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  1. My friend I have taken some breaks in the game and i have played since the start years go but now after our recent break of 6 months i need ot get some answers. most are with equipment. 1: I been using Baleful due to the skills i used but now i do need to change to either Raven or Dawnforge and not sure which i should go for, does it depend on the skills one uses most or is there a preferred one for each class?(I have a Sin, BM, KFM, SF, FM, Gunner and BD) 2: Now for accessories i still have the old stuff like True Oathbreaker stuff but been hesitant to just switch due
  2. But it does not show the Sheath at all you know when you are not using the dagger
  3. Looked there right away and only shows Firebird and Junghado’s none others and so need the see teh sheaths before this event ends
  4. Does anyone happen to have any images of how the Assassin dagger skins for the following look with the sheath? Peace Maker Alchemist Grand Pearl Firebird Junghado’s Shock Caller Samurai Cherry Bloom Wild Mirage
  5. It does not show the dagger sheath at all just the dagger itself so would like pics of the sheath, of how it looks when its on your back not drawn
  6. With the current weapon skins does anyone have images where it shows the sheath for the Assassin's weapon's for the following: Peace Maker Alchemist Grand Pearl Firebird Junghado’s Shock Caller Samurai Cherry Bloom Wild Mirage
  7. I was not sure if i wanted to put this in player to player support or general so i choose here because if the various questions i have. Anyway here i go. 1: I been using Fire for my Gunner and sometimes when i am using the skystone I can do a larger AOE one the divebomb, but i do not know how to do it when i want. anyone know how to do it when one wants to like what you have to do? 2: Staying on the Gunner what is the verdict when it comes to Fire vs Shadow for PVP and PVE which is better for which, or is this more of a personal choice unlike some other classes where
  8. Got a few questions since the recent update: 1: Why did they put back in fee's for mail and remote order and remote completion of quests without mentioning it in the patch notes, i mean they did a patch months ago telling us they were removing all of that. 2: Will we ever get to make regular keys and unsealing charms as well as normal healing tonics and dumplings again? 3: Lastly do you think they should make the edit UI section easier to configure like be able to slect certain aspects such as notices, battle related, party related etc?
  9. I'm kind of curious I already did a few searches on Google for it but what outfits did NA servers never get that were released only for Korean servers? does anyone know?
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