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  1. Show off your characters!!

    Picture of my summoner, with his possibly long-lost cousin
  2. Vice Admiral Branching classes can be nice, certainly, as it lets you change playstyle in your already-existing character. That's got potential, but executing it well would be a challenge. Shaman-Summoner would be nice. You already have earth, wind, fire attacks. You shoot bees, you have magic flowers, roots the bind people. Go full nature. Summon elementals and throw some lightning bolts around.
  3. It's not all about heights! The view is important. The.. view.. Er, well. just find interesting spots! Hard to reach, out of the way, or high up!
  4. Show off your characters!!

    I like your character, Izaya! Here's another picture of my Blade Dancer And this is my special weird waifu that plays summoner with my destroyer
  5. BAHKSTREET BOYS? I really want a huge hammer for my destroyer. Closest I can find is heavy metal and razortusk. Heavy metal is founders-only and Razortusk got tiring eventually. We have scythes, why not a hammer?
  6. R.I.P Profile Pictures AGAIN.

    Now, I don't think the community staff are developers themselves. As such, this would probably tire them out. Whomever is responsible for the profile system isn't handling it as well as they should, that's for sure. I actually got a lot of compliments on my profile photos. That said, it wasn't long before I found someone with the exact same futa picture that I had seen before they reworked the system. I think it was the very same player. Using the in-game profile portrait is awful. The angles suck, there are no poses, the lighting can't be altered, and the background is boring. I'll be quite upset if I can't make a custom photo similar to what I made already. *Glamour shots!*
  7. Highest point in Bamboo Village, from long ago on an old character I have since deleted. I quite like how this thread has successfully attracted other people. Keep the posts comin'! ( '-')7
  8. Here's one of the old photos, from one of the difficult to reach high up pavillions in Dragonscale Valley From before I remade my character's look.
  9. Let's share photos of high or hard-to-reach places we've climbed to in-game! Windwalking, gliding, and wall-running are wonderful mechanics. I very much enjoy platforming and reaching new heights. Makes me very sad that, for no reason I could find, they added invisible walls in bamboo village. That was my first climb and I got to the very tip top. That said, I haven't quit. Her'es some photos from Frostbite Canyon A long way up From a quarter of the way up^ Halfway^ Too far up to see the massive stone mushroom Skyborn! Please, if you have any pictures from high up or very difficult to reach places, post them!
  10. Show off your characters!!

    I've been off the forums for quite a while, thought I'd pop in and show off my character photos! Shame they had to disable photos again. I just want to show off some glamour. The middle two photos are old, but I still liked them.
  11. Sounds like a simple and honest mistake. Happens. If there's something more going on, Exta, please explain. Otherwise, I hope your arena matches are going well and that you don't run into any hackers.
  12. noob question about weapon progression

    You never replace your weapon Ever So just keep upgrading it. At True Profane stage 10, you get two choices for upgrade. Siren or Devil(?) To my knowledge, Siren is more expensive at first, but cheaper in the long term. Better stats than the other choice too.
  13. When will the character profile pics be re-enabled? I love setting those, and my summoner and blade dancer both need it. My newbie friends also lack such pictures.
  14. I think the traveler outfit looks alright on Lyn, but it isn't what I expected. I was expecting something that looked like light but durable clothing that looks fitting on a person that, well, travels. This looks.. more like someone that is looking fancy. No one that is traveling. It's a little bit of a mess on other races, female at least. Male Jin and Gon actually looks pretty good, though the colours seem weird. Traveling would likely be a less vivid colour scheme.
  15. Hongmoon Coins

    As is the standard for a free-to-play MMO, there must be a free method to obtain cash shop items, given the time devotion to it. This breeds some goodwill among the players and sets it so that no one feels like they're obligated to pay(Even if a cosmetic really doesn't give anyone an obligation anyways) Many argue that this should be enabled by having the premium currency be obtainable for free. BnS does not do this. Alright, fine, there are some reasons that's bad, but the value of the obtainable currency, hongmoon coin, is a 1:1 value. It's not ideal, but it is pretty darn close so I won't fret. The problem is that I can't find a way to reliably earn hongmoon coins. You can sell your gold, sure, and that's a lovely system to have so that high-end players can skip the tedium of earning hcoin that hard way. But what's the hard way? No, RNG is not the hard way. Getting Hcoin via rng is just adding a little spark to someone's day. One in every thousand chests may give that token and your player will feel this big rush of excitement! It's great and lovely to have. Rare though it may be, you give people that rush that really didn't earn them much. One in a thousand chance of getting less Hcoin that it takes to afford 1/4 of a pair of glasses. it's quite feasible the RNG will never be enough for buying any item on its own. It doesn't need to be. It's RNG for a reason. That token is for thrilling a player moreso than anything else. But there needs to be a system to reliably earn Hcoin through play. Some way that I can, for free, get a super cute pair of glasses for my alt. Some way that I can apply my time to get some badass weapon skin, or save up so that I can get the new limited time outfit every month. Does KR or CN have such a system? Where's the NA/EU system to do this? Also I have been a premium player for 2 months, I'm not just whining about wanting to not give NCSoft money.