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  1. i'm at 690 AP, when i make a PT i write 500+ AP but i never control even if a HM 1 joins. There's only 1 Dung at the moment where AP is important, and this Dung i run with my clan ;) only if i want to run 6vs6 i check for the Critdef but not the AP =) If you cant run Dung together with "low AP" my advice is L2P
  2. war bei mir auch auf beiden Chars so das ich ca. 10 - 20 mal den 3vs.3 button klicken musste bevor ich entlich zum 3vs.3 wechselte !
  3. i even put CritDef on my Twink 1 SS ist about 9G atm so Put 72G for CritDef and you can easy Play 6vs6 ! put 72G in a second SS is not P2W ^^
  4. So if you have a DC against the AFK Guy, he will get the points an i will get a punishment . Sounds fair !!
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