play BLESS on the Tokyo server and have a 70-82 ms ping. Its really not about your computer the issues with the game is 1.) Gameguard utter garbage that does nothing. Sure as shit don't stop bots or hacks. 2.) American internet is garbage for the most part in most states the garbage internet is still on copper and not fiber. 3.) This game get serious video lag when you have sli 1090's which I have making you turn SLI off to play this game. I have a i7 36 GB's of fast memory dual 1090's video cards on M.2 hard drives, the issu
  6. I am getting graphics lag with dual EVGA superclocked 1080's I am running sli. Is anyone else getting graphis lag really bad? This is getting really really old the game is almost a year old and no one is addressing performance bugs. Turning off mainstream hardware or software to get the game correctly is unacceptable, and you cant expect people to open there wallets when its pretty clear its you games coding that is the issue. I don't even have issues running sli in AION or BLESS but it seems B&S there are issues. Any plans for the devs to get around to fixing the issues with your game or
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