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  1. Terrible ping and freezes

    yes but game settings don't affect ping, that would be fps drops, i'm getitng a solid 55-60 fps but its my ping that keeps dying
  2. Terrible ping and freezes

    done and done, already checked my speeds and other games, as for my hardware.. not 100% sure I could tell you I bult it myself a few years ago but the names of the parts.. no clue.
  3. Terrible ping and freezes

    since about a week ago I've had absolutely terrible ping, its getting really frustrating to me and my guild starting a run just fine then about 10 seconds in the whole game freezes up and my ping tanks to 500-700 and sits there for the whole damn dungeon.. I can't even get credit on 24 mans or ssp the game just freezes solid until the boss is dead and I'm left wondering why I even bothered to show up.
  4. Let's Recap

    its not that hard.. I only run my daily challenge each day sometimes i forget to even do CS and mandate, still made it to true scorpio.. and gearing an alt through oath-breaker, I get sometimes its hard find a friend, work together to get better, we duoed poh in true profane back in 45 cap, yeti and lair in 450ap gear the game just requires a decent working knowledge of the mechanics and rotations of bosses. we have a massive guild with 20-40 people online every day and its been that way since we joined it on the launch of 50 cap, each player will have a slightly different experience no? some guilds will die some won't some players will have better luck some wont, its wrong for me to say the game is not dying based on my experience because that anecdotal, and its equally wrong for others to say the same, name another game go to the forums and you will find the same thing, tons of forums with people bitching adn few comments defending the game generally because the people who don't care are just playing the game.
  5. Of Male Yuns, New Class, and New Race

    so? Idk I guess I just have really hard time seeing that as a problem :x but I'm long used to playing games where the classes are locked to specific characters like vindictus...
  6. Of Male Yuns, New Class, and New Race

    while the conversation is interesting, the devs already said in a stream that no new races where going to be added in the game in the near or planned future. As a Yun player I lament that they are the only race without a unique class, and am somewhat worried that if they let all races play all class we would end up with a similar problem to tera where the vast majority of the players play elin and the devs pretty much cater to elins alone, I don't see the female only thing really being a problem, does anyone really see it as a problem with making a class Yun only?
  7. why

    Started playing blademaster after tanking on kfm for my guild in 50cap man.. BM is stupid easy.
  8. Still no way to get fabric without spending irl money?

    while I get that, its doesn't really address the problem does it? this is likely what I was going to have to do anyway but it just frustrating to have a system that seemed to be in concept there to help people screwed over by rng stuck behind a paywall
  9. since they released the achievement shop and there are costumes in there that need fabric I was wonder if they ever bothered to fix the glaring oversight that you can only get fabric as rng from salvaging cash shop costumes? or is it just one more thing to screw over the people who don't have a mountainous disposable income.
  10. Where did 30 day and 365 day premium go?

    dammit ncsoft stop with this shit put the premium back leave it the hell alone if you don't want people selling it for gold make it not gift able XD problem solved
  11. true pirate weapon

    hello I'm trying ot do some quick math and I need to know how many elements would it take to get a true pirate weapon from r1 to r10 using minimum rolls?
  12. only the 90 day is still in the shop and the website insists on using a credit card? is this a bug? because that would be incredibly frustrating..