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  1. Hi, care to explain in slight detail as what "very high" means? And where are you sources? The numbers might not be accurate, but the point is that NCsoft is making a lot of money elsewhere than BnS, and the fact that this game is heading to a same path as all other closed down NC games is pretty obvious.
  2. Hi, I'm trying to buy some outfits from the marketplace and salvage them for the designer threads, however it keeps on saying buyout failed. Based on what I know, this happens when someone else already bought the item...but I tried to refresh the page and skip to next few pages...and tried multiple listed outfits, they all shows buyout failed. Does anyone also experience this? Also, are there any other ways to get designer threads? Thanks!
  3. Yea IKR!....I got a $50 visa gift card from a friend last week and was ready to spend it on Ncoin for the 03.02 outfit rotation...but turns out...nothing good. But lucky I just found out EA has 75% discount off their games. So I got Titan Fall 2, ME:A instead. Good stuff. TBH, only 2 different outfits per rotation...and bi weekly.... is just....lame
  4. Hello, I have 7 cryptogram from the even chest, and I'm not sure if it's wise to spend them on the raven king ferocity that's required to upgrade from bale to raven weapon. I've never done skybreak spire yet, and I'm wondering does this raven king's ferocity drop often? And do ppl spent a lot to bid the item? Thanks
  5. Hello, Just got back to BnS from a long break. I'm trying to get some gold for NCoins, but it seems nothing is posted on F9, is it a bug or just that the exchange rate is too low for people to list them gold? I vaguely recall the exchange rate was 1:40 or something awhile ago...but now it's 1:2... Surprising.
  6. Wait, miss out? miss out on what? dark.light specters were never in the NCstore before, only in the trove thingy right.....unless I made a mistake? I've been checking the NCstore every other week.....so yea....
  7. Dear NCsoft, Please put up all the NCoin costumes in the HMstore. I'm missing a few of them in my collection, especially the light/dark specter. .....I'll so throw my wallet at you during this event.....would be nice to see something worthwhile.... cheers. Loyal NC customer
  8. I bought NCoin about 43hours ago with CreditCard without issue. Send a ticket to NCsoft and see if there is anything wrong with your NC account. But I assume it's most likely the cc issue, they might be blocking the merchant until you verify the transaction is legit, and it could be locked for excessive attempts? Call your cc provider and see what the problem is.
  9. Not sure if GG is the issue, but...ever since they brought back GG, i'm getting the weird "Cam: left turn stuttering" where the cursor keeps on popping up if I turn the cam leftward rapidly. FPS shown doesn't seem to drop that much, but the game stutters like crazy.... Searched everywhere on the web for a fix and some posts claimed GG is the cause. Who knows, but it would be nice to see GG removed. Tried on GTX960 + 3770k, GTX970m + 6700HQ, GTX680 + 4790K.....all the same issue. However AMD7990 + 3770K is working fine.....
  10. ohhh I see! thanks for the info. It's kinda wired, but they put up the costume rotation ad. for the "Visionary + Pathfinder" this Thursday early morning (around 2am i think). Then they removed it....might have been a mistake on their part or something.
  11. Well, they might implement some of those new outfits next Wednesday. And its been 2 weeks now....what happened to the HM costume rotation? Did they change it to once every other Wednesday instead of Friday?
  12. Hello, After the last patch, i'm getting the stuttering again if I rotate the cam rapidly leftward with the cursor popping up randomly until it hits the edge of the screen. I've done some search on the web, it seems quite a bit of ppl are having or had the issue....but there isn't any viable solutions. So, does anyone here know a fix for this problem? I'm using GTX960 + i7 3770k and it stutters bad, while there isnt any issue with my AMD 7990/3770k. thanks
  13. Hello, I'm just curious, will these costumes ever be in the HM store where one can get it directly with Ncoins? Or is it only a Treasure Trove event thing? Thanks
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