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  1. The anniversary event set floors 1 through 8 of Mushin's Tower to level 60. The event has well since ended, but the level boost has not been undone, even now. Floor 9 is easier than 1-8 as a result, and players at the end of Act 3 must ignore their quest letters to address the tower until around level 55 using a dawn/rift. This is quite excessive, made worse by the fact the quest rewards for doing it are really lousy.
  2. This has not been fixed.
  3. A few things are off here. In the archer's weapon wardrobe, Storm Siren is present, even though it's supposed to be Siren. The skin, however, is Siren, or is at least consistent with the aesthetic of Siren Greatsword. Upon looking at what's supposed to be Storm Siren, it is just labeled Siren, and has the Storm Siren icon, but on preview is clearly Siren too! So the actual "storm siren" bow skin is just missing entirely, only hinted in an icon, while the names of these two bows are swapped too. On a less important note, I'm guessing we will never get the green infernal of bow or gre
  4. I've been off the forums for quite a while, thought I'd pop in and show off my character photos! Shame they had to disable photos again. I just want to show off some glamour. The middle two photos are old, but I still liked them.
  5. Oh I wasn't saying she was short, I just have very little frame of reference in the picture provided. I was only noting it just in case she actually was short. Though I will share some info about height. Length affects height, as well as foot size. Thigh length, calf length, waist length. My blade dancer has longer legs than other Lyn, and is overall a bit above default height.
  6. I have such a bitter feel toward tan skin and lots of makeup(such as the eye shadow and mascara) Just can't help but think of hideous Kim Kards and other MTV celebrities Doing my best to set aside my bias, you have a decent character overall. She looks like she ought to be slightly taller than default with a face like that. Too mature for short-lyn
  7. Force Master of mine is official! Even got her a nice outfit Meanwhile my blade dancer found the event horizon or somethin'
  8. My new design Inspired be the historian, Shin Gong, she's a curious one. Hopefully not going to grow into someone as bitter and Shin himself. Male Lyn, summoner. Would also still like any input on the rest of the characters I've made if anyone would like.
  9. You need to paste the direct image URL, not the page URL Right-click > Copy image address
  10. I love that KFM! He's stylin'! Best affro'd character, definitely. Every affro character I see is 90% joke and 10% just bad. You've done a great job making one that looks pimpin' He seems like he'd be a real cool character to hang with.
  11. My Lyn that I haven't used yet. Was thinking Force Master, but there's no properly blue bangle. Every blue bangle has a red tail. I need a blue tail. Also still looking for opinions
  12. I made an albino blade master When showing this to my girlfriend, she asked why I'd make an albino Yun. I had various reasons, one of which lead to me saying I have no better race to try albino with because the classes I'd play for them are spoken-for or bad match(Albino destroyer is a TERRIBLE idea.) I noted that I don't think I could make a good albino Lyn. She said "Really?" so I tried it. Thoughts? Opinions? Any input would be lovely. I designed lots of characters in this game and I love doing it. I want to fine-tune my skills though. I also made a pretty nice tra
  13. In addition to the character I play with my gf on, I have a blade dancer for solo Kind of backwards. Not the best solo class. Made lots of friends though. I actually designed the one with my girlfriend in mind since she calls me her little country girl. I live in a fairly rural place.. So I went with some freckles, twin-braids, and hoped I'd find some kind of outfit that felt country. Never did though. And here's her in Pinchy's fatsuit.
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